Thinkific vs Teachable

Thinkific vs Teachable

Many organizations had adapted the eLearning methodology to train their employees. However, the pandemic situation forced remaining organizations to adapt to the situation and find out the alternative to their traditional training methods. This is when the eLearning industry took a steep upward growth.

With no time in hand and no technical knowledge, the training department found themselves lost in the pool of hundreds of learning management systems that they could implement and transform their training methods from traditional to digital learning. More the options, more are the confusion. As there is no one-fit-for-all solution, you can get the system customized as per your training needs and the company’s objectives.

Researching about the best online course platform on Google, you would have come across two major players of the industry, Thinkific, and Teachable. By screening and filtering the multiple options, if you have shortlisted these two learning management systems, then this article might help you choose the more suitable one for your organization.

The basic features that the course creators look for or cannot work without are customization of themes using live preview, easy-to-use course templates, the ability to import lessons, quizzes, create custom presentations, etc. From a student’s perspective, it must have the features like social logins, student dashboards, and more.

Let us understand the features of Thinkific vs Teachable that will provide clarity regarding the online course management company you should opt for your organization.

  • Both Thinkific and Teachable offer free plan/trial plans. The difference is that the plan from Thinkific offers the free trial for unlimited students and Teachable has a cap of 10 students.
  • Thinkific is focused on the creators of professional courses and their customer base range from entrepreneurs to subject matter experts, mid-sized companies. Teachable believes that every knowledge should be transformed into training. Their customer base includes a broader group of individuals including SMEs, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Thinkific and Teachable are very similar in terms of course creation tools. Both the platforms facilitate microlearning, offer unlimited hosting. It is very easy to use multiple pieces of content like videos, texts, comment insertion, etc.
  • Thinkific has an additional feature or providing the course in drip format where the learner can proceed to the next module only on completion of the previous one.
  • Teachable has the feature to provide basic quizzes whereas Thinkific provides the advanced feature of quizzes that includes multimedia, use of grade system, allows multiple attempts, use of survey tool, and many more.
  • Thinkific allows the feature to bundle all combinations of courses, can create custom pages providing various access levels, and provides easy integration with other internal organization systems.
  • Teachable provides the feature of basic blog functionality. As Thinkific customer base is a major of entrepreneurs, they focus on building and curation of the course material.
  • Thinkific allows the use of social media groups like Facebook, Linkedin, Google, etc.
  • Thinkific provides the feature of custom themes to provide that even and appealing look to your course. Import, export, customization across courses, etc. are some of the features of Thinkific.
  • Both Thinkific and Teachable provide various support channels like email, chat support, phone support, etc.
  • Both Thinkific and Teachable are simple to use with an intuitive interface, easy to upload content, customization as per your training needs and company’s goal.


Both the learning management systems are robust with specific features. The details mentioned above are few and the list can be exhaustive. Based on the features and user experience, pricing must be compared at the very beginning. Considering the security levels required, both the platforms are secure and you can be assured of the data guarantee. Hoping that the above-mentioned features Thinkific vs Teachable will help you in choosing the most suited platform for your needs.


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