Social Listening Through Analytical Tools

Social Listening Through Analytical Tools

Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to market themselves in today’s time.
Moreover, it also enables organizations to determine public perception of their services and
products. With almost half of the world’s population using social networking sites, heaps of fresh
data are being generated every next minute.

Considering the huge amount of data, it becomes rather unfeasible for businesses to identify consumer behavior and their perception of the information of which is crucial for delivering a better customer experience. This is where the role of social listening comes in!

A term widely used in the virtual world these days, social listening is the process of collecting data
from social media platforms which can influence businesses in the way they operate, launch
products, and market. From a B2B or B2C companies, government organizations to NGOs, the
importance of social listening technology cannot be overstated. It enables you to keep track of the
industry trends all the while feeding you with information about your competitors and
customers alike.

With that said, as an organization, how do you carry out the task of social listening? For this, the
foremost thing that has to be done is to set a goal. Do you want to ensure crisis management or are
you aiming to deliver better customer service? There are some organisations that leverage social
listening tools only to maintain and monitor brand health and reputation. Setting such clear goals
enables businesses to know what data they need to listen to.

With the growing analytics market, a lot of analytics solution providers are emerging with an array of
tools. Bengaluru-based Frrole is one such start-up that helps businesses to mine precise data from
social media channels to gain meaningful insights. With the real-time information on what
customers and their competitors are talking about, organizations can design their products or
services accordingly.

Falling in the same line of industry is WGD Analytics that also offers social
media analytics solutions to facilitate social listening. Whether it is the information on their
customer behavior or real-time updates regarding the total reach of a particular social media post,
the range of solutions that WGD Analytics offers to its clients is comprehensive.

Before social media, businesses relied on surveys or outsourced their works to deal with customers’
complaints and needs. Such processes were not only time consuming but financially draining as well. While the existence of social media channels can be a boon, it can also hurt your brand. This is why it is crucial to leverage social listening tools for identifying potential threats beforehand.


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