The Future of Grocery in the US Amid Tech Advancement

The Future of Grocery in the US Amid Tech Advancement

Technology is reshaping everything inside out. The influx of technology has left no industry unaffected.

Enlighten us about anyone with no influence of the revolution; we will wait. The technologies that were in the pipeline are rapidly coming into existence, thanks to the covid-19 booster. Research and development are happening way faster than ever before. Hence, massive disruptions are expected to bring more transformation soon.

Anyhow, Grocery Shopping is something we all have been engaged in for ages and have simultaneously observed the tech advancement supermarkets are embracing lately. The curve of growth and change, however, is not going to flatten anytime soon. Focusing on tech advancement in Grocery in the US alone can easily help us determine what's coming next. The convenience factor nudges us to look for more comfort and, thus, the motivation to explore and improve regularly.

Smart Cart

All of us know the impact of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives. At times the thought of a machine
done what could only be expected from a human brain baffles me to the core. However, you are mistaken if you just put robotics and voice assistants under the broad umbrella of Artificial Intelligence.

Take Smartcard as an example. A cart that detects whatever product you put in it with the help of smart cameras and sensors. Using it will erase the need to wait in long queues at the cash counter for payment. Take the groceries in the cart; it displays all items, quantities, individual prices, and the total to be paid automatically. Pay the amount and chill!

The AI-empowered cart is currently being tested in New Zealand’s supermarket Foodstuffs. Its efficiency, efficacy, and accuracy are critically observed to bring into mainstream operations soon. The US also seems excited to grab the idea and implement it in the local markets.

Cashier-less Grocery Stores

What annoys us buyers are not the thoughts of strolling through the supermarket to get the desired
groceries, but the time it will take to reach the cashier and traditional payment method. We end up
procrastinating or asking any other person in the house to go through the adventure. But, wait, are you looking forward? Yes, you guessed it right. There won’t be cashiers in the supermarkets in the days to come. Trolleys will determine the amount you need to pay, and payment will also be processed online with no need for cash and other cards. The hundreds of cameras at the checkout ceiling operating on the programmed algorithm in computers will do the honors. No cashiers or checkout at all. Credit has to be given to Life Sciences Consulting for the great work.

The Internationally recognized and acclaimed retail giant, Amazon, introduced this system earlier this year in January in Seattle. Covid-19 appears as a blessing in disguise here to fuel up the use of tech across the globe.

Voice Shopping

Supermarkets have now identified the crack to attract more number of customers. People live, breathe, work, and shop where there are comfort and peace. Voice Shopping is another tool that flavors the experience of shopping with more luxury. As we write and read, the trend stands at $4 billion, which is always nothing compared to the actual potential. Not a significant chunk of people use Voice Shopping these days. But look out, it is soon coming into fashion and is expected to hit $40 billion in the next two years.

For your reference, there is a device named Hiku the primary function of which is to listen to what the customers say and pass the order forward to the vendor to proceed towards the stage of delivery at a considerably fast pace. The Wi-Fi-enabled device gets attached to your fridge and starts serving you.

Let’s wait to see the results of the experiments happening. Hopefully, another smart tech gadget will ease your shopping process.

Hydroponic Production

Now the concept of growing plants is a bit outdated; hydroponic Production is the hot technique of
producing them in a water basin filled with the required nutrients. The Future of Grocery in the US amid tech disruption is what has just been presented before you. Recently two supermarkets captivated the limelight as they started growing vegetables inside the four walls, one in Berlin and the other somewhere in Australia.

Upon interview, the concerned authorities were found highlighting three core objectives bringing the
idea into execution. Convenience, Fresh Food, and Healthy Diet were the aims to be embraced through technology. Life Sciences Consulting in this zone will also be announcing some exciting tech disruption shortly.

Tech Advancement is in top gear, you can expect anything and everything to be transformed. The US is the hub, and the friendliest economy for the revolution will surely be an ice breaker in welcoming them all.

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