The Best Football Streaming Sites of 2022

The Best Football Streaming Sites of 2022
Life is complex, and sometimes all we need is an escape, which for many people is football.

Indeed, people don’t call it a ‘beautiful game’ for no reason. After all, it’s the most popular sport
in the world. But why do people love it so much?

The most common reason is that it provides an escape from the complexities of life. You may
have had a tough week and just need something to take your mind away, which sometimes
comes in the 90 minutes of football. Football is also part of our culture and makes us identify
with people from all walks of life.

But not everyone can make it to the football stadium, right?

Best Sites to Stream Your Favorite Football Matches

Football has fans worldwide; not all of them can make it to the stadium to watch the matches.
This is where football streaming sites come in. Such platforms are critical to fans as they
immerse them in the competitive and intense gaming world. But, these days, it is hard to come across a genuine football streaming site that does not violate copyright regulations. In fact, you can scour the web for football streaming sites only to be met with weird and shady websites.

With this in mind, we compiled a list of some of the best football streaming websites, in our
opinion. They are listed below:

Facebook Watch

Facebook seems to be trying everything, and one of its latest ventures is sports streaming
through Facebook Watch. Accordingly, the tech mogul has obtained the rights to stream several
sports, football included.

To access Facebook Watch, you only need to log into your account, search videos, type sports,
and toggle on live. Once you follow these steps, you will see the games currently available for
streaming. You can also search for a specific stream by the team name. However, some of
these streams may be low quality or misleading since Facebook users provide them.


ESPN is a household name in the world of sports. Did you know that the official ESPN website
has tons of live streaming football for free? This platform offers live streaming capabilities for
football and every other major sport.

However, there is a catch. This website only live streams the games to which it has broadcast
rights. What’s more, other games are not free to watch as they are termed ‘premium games.’
For some, you will have to provide your TV provider login credentials, while for others, you will
have to pay a subscription fee.


Reddit is one of the best sites to find unofficial football streams. How? The platform allows users
to create communities known as subreddits for just about anything. Some of these are entirely
dedicated to football.

The subreddits allow people to post links to other sites for streaming. You might find site owners
posting links to their websites for football streaming. Keep in mind, however, that some of these
streams may be a violation of copyright.


Stream2Watch is another excellent site you can use for streaming football games. The platform
gathers streams from different places, which means you can find streams for many other sports,
not just football.

You should expect to come across some intrusive ads that might lead to other websites. It is
always a good idea to arm yourself with a good ad block before opening this website.
Otherwise, the site is pretty intuitive and works just fine.


This website is much like Stream2Watch because it gathers streams from other websites. It also
has an extensive catalog of games you can watch, meaning it is not only dedicated to football
lovers. The website is easy to use and features a list of games and their different streams.
When you click on a particular stream, a new window will appear with the video. If the stream
fails to work, you can try the additional links till you find one that works. You should know that
this website can also lead to some intrusive ads. Hence, you should install a powerful ad
blocker before streaming.

Final Thoughts

You must have noted that some streaming sites we mentioned here have intrusive ads. This
poses some significant risk to users as hackers can use them to harbor malware and harmful
streams in what is known as malvertising (malicious software advertising). What’s more, some
streams are unofficial and may violate copyright laws.

Therefore, it is best to stay protected before streaming using these sites, and one of the best
ways is by using a proxy. A proxy server can swap your IP address with its own, so nobody can
trace your internet activity back to you. IPRoyal proxies are ethically sourced, reliable, and offer
robust connectivity for all your football streaming needs!

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