Some of the More Unique F1 Cars Which have been Launched So Far in 2022

Some of the More Unique F1 Cars Which have been Launched So Far in 2022

There is a debate among fans and experts regarding whether Formula 1 cars need a bit more exposure before their launch than they are given these days. A post on Planet F1 even called out the overly secretive nature of these reveals to be counterproductive for Formula 1’s popularity. While we will just have to wait and see what the authorities decide to do about it in 2022, fans should be happy to know that quite a few F1 cars have already been revealed this year. Here’s a closer look at some of the uncovered and uniquely designed F1 cars for the year so far.

Ferrari F1-75: 17th February

Ferrari has not had a good year at the Grand Prix for the last 13 years! Can the brand-new Ferrari F1-75 with its scarlet-black retro vibes and a redesigned, aerodynamic testing restrictions (ATR) compliant build finally make 2022 a comeback year for Ferrari?

We will just have to wait and see, but there is no denying that the Ferrari F1-75 looks different and nostalgic at the same time. It reminds one of the red Formula One cars that we see in Microgaming’s Good to Go Slot. The JackpotCity online casino most likely has that game but check their list just to be sure. As for the real F1-75, will those wide sidepods be enough? Well, as long as the concave cooling louvers do their job as well as Ferrari’s online presentation and reveal stated, who knows?

Mercedes W13: 18th February

The Mercedes F1 cars at this year’s Grand Prix will no longer sport all black, as the W13 has gone back to the brand’s signature silver livery. In sharp contrast to the F1-75, the G13 has exceptionally small sidepods and the design is quite barebones. Aesthetics aside, though, a top view of the car shows how complete and seamless Mercedes’ design for the G13 is. With Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel, the W13 could very well be the next winner for Mercedes, helping him bring in his 5th Championship in a row.

Aston Martin AMR22: 10th February

The Aston Martin AMR22 has a high ride nose, 15 louvres on each sidepod, and a metallic green livery as its highlight points so far. While the lime green on metallic green combo may not be to everyone’s liking, it’s a marked improvement over last year’s pink accents for sure! Is it a very unusual looking F1 car in 2022? The answer is yes, it is, but that’s irrelevant, provided that the beast performs in the way that it’s supposed to.

McLaren MCL36: 11th February

The MCL36 is one of the narrowest cars that we have seen revealed so far and it looks a bit plasticky in orange and blue, especially with its pull-rod front suspension/push-rod back suspension layout! In terms of design, this is an exact opposite to what you will see on most F1 cars this year. It isn’t the most seamless and compact looking F1 car revealed so far either.

The brand new Alpine A522 launched on 21st February also deserves a spot on this list but it is very similar in design to the McLaren MCL36. Nevertheless, the Alpine does look a lot more finished than the MCL36, despite the dominance of pink all around.


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