Tesla: Price Rumors for the Tesla Phone in 2022

Tesla: Price Rumors for the Tesla Phone

The concept of a Tesla phone, Model Pi/P, has circulated the internet. But what are the chances of this smartphone’s release? We haven’t heard anything from trustworthy sources, but how would a tesla stock smartphone from the world’s most innovative automaker look?

What Day Will the Tesla Phone Arrive?

A stainless-steel whistle, an umbrella with their Tesla  logo imprinted on it, and an all-electric car for youngsters inspired by Tesla Cybertruck are just a few examples of the unusual yet still on-brand things Tesla has previously released. Smartphones could be added to the mix, although their release isn’t as credible as other things tesla battery, at least not yet.

We are uncertain as to when this phone will be released for the following main reasons:

  • The majority of the rumors originate from Adrstudiodesign’s early 2021 YouTube video, although it is made clear that they are the designer’s ideas rather than actual leaks or Tesla information. We’ve seen a lot of rumors, and most of them seem to be based on that. The concepts for this phone, such as Neuralink support and connectivity on Mars, are too futuristic to be practical now. We’ll discuss these more below. A phone could still be in development without those features since they are not required to be present in the initial model. When those concepts are floated at such an early stage, it is appropriate to be dubious.
  • Working on a phone would be ineffective if one of the long-term effects, or even plans, of brain-connected technologies like Neuralink is to completely phase them out.

Tesla Phone

If those arguments aren’t convincing enough, take into account the CEO of Telsa’s assessment of the future of smartphones:

Estimated Release Date

Some predictions place the release in 2022, but we’ll take Musk’s tweet as proof that these speculations are untrue. Although Tesla may eventually release a phone, there is no reason to think it will. There’s a tesla models slim possibility we’d see this phone until closer to 2030, even if (and this is a big if) this phone is being developed in secret.

Price Rumors for the Tesla phone

The advanced technology mentioned below would cost more than a few thousand dollars for a phone. We wouldn’t anticipate the first generation to be within most people’s pricing range, but subsequent versions may become more cost-effective as more people begin to use the technology 2022 tesla model 3.

The phone would probably start pretty simple with only a handful of the rumored features, and if it were true (again, we don’t think so), it would likely cost between $800 and $1,200.

Pre-Order Details

Pre-orders could begin several months before the announcement and the official release. We do not, however, know when pre-orders for the Tesla phone tesla model 3 might begin since there is no release date to use as a guide.

If we find trustworthy information regarding a release, we’ll provide any pertinent links concerning pre-ordering here.

Phone Features of Tesla

The reports regarding this phone aren’t shocking given Tesla’s extravagant features in their current goods, such as the Tesla Cybertruck’s nearly indestructible exoskeleton and the bioweapon defensive mode in some of their other vehicles.

A rendering of a Tesla phone illustrating potential options for the side and rear views by ADR Studio and Antonio DeRosa, original rendering.

This is what we have learned

Satellite internet

Tesla has close relations with Starlink, a provider of space-based internet services for SpaceX. (Elon Musk is the CEO of both). The Tesla phone might potentially help finance Mars colonization, a goal of the company since its beginnings. However, in addition to concealing the big antenna satellite phones have, they would also need to figure out how to guarantee good service from such a little device. In one scenario, it would work inside any facility that now houses a Starlink base or, should it ever happen, inside a Tesla car fitted with the appropriate antenna tesla supercharger.

Tesla makes tesla solar panels and Tesla  cars, so the idea of solar charging isn’t outlandish. It’s unlikely that the phone will entirely use solar power, but it might come with a Tesla-branded casing that allows for some solar charging.

Vehicle control

There is currently a smartphone Tesla app that allows users to lock and unlock their vehicles, manage media playback, and summon them. This app would be installed on the phone for easy access from the lock screen or via external buttons if it wasn’t already built into the operating system. It’s also likely that the app would offer Tesla phone owners only certain options tesla service center.


Modern smartphones have excellent cameras and AI that may be used to aid in taking pictures of the night sky. With that capability combined with the interplanetary focus of SpaceX, which would unavoidably permeate this phone, you have a device that can take excellent pictures of cosmic objects.

Cryptocurrency mining

Another rumor claims that it will engage in cryptocurrency mining. Musk has previously spoken out about cryptocurrencies, so it’s fair to believe he would want to include this capability in a phone. Even though Bitcoin is more popular and that Musk presumably prefers the current Dogecoin to it, it is rumored that the Tesla phone would mine a new coin called MarsCoin (a name Musk himself has tweeted about). Some significant hardware would need to be constructed for this to function reliably.

Neuralink assistance One company working on it is Neuralink. The idea of computers communicating with the brain is still largely science fiction. According to their claims, they are “creating the first neural implant that will allow you to manage a computer. Or mobile device wherever you are”—just by thinking about it. Could Tesla produce the first phone to accomplish such a feat? The Neuralink app may be used to access an early version on any phone. But seeing it here would also make sense, considering that Musk owns Neuralink.

A Starlink connection can be seen in a rendering of a Tesla phone by ADR Studio and Antonio DeRosa. The original rendering.

It makes much more sense for something more manageable to be released first. Such as the first four or five functionalities only. Along with an Android version bearing the Tesla name.

We’ll have to wait more years if this phone is real and Tesla decides to wait to market it. Until implantable brain-machine interfaces are available. While it’s true that Musk aims to start human trials of this technology in 2022 tesla model y, it won’t be accessible to everyone right immediately because its primary function is to treat paralysis.

Tesla Phone Hardware and Specs

With this phone, all anyone can base their decisions on our assumptions. And without any trustworthy sources to turn upon. It’s impossible to know what this phone might look like inside. It would include all the normal parts, such as a 6.5-inch screen. An AMOLED display, 16 GB or more RAM, and 1-2 TB of storage.

Regarding the outside, Tesla stock look at the Tesla Model P concept drawings made by ADR Studio. Which is the origin of most of these speculations. In addition to the renderings, we utilized in this article. There are other excellent renderings you can browse through.



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