SEO Trends 2020: What Factors Should Smart SEOs Focus on?

SEO trends 2020: what factors should smart SEOs focus on?

In this year 2020, how will SEO trends change and what important
factors in SEO should we focus on helping the website increase
maintain rankings on Google in a sustainable way?

This article will list the SEO trends you need to research and focus on
this year.

Building Authority for the website is
the prerequisite factor

After a big Google update in July and August 2019, many websites
experienced a dizzying drop in traffic, but many websites experienced a
a sudden increase in traffic.

After many cases of analysis, a general conclusion is drawn that
websites with increased traffic have quality content, a good user experience high authority rating in the specific area that the site targets.

Google gradually focuses on accurate, reliable expert information
sources for each field, so what you need to do is increase the authority
of your website.
To increase authority for a website, there are many factors that need to
combine the following:

Content in-depth: Google has grown to the point of understanding the
meaning of the words in an article in all circumstances, to increase
authority, you must focus on building quality content with insights.

● Quality Links: Links here include both internal links and backlinks from
other websites. The internal linking of related articles will create a cluster
of articles that are related to each other to help users get more useful
information. Regarding the backlink building, it would be great if you
have a link from a website on the same topic.

In addition, there are many other factors to create authority for your
website, but as long as you focus on these 2 factors, the effectiveness is
much better than other small factors.

Start exploiting Visual search

One more emphasis in this year 2020 is visual search.
Users tend to search for product information via images or videos, many
websites have made good use of this and have amazing results.
Here are the results of doing image SEO of a website I found in the
cosmetic niche.

Of course, the traffic coming from the visual search will not be equal to
that of other keywords, but the users purchase conversion when
searching for images and videos is much higher than the normal
keyword search.

Search Intent study (search intent)

Before implementing the outline to write content for the website you
need to study carefully the user’s search intent.

Google increasingly prioritizes content results that the algorithm
evaluates as most relevant to a user’s search intent.

Previously, there were many schools of thought that long posts, over
2000 words, would be easier to top than articles with a few hundred
words, but the truth is that Google only prioritizes articles containing the
information users need.

Don’t try to cram to try to create tall posts, instead just create articles
that contain enough information that users are looking for.
A smart SEOer will spend a lot of time researching the market,
researching user files for the field they are working on, researching the
content for each article, … instead of following link building techniques,
systems The system shoots the link for the website.

If you pay close attention, you will easily see overseas websites, they do
not try to create long content, just write enough, have 400 words, but still
have a normal high ranking top.

Focus on increasing CTR (Click-

Every day Google is constantly testing SERPS display formats (pages
displaying search results), many ads, rich snippets boxes are given
priority to be displayed on top 1.

When your website is in the top 1 or displayed with rich snippets
format, nothing is better, but if you are in the top 2 positions onwards,
the risk of getting traffic will be extremely low.

There have been many SEO studies showing that organic click-through
rates are down more than 40% compared to 2018 because in 2019
Google has prioritized the display of videos, ads, rich snippets a lot.
But don’t worry, you can still increase your CTR and get more traffic
thanks to the following ways:

● Set keyword URL: users are smart enough to know if the post they see on
SERPS is talking about the topic they need via the URL. If you put the URL
containing the keyword that users find, the CTR will increase

For example, for the keyword Acne cream, it can be set as
● Use a compelling title that drives emotions: you just need to use a more
an engaging title that provokes the user, no need to make up something too
difficult, simple, and true.
For example, for the keyword applying for a visa to the US, it can be
set as Simple a fast guide to applying for a visa to the US from A-Z
● Write the article description containing the problem users find:
results displayed on SERPS will have a description of the article, this is
an opportunity for you to show the user the summary of the article so
please rewrite The description is compelling enough that they have to
continue watching your content.

Quality backlinks are still key

Regardless of how many claim content is king, traffic is a king or claiming
backlinks are out of date, real SEOs always admit that backlinks are still
the key to successful SEO campaigns.

There are 3 basic ways for you to get quality backlinks:

Buy backlinks from reputable sources

The advantage of this method is that you will buy a large number of
backlinks and be more active.
However, the disadvantages that it brings are not few. Without
knowledge in link building, it will be easy to backfire and cause Google
to penalize your website, along with the cost of buying quality links that
will not be cheap.
Besides, for big websites, most of them will not sell backlinks, so you
can only buy links at small satellite websites.

Get natural link

This is how Google encourages us. By making quality content, you will
easily get backlinks from other websites when they find your article
useful and useful.

This way you do not need to spend money on link building, just focus
your budget to produce content that is highly likely to be shared.

As a smart SEOer, we need to combine buying links + getting natural
links, not simply thinking that buying links is bad and focusing on making
the best content.

My advice: do really quality content first, then you can spend the extra
cost to buy an external backlink to increase more power.

Going in this direction will be safe because when the website is built with
good content, it will create trust with backlink signals from other sites that
will promote the keyword to the top very strongly, getting a natural
backlink does not need you to care. , when you do it well, you get it

In addition, you can send email to websites in the same industry to
exchange guest posts for each other, overseas this is a very popular
way but it will take a long time to email them.

Build a PBN system

Building PBN (Private Blog Network) is a system of satellite websites
you build to create backlinks for the main website.
This way is used by many professional SEOs and agencies to serve the
SEO difficult markets or to serve customers (including backlink buying
and selling services).

However, this is considered to actively manipulate search results that
Google does not want to.

Many people think that building PBN is a black hat and shouldn’t be
done, in fact, its bad or not depends on how SEOs implement it, in my
opinion, it’s not necessarily bad.

If you do not have a lot of experience and a thorough understanding of
SEO, it is best not to build a PBN system because it takes a lot of your
money, time, and effort.

Tips for SEO 2020

Here are 4 helpful tips for SEOs in 2020, apply the strategies below to
help your website rank high in the SERPS.

Funda 20% amount of in-depth content

Please focus on seriously investing in content for the website, in
America, there are still not many people making content really intensive
and this is an opportunity for those who want to rise to the top.

Content creation for the website has been an important part of SEO, in
order to be appreciated by Google, you need to have in-depth content
and have lots of evidence and information from reputable sources.
The types of article content you should focus on are:

● Product review articles.
● User manual articles.
● The contents of scientific research are important.

Building visual content for your site, especially visual concept

Thanks to the tremendous development of Pinterest Instagram, visual
content will continue to be hot content in 2020.
The most useful visual content types for the current website are not
cumbersome infographics, but just visual concepts.

You can use user-friendly, intuitive easy-to-remember visual graphs
that summarize a concept, definition, or process for the content.

Hardly interacting with the user

Regardless of whether its an SEO website or building a social account
on any platform, the rate of user interaction is always the most
appreciated weight.

Hardly responding to comments on the website actively interacting
with those comments will bring you more value than SEO. Because after
all, SEO is about turning traffic into customers.

Responding to the comments will help users re-visit the article to see the
answers, at which time the returning visitor’s index will be increased –
this is considered a great influence on your SEO.

Because Google will find that your website contains content that users
are looking for, they will return to continue searching.

Explore strategies for building quality backlinks, not volume chasing

Many SEOs try to create many backlinks to expect their rankings to jump
to the top 1 but do not pay attention to the quality of the backlink.
Instead of having 1000 backlinks from junk forums, junk websites, … you
should spend time finding a quality backlink to achieve better SEO

Each SEOer will have different link building ways and each one will be
suitable for each specific industry, so to share with you a general formula
is very difficult.

Instead, you should spend a lot of time exploring new strategies to build
quality backlinks for your website, if possible, research how your
competitors are building links and learn from them.


Above are the changes and trends to do SEO in 2020 I will focus on.
Google algorithms and user behavior are constantly changing, so we
SEOs like us also need to catch the trend and implement it now to
outperform the competition.

For those working in foreign markets, they are familiar with the level of
competition, but for those who do SEO in the Vietnamese market, it is
still very easy, many businesses have not focused on SEO and are still
quite rudimentary. Make good use of trends that will change in 2020.

And don’t forget to leave a comment below to get help when you
encounter problems in the SEO process.


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