The Standout NFL Players Newcomers Should Watch

The Standout NFL Players Newcomers Should Watch

All NFL games can be exciting and worthy of your time, but the odds increase when you’re watching the very best that the sport has to offer. And this is especially true if you’re a newcomer to American football. You’ll come to understand the sport much better if you’re regularly casting your eye over the best players in the division.

But of course, to do that, you’ll need to know who those players are. In this blog, we’ll run through the standout players in the NFL. If you’re hoping to get up to speed with the sport quickly, then these are the guys you should be watching.

Patrick Mahomes

If this is your first season watching the NFL, then you may be wondering just why you’ve heard so much about Patrick Mahomes. It’s his dramatic slump in form that has caused the Kansas City Chiefs to go from a team with the best Super Bowl odds before the season, to far outsiders just nine weeks into the season. Yet, even despite the dip in his performance level, Mahomes is one of the best. He’s still only 25 yet has already taken his team to two Super Bowl finals. By the time he retires, he’ll have plenty of rings — and there’s every chance that he’s talked of as “the best ever.” However, Tom Brady might have something to say about that.

Tom Brady

One thing to know about Tom Brady: he’s not normal. What he’s doing right now is unprecedented. Brady isn’t only the oldest quarterback to appear in a Super Bowl final. He’s the oldest to win the Superbowl and receive the MVP award. For most people, they would be an opportunity to retire on a high. But Brady had other plans. This season, he continues to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league and has already broken another record — at 44, he’s now the oldest quarterback to start a game and win. If you’ve just begun watching the NFL, then you must watch this man play since it’s likely that he’ll retire at some point. However, when it comes to Brady, nothing is certain. Maybe he’ll still be winning championships when he’s fifty!

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is a player that offers serious offensive power. He’s a quarterback who can throw with precision, yet he’s also got running power — indeed, he’s probably the best in the league as a runner. Jackson has been playing for the Baltimore Ravens for a few years now, and he’s finally beginning to hit peak form. He’s still only 24, too, so you can assume that he’ll continue to develop in the coming years too. While there are more prominent names in the league, football experts know Jackson’s value, and some are even willing to call him the best current player — that’s the view of former NFL player Bart Scott, anyway.

Aaron Donald

So far, we’ve focused exclusively on offensive players. They get the most attention because they’re the ones who win games. But it’s the defensive players that ensure you don’t lose games. If you’re going to understand the game well, you’ll also need to pay attention to the guys at the back! And if there’s one player to watch, it’s Aaron Donald. Virtually everyone agrees that he’s the best defensive player in the NFL. The Los Angeles Ram star is a juggernaut at the back, stacking up numbers that no one else can match. But perhaps his best attribute is his organization; he makes the players around him perform at their highest level.

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce could retire now, and people would still view him as a successful player. After all, he’s got a bunch of records on his side. For his position (tight end), he holds the record for the most 1,000 yard seasons, most receiving yards in a single season, and the most seasons with more than 100-receptions. So yes, he’s already done well. But the best part is that Kelce is only now reaching his prime. Tune in to watch him play for the Kansas City Chiefs, and you’ll be watching tight ends in the history of the sport.

T.J. Watt

You know you must be doing something right if the Pittsburgh Steelers are willing to throw you a massive contract. And T.J. Watt is doing a lot of things right. And the contract was so massive that it made Watt the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history. He’s an obvious All-Pro — a quick look at his numbers will tell you that. Ninety-eight quarterback hits and 42 sacks in under fifty games is next-level good.

Kyler Murray

Though he’s only 24, Kyler Murray is showing all the signs that he will be considered an NFL great one day. Playing for the Arizona Cardinals, Murray shows his worth time and time again by throwing quick passes and getting himself out of tight situations. His first five starts of this campaign resulted in five victories, and he’s already pushing some records — those five games resulted in an amazing 1,500 passing yards every time. With his best years ahead of him, now’s the perfect time to tune in and watch his career development.

Justin Herbert

23-year-old Justin Herbert rightly picked up the Offensive Rookie of the Year award last year. And any suggestions that he would trail off this year were quickly dispelled when he helped his team, the Los Angeles Chargers, come back from what looked like an inevitable defeat against Cleveland. Herbert has already delivered better numbers than he did last campaign, and let’s remember that those numbers weren’t too shabby either!

Final Thoughts

There are, of course, plenty of other great NFL players who didn’t make this list. Indeed, if you’re just beginning to watch the sport, then you’re in luck — this is a terrific era for the sport. The standards of athleticism and technical ability are at an all-time high, which means you can always be sure of an exciting game!


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