That Extra Mile: What Exactly Is Quality Assurance In Software Testing?

That Extra Mile: What Exactly Is Quality Assurance In Software Testing?

That Extra Mile: What Exactly Is Quality Assurance In Software Testing?

The first computers were much different than today’s computers. They were expensive, large, and needed to be run by a team.

Today, many own and enjoy their computers. Whether you’re a business owner or employee, you might wonder what quality assurance is in software testing.

This article will take a look at defining quality assurance and how vital it is. Read on to explore more
about this beneficial factor to ensure that your software is good for the public.

What Is Quality Assurance?

QA technicians perform quality assurance to ensure that an organization’s services or products are the best that they can be. Before you hire experts such as Quality Logic qa testing, you’ll want to make sure that your processes hit successful benchmarks.

They can implement different procedures and standards that’ll ensure that your software meets certain requirements. This is in order to protect your software testing services before they’re available to the public.

While it’s not about testing the products, it’s more about the procedures for the best outcome. It’s about following a process.

What Is Quality Control?

This is a software engineering process to make sure that the products or services your company
offers are high-quality. It’s different from quality assurance since it takes a look at the quality of the end products.

If they find a problem, it’ll be taken care of before it reaches the hands of the customers. They test the outcome and effectiveness of the product.


  •  Audits
  •  Defining the process
  •  Training of process and standards
  • Tool selection and identification
  • QC:
  •  Checkpoint review
  •  Performs walkthroughs
  •  Inspections
  •  Testing


Software testing for business is a part of quality control. This is where a system will be applied in
order to find bugs in the product.

In order to have a successful product or service, it’s important to have both quality control and quality assurance. One will find bugs in the product while the other will identify any inefficient processes.

The Quality Assurance Process

The first step is the planning phase. This is where companies will establish and plan the objectives
and processes that are required.

Next is where any changes in the process can occur. After this, there are any modifications necessary for the process and to see whether or not it meets the objectives. Once all of this is done then a quality assurance tester will implement any actions to reach improvements in the process.

Why Quality Assurance?

It’s much quicker to repair an error in production before the design stage. It can also save you money since errors can be expensive and potentially harmful to customers.

If there are any dangers in your products or services keep in mind that it can impact your reputation.
Any errors can lead to financial problems, being sued, or even death.

Equality Improvement

Think about how you might have workers who think that they’re doing a better job than others but not being rewarded. When you have a set standard, then it’s more comfortable for others to follow.

Happy Customers

Happy customers mean more business for you through word-of-mouth referrals. If they’re unhappy with a product or service, they’ll be happy to not recommend your company and tell their family and friends to stay away. You’ll also lessen the number of bad reviews that can impact the number of customers that you have.

Problem Solving

If a problem occurs, you’ll be able to come up with solutions. When you don’t have quality assurance, those problems might go unnoticed and cause bigger problems down the line.

Promote Productivity

You’ll be able to have knowledge of the different processes and how they work. This means that you won’t be wasting money hoping that problems will go away. You’ll know what needs to be changed and how to have improvements and quicker response times.

What Is Software Testing?

Software testing is where you take a look at the different software applications in order to determine
whether it meets the requirements. Without software testing, there might be defects in different
software. In the digital age, you can find software everywhere from cancer centers to banks.
This will let you know about a product’s quality, cost-effectiveness, security, and customer happiness.

Security is one of the most important since it means that it’ll be harder for hackers to get in. Without the proper security necessary, hackers can gain access and make changes.

Why Have Quality Assurance in Call Centers?

Besides in software, you need to have quality assurance in call centers as well. This is in order to
monitor your staff’s performance while interacting with customers. If there’s any bad behavior then you’ll know what needs to be changed.

It’s also a great way to maintain ISO compliance. This is because some suppliers are required to have quality certificates.

These standards require you to set up a process in order to have customer requirements. It’ll allow you to analyze and track your customer’s satisfaction.

This can lead to a stronger customer relationship. Along with this, there needs to be consistency.

Exploring What Quality Assurance Is in Software Testing

Now that you’ve explored this guide, you should have a better idea of why quality assurance is vital in many corporations including software testing. If you’re a software company it’s almost always essential.

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