Stop Doing Things Over and Over – Set Up a Business Automation Process

Stop Doing Things Over and Over - Set Up a Business Automation Process

The average cost of a data breach is $4.24 million. Compare that with the finding that if
companies experience a 10-day computer outage, they may never fully financially recover.
Data is a serious soft point in the underbelly of most companies. It’s amazing to find out, then,
that human error constitutes 29% of the cause of data loss. Compare that to 6% for viruses and
9% for theft.

One way to solve this is through a business automation process for data and other services. What
can automation tools do for you? Keep reading to find out.

Why a Business Automation Process Can Save You

Power Automate, formerly Microsoft Flow, helps business process automation (BPA) in a
number of ways. It’s always good to have a partner in helping you to integrate automation in
payment processes and support.

Human error in a large company costs upwards of $62.4 million per year. Even smaller
companies with 100 employees could lose more than $50,000 dollars by that standard.
There are four layers of automation. They are:

  • Basic automation
  • Process automation
  • Integration automation
  • AI automatio

Basic automation is initiated by a user for one specific task. Imagine copying and pasting
automating your typing.

Process automation manages a whole process from start to finish using software and applications
to do the job. Let’s take a look at one example:

An invoice gets issued to a customer and is pending until it’s paid. Emails are sent to the client
that there’s an item pending before delivery if they leave the page without paying.

If they complete the payment (an automated service attached to this process) another email is
sent for confirmation and an attachment of the invoice showing as paid. Once the product is
confirmed as paid, emails are sent out for every step of the delivery process.

This automated process is similar to how large companies like Amazon automate processes in
their business, to save money and time. It also helps to ensure the accuracy of the process from
start to finish.

What Causes Human Error?

There are a number of reasons why to err is human. The top five factors contributing to human
error are:

  • Stress
  • Working memory
  • Lack of engagement in work
  • Hiring unqualified employees
  • Repetition

You might be thinking, I heard phishing was the top reason for security breaches. We often don’t get the training we need for phishing attacks, but it’s part of something called social engineering.

That’s when a bad actor tries to engineer a scenario where someone willingly gives up important data, such as passwords and usernames, or potential vectors of ingress to a database.

Phishing is 100% a human error problem that stress, an inadequate working memory, a lack of
qualification, and a lack of engagement preys on. Think about how many emails you get per day
and how little time you have to properly devote to vetting those.

Automation in payroll, authentication, and other repetitive processes on the job save companies
billions of dollars per year globally.

Your BPA Is Incoming

Business automation process sounds like a difficult thing to implement, but getting someone to
help you through the process will end up being easier than you think. It will also save you and
many others in your company hours of repetitive tasks you can better use to improve your
company and your processes.

Did this help you to understand BPA and what you can do to help your business? Keep browsing
our articles for the latest in business tech!

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