Supreme Reasons Why Flutter is Setting the Trend in App Development

Supreme Reasons Why Flutter is Setting the Trend in App Development

For independent app developers and custom mobile app development companies alike, Google’s completely open source user interface (UI) kit Flutter is a stand out framework in the app development space. This open source kit affords both amateur and professional level developers access to a range of tools that make it the current trend setter in the mobile app development space

Supreme Reasons Why Flutter is Setting the Trend in Mobile App Development

What are the reasons that allow Flutter to currently be setting the trend for individual developers and Flutter app development companies? As with any mobile app development framework, Flutter has unique elements that set it apart such as:

  • A single codebase
  • Streamlined development and maintenance processes
  • A hot reload feature

So let’s take a closer look at what Google’s UI kit is all about and why over half a million developers have come to favor it!

A Simple Programming Language

An original framework from Google, Flutter uses the programming language Dart. Dart is a programming language from Google that is object-oriented and very concise. It is primarily focused on being an efficient and flexible language for multi-platform app development.

For developers, both new and experienced alike, Dart’s flexibility makes it extremely intuitive to code with. With that accessibility, Dart powers a number of Flutter apps that are cross platform (accessible on Android and iOS).

Dart also supports developer tasks such as “formatting, analyzing, and testing code.”

A Single Codebase

Among the different frameworks and UI kits that are available, Flutter sets a different trend in the fact that it features a singular codebase. Where other frameworks might see a developer needing to create and use different codes across different platforms like iOS and Android, Flutter is multi-platform.

That single codebase cuts out the need to write codes for multiple different platforms which severely streamlines the overall development process.

With a single codebase, the work on the developer’s side is reduced significantly and mobile applications can be written, tested, and rolled out in a quicker manner.

Proficient Testing for Codes and Apps

Flutter is a framework that has made the testing process for both the codes behind the applications and the applications themselves extremely proficient. Because Flutter has a single codebase, which we discussed above, the testing process becomes more accelerated because developers are able to reuse codes for various plugins and widgets.

That single codebase helps to minimize the testing that needs to be completed as well.

Developers are able to run one quality assurance test to ensure that the different functions of a custom mobile app are working as they should.

The Hot ReloadFeature

Flutter is a fast and efficient framework.

It’s speed and efficiency are further fed into by the hot reload feature that has come to be a favorite among developers and the top custom Iphone app development companies. The hot reload feature allows a developer to very easily and quickly make adjustments to the applications.

Adjustments include experimentation to see what a feature will do, fix bugs, build UIs, and add in new features. Hot reload will load the code changes that a developer has made and allow them to immediately see the changes reflected in the app.

The hot reload feature is a huge part of the productive and quick development process that helps Flutter to set current trends.

Open Model

Flutter is able to work with any kind of development tool that a developer might be able to think of. This open model approach provides a number of tools and features to developers like plug-in editors.

Two different editors that Flutter has built in are IntelliJ/Android Studio and Visual Code Studio.

Also as an open model, Flutter offers thousands of different packages for a number of operating systems like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and the Web.And as an open source framework with support from Google, it has several community contributions behind it alongside the packages available online.

The community is quite active on GitHub, with over 130,000 followers.

Easy and Quick Maintenance

Last but certainly not least, Flutter mobile applications are extremely easy to maintain once the development is complete. Because of the single codebase, any bugs that might arise are easy to fix and keep track of during maintenance.

Once a bug or issue is identified, the single codebase allows for a streamlined maintenance process to happen without a developer needing to deal with multiple codes across platforms.


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