14 Best Business Simulation Games | Economic And Strategy Education

14 Best Business Simulation Games | Economic And Strategy Education

Are you seeking best business strategy games to help you learn a few things about business and understand the concept of microeconomics? If you do, you are definitely at the correct spot.

What is a simulation? Learning by doing is a tried and true method of gaining valuable knowledge because it simulates real-world situations through activities such as reading, practicing, watching live demonstrations, and so on. The optimum purpose of any strategy game, which in this instance is connected to business, is to assist players in better understanding various business components. So, from medium to advanced, here are 15 of the most significant business simulation games to try this year best simulation games.

14 Best Business Simulation Games

1. Queen Victoria II

Best Business Simulation Games


Windows and macOS X are supported.

Victoria II will transport you on a century-long trip between 1836 and 1936, enabling you to command one of the 200 playable nations. With a rather complicated market structure and 50 distinct sorts of goods, the game emphasizes the economic part of the plot war simulation games. It also focuses on a country’s internal management, industrialization, and socio-political changes/aspects simulation football league.

2. Port Royale: Gold, Power, and Pirates

Best Business Simulation Games

Windows platform

Like the way pirates conduct business? So, we’ve got a suitable game for you. Port Royal is a good business simulation game set mainly in the Caribbean in the 16th and 17th centuries ps4 simulation games. The game combines real-time conflicts with business and economic simulation, and players may pick from various in-game alternatives, including trading with pirates. In 2013, GameSpot named Port Royale the “Best Game No One Played.”

3. Theme Hospital

Best Business Simulation Games

Windows and PlayStation as platforms

Chain of businesses, you have a hospital that you must not only manage but also profit from.
Theme Hospital is a one-of-a-kind business simulation game in which you operate a hospital and heal people with imaginary illnesses while making it a lucrative business nintendo switch simulation games.

Theme Hospital game is a spiritual successor to Theme Park, another management simulation game made by Bullfrog Productions. Two Point Studios revealed in January 2018 that they plan to create a squeal of the Theme Hospital called Two Point Hospital.

4. Industry Giant II

Best Business Simulation Games

Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4

Although Industry Giant II is marketed as a business simulation game, several critical components, such as human resources and finance, are primarily absent. It was inspired by previous business-oriented games like Capitalism and Transport Tycoon, city-building games like Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, and so on.

In IG2, the player is in charge of manufacturing and distributing the company’s products in a 20th-century setting. The life simulation games purpose is to maximize profits from operations. There is also a ‘free game’ choice, where you don’t have to stress about earnings, but how interesting it can get when no money is involved.

5. Airline tycoon

Best Business Simulation Games

Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS are all supported.

Airline Tycoon is one of the most established business simulation games. The original game was  released in 1988 for Windows, but the Deluxe edition was later released for Mac OS X and Linux. The main goal, as with all tycoon games, is to become filthy rich and become a Tycoon. Maintain a healthy income-to-expenditure ratio.

6. Transportation Tycoon

Best Business Simulation Games

PlayStation, iOS, Android, and MS-DOS are all supported platforms.

Transport Tycoon is similar to Airline Tycoon in that players compete with other enterprises to make the most profit by carrying people and various goods via road, train, sea, and air.

7. simCEO

Browser-based platform

All you have to do in simCEO is create your firm and join a dynamic stock market where you manage your investment portfolio. The game has two entities: teachers, who create the optimal market learning environment, and learners.

Based on that atmosphere and announcements, you must examine various firms before investing in them. You can participate in teams or solo here. In both ways, simCEO provides top-notch social learning for everyone, from solutions to business-related difficulties.

8. Eve Online

Windows and macOS are supported.

Eve Online is a space-based MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) in which players can engage in piracy, mining, manufacturing, trade, and fighting. While it may not be recognized immediately as a business simulation game, its sophisticated economic and political interaction between players creates it a lot more attractive from a business aspect, at least for specific users.

9. OpenTTD

Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, FreeBSD, and Linux are supported.

OpenTTD is an open-source, multi-platform business simulation in which players attempt to create their transportation empire by controlling and gradually investing profits from fares and goods transit. It is heavily influenced by Transport Tycoon Deluxe (1995 Chris Sawyer video game), or you could say it replicates most of the game’s features.

As previously stated, you will advance in this game by earning money by transporting passengers and goods by road, rail, waterway, and even airway. OpenTTD also features configurable maps, custom AI, ports, and multi-language support. The game also has LAN and internet multiplayer modes, allowing players to play in groups.

10. MobLab

Browser-based platform

MobLab is a forward-thinking and rapidly expanding internet startup offering interactive learning games to individuals and colleges. MobLab, which Caltech students founded, shows simply complicated theories in economics, psychology, and business administration. There are films and games for every vital idea, from supply and demand to asset market expertise.

11. Railway Tycoon II

Windows and PlayStation as platforms

Railroad Tycoon II is the third entry in the popular Railroad Tycoon series, and it was released in the United States for the only time in 1998. The game covers every key event in rail transportation history. As Chairman of the Railroad Company, your duty is to double profits for the benefit of investors while coping with disasters like train breakdowns, robbery, economic downturns, etc.

A critical element in this game is the player’s ability to manage a healthy ratio of expenses to earnings by selecting the right locomotive for the right job, as each engine has unique characteristics such as speed, preferred cargo, and the ability to pace through the mountain or steep hills.

12. Capitalism

Windows and macOS X are supported.

Today’s business environment is competitive, yet we still enjoy it since it is immensely lucrative.
A single right selection might transport you to your fantasy world. Although no computer simulation on Earth can simulate the real world of companies and massive organizations, Trevor Chan’s Capitalism II gets close.

The game is similar to Virtonomics in that you, as a player, create and run a massive business empire. Manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, importing, and retailing are all aspects of real-world business.

13. MIT Sloan Management Simulation Games

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Along with Harvard, Wharton, Chicago Booth, Columbia, Kellogg, and Stanford, the MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the seven super-elite private institutions offering MBA programs.
It has always been a leader in business education, particularly in learning.
Establishing real-world applications of classroom information assists students and participants learn their way to the top.

One such modern application is their management simulation games, free for all. These games are intended specifically for students to help them understand crucial business methods, real-world procedures, and industry standards. Most significantly, the games are designed to give participants a taste of management and how executive actions influence the whole business chain.

14. Virtonomy

Browser-based platform

Virtonomics is a turn-based MMO online simulation game that focuses on business processes and concepts and displays them in a competitive context. Without set criteria for win or loss and limitless game time, players can determine their particular goals, which they can attain using smart tactics and methods.

The game’s main advantage is that it uses non-linear gameplay, which means that a player is not limited to a certain amount of options throughout the game. While competing for market share, players must make bold managerial decisions practically every step of the way.


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