Spy on Any Android Phone With Our Unique Android Monitoring

Spy on Any Android Phone With Our Unique Android Monitoring

Spy on Any Android Phone With Our Unique Android Monitoring

Have you ever wondered who keeps texting your teenage daughter? Well, you are not alone. It is a global issue that has got most parents worried to the core. However, there are services such as Spyic that put parents in the driver’s seat. They allow users to monitor everything that happens on a target phone.

Imagine having access to someone’s messages, call logs, and location data without touching their phone. Now throw in affordable pricing and data security to the mix, and you have everything you’ll need to spy like a pro.

What is Spyic.com?

Spy on Any Android Phone With Our Unique Android Monitoring

Spyic is an award-winning Android and iOS spying solution with millions of happy customers in 190+ countries. Most of these people use the app to monitor their children’s online activities. But it can also work for employers and people in relationships.

Generally speaking, this app allows people to monitor and control the target device from anywhere using an internet connection.

It has also featured in top publications such as Android Authority, iGeeksBlog, and Life Hacker, speaking positively about the relatively new service. They unanimously said Spyier is a clutter-free monitoring solution designed for the average person.

How Does Spyic Make Monitoring Easier

Spyic is all about user experience. Meaning, they don’t include vanity metrics as most spy tools do. You will only see data that really matters, such as call logs, messages, and location data.

They have also developed an intuitive web-based dashboard that makes monitoring a breeze. It has everything stacked neatly on one page, complete with tiny notification icons to show the latest data. Clicking on any of the available features gives you a detailed and actionable report.

Why is Spyier the Best Monitoring Tool for Android?

Spyic is one of the few spy tools that promise to keep personal information safe, even from their employees. That means your target’s data will never land in the wrong hands or with an advertiser. They also don’t bombard you with spam and ads, as most free spyware tools do. Be assured your info is in good hands.

On top of that, Spyic also rocks a unique set of features, including:

Geofence Alert: Set one or more geofence alerts that notify you when the target leaves or enters a zone. This information can help parents and employers who need to keep tabs on a target. It will also show the target’s location history, even when they are offline the whole time.

Call Tracker: Know who called your target, when they did it and how long they were on that call. You will also see the contact info for the person on the other end. Use this data to track the contact person on social or even block the number.

Track Web History: See your target web history on any browser installed on the device. It will give you a detailed record for every session, complete with timestamps and a copy of the deleted entries. This feature is a great way to know your target’s intentions, desires, and hidden memberships.

WhatsApp Spy: Get a copy of all your target’s conversations on WhatsApp, complete with any videos or images exchanged with a contact. You also get to see the contact details on the other end, plus their profile picture.

Stealth Mode: The app works in the background, where the target will never see it. It uses a lightweight architecture that allows it to be stealthy and still get the job done. That means you don’t have to worry about getting caught spying on your target.

How to Install Spyic on a Target Phone

To get started with Spyic, you’ll need to create an account and pay for a subscription. Plans start from $9.99 per month when paying annually, but there is an option to pay a one, two, or three-month subscription.

After that, you’ll get a download link for the app that goes into the target phone. This file is only 2MB, so the download should be quick. And it comes with an installation wizard, which makes set-up a breeze. However, you might run into problems trying to install the app because it does not come from the Google Playstore.

The Spyic customer service is more than happy to help with installation issues. They will show you how to get past Google’s security checks by tweaking the settings. But it’s nothing too technical. You can do it in under 10 minutes, and it’s nothing compared to rooting your target device.

How to Read the Spy Data

Here comes the fun part – accessing your data.

First, head to spyic.com and use the same email and password you used when signing up. That should lead you to the dashboard where your data lives. All the relevant links are on the left side, and clicking on any menu item brings you to a specific report.

For example, clicking on Geofence alert takes you to a Google map. You can create the zones you want to monitor then allow the app to send emails when it happens. These alerts trigger when the target enters or leaves a predetermined zone. The same principle applies to every other tab on the Spyic dashboard.

Over to You

Spyic might not be the sharpest spy tool in the shed, but it gets the job done effectively. You get to monitor the target’s calls, location and even see SIM card information. They also have an award-winning customer care team that holds the user’s hands before and after the sale. That ensures everyone gets the best service possible.

The best part?

Your target will never know you installed spyware on their device unless you tell them. It works silently in the background recording everything that happens on the phone. It sends the reports to Spyic servers, which organize the data into bite-sized information in the dashboard.

Still, it is worth noting that spying without consent is illegal in some countries. And that is why you can only use this app as a secret source of information.


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