The 4 Key Themes from the Melodrama: Now, We Are Breaking Up

The 4 Key Themes from the Melodrama: Now, We Are Breaking Up

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s opening up a portal of showbiz fun for the next year full of drama and excitement. But we can’t stop going head over heels for what has mesmerized us in the showbiz industry. Now we are breaking up Kdrama is one show that’s taken us on a roller coaster of love, romance, sacrifice, and determination. As the show is rolling out juicier episodes, a few themes have become more apparent, adding the icing on the cake. Here are the key themes as seen in the melodrama.

1. Love and romance

Love and romance are the show’s central theme, and as the story picks pace towards the end of the first season. It features a hearted romantic journey between Yoon Jae-guk and Ha Young-Eun, who venture into an unexpected love journey. Their love gains traction even late in the show, where a slow start to romance turns out juicier and paced, laden with passion and commitment to make it work despite the challenges. Although as smooth as the romance between the lovebirds seems, it’s not a walk in the park for them. Yoon Jae-guk’s mother seems to add some friction, trying to visibly coerce her son to end things with his newfound lover.

2. Determination and hard work

You also don’t need to be overly keen to smell the determination and hard work printed all over the show. Of course, you’d argue that Ha young Eun’s breakup gears her to becoming the leader of the nation’s top fashion companies. However, it takes determination and hard work for a woman of her caliber to climb such heights. Besides, the show we are breaking up kdrama features other wealthy and successful people from left, right, and center, which builds on hard work and determination. Such scenarios in the show are easily relatable to the real world, where nothing but hard work and determination seem to be a recipe for success.

3. Sacrifice

Ha Young-Eun decides to give up relationships, terming them “reckless” and a distraction after suffering past heartbreaks. She’s determined to see herself through becoming a fashion charm regardless of the pressure. Still, her lover, Yoon Jae-guk, portrays the same to her mother, killing her zeal to keep her son away from Ha Young-Eun. Yoon blatantly admits in the eighth episode that he’s in love with Eun and that nothing will stop him from dating her.

4. Resilience and persistence

Despite everything that gets thrown at her, Ha Young-Eun still manages to hold herself up unrelentingly. She first has to take care of the sick friend, Mi-Sook, and still make it through with work. She also receives a call and text from her dead ex-lover, whose family are closely keeping track of her, probably for reiteration. Also, she’s under immense pressure to keep her brand on its feet while still managing her love with Jae-guk. All that going in one head would seem overwhelming, but persistence and resilience are her arsenals.


Right from the beginning of the show – now we are breaking up kdrama– the themes and critical lessons reveal clearly and as the love drama unfolds. While the melodrama centers around love and romance, other themes still build up in the story for the most part. Sacrifice, determination, resilience, and hard work are among the key themes and lessons that surface. Hopefully, as the drama unfolds, more themes will show up.


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