Stay in Tune With an Auto Repair POS System

Stay in Tune With an Auto Repair POS System

Stay in Tune With an Auto Repair POS System

How does your auto repair business handle customer payments? If you are like a lot of auto repair business owners, you likely have a credit card terminal, a cash drawer and not much else. Some shops have POS systems that aren’t specifically designed for the auto repair industry. How would your business benefit if you had a purpose-designed auto repair POS system? The following are a few of the benefits of using something like Shop Controller.

Track Data To Improve Return on Investment

Using a POS system will let you capture valuable information about sales and other business performance. You can analyze this data in detail to learn more about how your business is running. For example, you could check how much customers who come in for oil changes also pay for other services.

Using this information, you can optimize how you run and market your auto repair shop. With that insight, you can greatly improve your return on investment. That means more profits for you and a more successful future for your business.

Quickly Manage Carfax

If you use Shop Controller from Merchant Account Solutions, you can manage your Carfax reports straight from your POS system. That means that you no longer have to open up another system just to enter in the relevant information such as mileage.

You can also use the same tools to identify the previous history of the vehicle. This can help you to offer better service suggestions based on the maintenance history. Doing so can build customer confidence and improve your brand reputation. It is a simple way to satisfy your customers using only your POS system.

Integrate With Accounting Software

Plugging into your accounting software can save you significant time. Plus, it will prevent the possibility of human error when transferring over data. In short, having a direct integration point makes your POS system more useful from a financial management perspective.

This is more than just having the integration point. It is also about having a smooth and user-friendly integration. Some software can work together but still be frustrating. Other software is hassle-free and will save you time.

Easily Track Your Inventory

Finally, you can use your auto shop POS to track your inventory. This can be done by entering the materials usage for each job. Simply ring it up as part of creating the bill for your customer. You can even preprogram much of what you use into the POS system.

Then, the system will automatically track your inventory levels. This will let you know when you need to resupply. It will also help you analyze the cost of each job more minutely. For example, you may realize that you are barely making any margin on luxury vehicle oil changes due to the more expensive oil.

Learn More

Discover more about how you can leverage the right POS system to make running your auto repair business easier. Shop Controller with Clover Station 2.0 can be a great choice. The key is to find the solution that has the right tools for your needs and an interface that works for you.


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