The Blockchain Model can Benefit from Content Creators


Transparency in contracting matters of personal privacy, security, respect for copyrights, among others, are the factors that the Blockchain model intends to enhance.

The Blockchain is a structure of information on the Internet organized into sets of blocks, to which information is included connecting to another block in the previous chain on a timeline. This permits digital deals of any nature to be performed safely and eliminates intermediaries, decentralizing all management.

The Blockchain would resemble a journal in which the records (the blocks) are linked and encrypted to safeguard the deals’ security and personal privacy. That new paradigm would make it easier for a material developer to be the center of its production and not the record business, publishers, suppliers, and other intermediaries.

The Case of a Musician

Alex Tapscott and Don Tapscott provide the copying in their book, The Blockchain Revolution, about an artist who submits a song to a website: “So all the other celebrations, not simply record labels, music publishers and tour promoters, however also companies searching for music for commercials, TV manufacturers searching for soundtracks, cellphone provider looking for ringtones and the many fans making videos, could choose whether to accept the regards to use.”

This model would not exclude intermediaries; however, it would make them comparable members of the author, not the ecosystem’s dominant members. The author’s compensation could also be made through crypto-currency, money likewise based upon Blockchain, such as bitcoin.


In conclusion, this brand-new ecosystem has several beneficial functions for the content developer that can be summed up as follows:

Transparent contract templates that respect the artist & consider him or her a businessman. Also, the agreement or specific stipulation can be renegotiated freely at any time.

Inclusive copyright that disperses the earnings in a fair method. As Alex and Don Tapscott write: “Artists likewise need automatic subsidiary rights management, where possible or preferred, that enables prospective licensees to accept or reject the regards to usage and payment stated by the artist. The same agreement uses the arrangements and can alert the artist of infractions and terminations”.

Transparent records on this Benefits produced by a creation (tune, text, illustration, etc.) and how the percentages are distributed.

Possibility of microring the creation. Andreas Antonopoulos, an essential theorist of Blockchains, offers the following example: “Streamium is an Argentinean online video supplier that permits video producers to charge thousandths of a cent digital deals of any nature, say, two hundred milliseconds of video.”

More transparent copyright, regards to usage for each purpose, contact details, regards to that sale, and so on

. A fairer track record system based on details about a work’s download history, views, and deals. This will enable the developer to develop unambiguous credibility with future specialists or their advocates.

The Blockchain enables the developer to be the center of the system, have more transparency, have more versatility, and minimize bureaucratic, political, or monetary borders to their minimum expression.

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