Some tips to become an ethical business leader as suggested by Eric Dalius

Some tips to become an ethical business leader as suggested by Eric Dalius

Some tips to become an ethical business leader as suggested by Eric Dalius

A moral leader is someone who is known to have a healthy value system. However, it is not only limited to the values and norms only. There is a normative difference between the fact of being a boss and being a leader. A boss is someone who orders, while a leader is one who guides. A boss may be a source of management while a leader that of inspiration.

According to Eric Dalius, the real difference between these two terms can be well established from the employee’s attitude towards the owner. For a good leader, it becomes a responsibility to guide, inspire, and nurture the employees. While for a boss, the only motive is profit-making. The guidelines to become an efficient and ethical business leader.

• You will have to align and define your value system: as an owner of a business venture, you will have to consider the values and morals you learned in your early childhood. These values play an integral role in the overall success of a business. The value system that you engrain in the industry speaks a lot about your attitude and your employee’s disposition.

The workplace culture is heavily dependent upon the ethical leader. What you expect from your employees, how you channelize their energies, what technology you use, and many such factors play a significant role in developing the value system.

• Try to hire individuals who have similar value systems: After you have worked out your value system at the workplace, your next task is to hire individuals with a similar value system. Your effort should be to establish a common ground with the employees. You should have a good vision statement to guide you during the hiring process. The long-term goal of your company will determine the type of employees that you hire. According to EJ Dalius, any discrepancy with the employees may be detrimental to the company’s overall success.

• A two-way communication method: You must note here that every employee is not the same. Their reaction, expectation, working style, etc. all vary from person to person. Any decision to be effective requires proper feedback from the team. It will help you to become a better leader and also establish a strong relationship with your employees. According to Eric JDalius, a two-way communication method is essential for the success of any venture. It enables a two-way flow of information between the leader and the employees. The feedback from the employees can help you to make improvements to different dimensions of your company.

As an owner of a business venture, it is your responsibility to teach the various beliefs, norms, and subconscious considerations within the fold of the workplace culture.

You should accept the failures and work towards the improvement of your company. An ethical leader’s most important responsibility is to guide the team through the thick and thins towards a common goal. It will help to channelize all the resources towards the achievement of long-term targets.


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