Reasons Why Parents Need Android Keylogger Hoverwatch to Monitor Kids

Reasons Why Parents Need Android Keylogger Hoverwatch to Monitor Kids

Reasons Why Parents Need Android Keylogger Hoverwatch to Monitor Kids

What is a Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is the best Android keylogger app that is used for surveillance of devices’ activities like mobile phones, PC, etc.

Like other keylogger apps, Hoverwatch also famous for its excellent monitoring and tracking services due to its covert functioning.
Due to stealth mode functioning, anyone cannot detect the presence and functioning of Hoverwatch in his device.

Hoverwatch has excess to all communication platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, GPS, etc., and records information.
This information is stored in the form of log files and screenshots and continuously uploaded on Hoverwatch servers.

Why do you need Android Hoverwatch Keylogger?

Reasons Why Parents Need Android Keylogger Hoverwatch to Monitor Kids

Nowadays, the further we are moving toward an advanced world, the online community getting scarier and scarier.

Parents often feel anxious about their children’s internet use, as cyber-hacking, online abuse and blackmailing are increasing day by day.

By using Hoverwatch, Parents can know about the browsing history of their children, to whom they contact and talk, etc.

Parents can also aware of the social activities of their children by real-time tracking service of Hoverwatch.

Similarly, a manager remains updated about their employee activities by monitoring company phones through this app. Hoverwatch runs in the phone’s background and its services don’t get interrupted by the presence or absence of cellular network and data.

Due to this excellent feature, the monitoring and tracking services of Hoverwatch can also use for security purposes.

Due to stealth mode, it can also use for covert fetching of someone’s data.

How to use a Hoverwatch Android Keylogger?

Reasons Why Parents Need Android Keylogger Hoverwatch to Monitor Kids

Hoverwatch is quite easy to install and use. Being a keylogger, it also works secretly in the background of devices without the awareness of the device owner.

Log files for all activities on the internet, messaging, video, and audio conversations are continuously created and stored.

These files are accessible from the dashboard of the online account. The only user which knows the mailing address and Password can access these recorded files.

If you are new here and don’t know how to get started, here is the Hoverwatch user guide for you. By following the steps of the user guide listed below, you can install and use Hoverwatch.

Hoverwatch Installation Guide

  • First, get access to the Hoverwatch website by using the link
  • After reaching the homepage, create a free account by putting your email address and password respectively.
  • After creating the account, now download the Hoverwatch software to your device. In downloading section, three downloading links of Hoverwatch software are available for Android, Mac, and Windows devices respectively. Select the downloading link according to your intended device.
  • Once the software is downloaded and installed on your device, its launching Icon will disappear. Now Hoverwatch runs on stealth mode and will continuously send data files to Hoverwatch servers.
  • Now you are all set to enjoy the best Android keylogger Hoverwatch.
    You can access all data files from the dashboard of your online account after logging in.

Unfortunately, iOS users cannot avail of these services as there is no iOS version of Hoverwatch
available yet.


Before subscribing or using the Hoverwatch app, you must go through the details of some common features offered by this app.

Online Capturing: With the help of this feature, you can control the camera of the phone or laptop in which Hoverwatch is installed.
By controlling the camera, you can capture screenshots, take images or record the videos without the owner’s knowledge.

Online Browsing and Downloading History: Hoverwatch keeps the records of every search made, browser information, and time of search from the target device. Records of browsing and downloading history are kept save on Hoverwatch servers even when these items are deleted from the device.

Reasons Why Parents Need Android Keylogger Hoverwatch to Monitor Kids

Auto-Recording of Calls and Messages: Hoverwatch has a built-in command for auto-recording of all calls made through selected devices.
Similarly, the text of messages sends and received from that device is also copied and stored on online servers.

Real-time Location Tracking: This is the most important feature of Hoverwatch as it keeps you aware of the exact location of your family members.
Hoverwatch can detect real-time location even the GPS or Wi-Fi system of the device is off.

Sim Card Changes: Hoverwatch also keeps data about the sim card used in a target device. You will get notified about the time and date when someone tries to change the sim.

In this way, you can even track down your stolen mobile phone.

Simplicity in Use

Despite all the remarkable monitoring and tracking features, the main reason behind the fame of Hoverwatch is its ease of use.
Hoverwatch is easy to download and didn’t require any third-party application for its installation.

Its stealth mode makes Hoverwatch’s detection impossible on a targeted mobile phone.

Moreover, the user only can make changes in settings and excess the stored files via the online portal.

Pros and Cons of Hoverwatch Application


  •  Best spy app for basic level functioning
  •  Best Android keylogger app for monitoring all communication platforms
  • The real-time GPS tracking feature
  • Stealth Mode functioning
  •  Screenshot feature to provide visual proof of activities
  • Availability of services even in absence of cellular network signals and internet data


  •  For advance monitoring features, you either have to upgrade the pricing plan or move on to some other spy app.
  •  Not functioning for devices with iOS operating systems while many spy apps do.
  •  Bugs and errors reported by many Mac users.
  •  Limited features against high price while different other spy apps charge moderate prices for these features.
  • Some negative remarks commented by users on their site about poor customer care services. (It’s advisable to personally experience the Hoverwatch services rather than believing in someone’s opinion.)

Pricing Policy

Hoverwatchs price plans are slightly cheaper than its marketing competitors, such as FlexiSPY and mSpy.

When you go to the Hoverwatch website, they offer you a 3-day free trial upon the creation of a free account. For 3 days, you can evaluate the functionality and accuracy of Hoverwatch by using features free of cost.

If you wish to continue getting these services, you have to subscribe to one of their pricing plans. Remember, if you don’t purchase any plan after 3 days, all of the collecting data and log files will be deleted.

Hoverwatch offers three different pricing plans for its users, each of which is equipped with ingenious monitoring and tracking features.

You can subscribe to any of these plans depending upon your utility purpose as well as the number of devices. Further details of the three pricing plans are listed below.

Plan Personal Family Business

Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices

1 month $24.95 $49.95 $149.95
3 month $59.95 $99.95 $299.95
1 year $99.95 $199.95 $499.95

1. Personal Plan

The personal plan enables monitoring and tracking of only 1 device. Personal Plan can be purchased for any Android, Mac, and Windows device except iOS devices. The pricing details are:

  • $24.95/ month,
  •  $59.95/ 3 months and
  •  $99.95/ 1 Year

2. Professional Plan

The Professional plan enables users to monitor and track 5 devices concurrently. As surveillance of more devices is allowed, this plan is suitable for small-scale enterprises and medium-size families. The pricing details are:

  • $49.95 / month
  •  $99.95 / 3 months
  •  $199.95 / 1 Year

3. Business Plan

The Business Plan enables the monitoring and tracking of 25 devices. Most large companies use this package for tracking company mobiles so can keep an eye on employee activities. The pricing details are:

  •  $149.95 / month
  •  $299.95 / 3 months
  •  $499.95 / 1 Year


Hoverwatch is the user’s first choice when it comes to Android phones. However, its non-functioning in iOS is considered a setback for Hoverwatch.
Its multiple features make Hoverwatch a handy tool for parents for daily life monitoring and tracking of their children.

Its screenshot feature provides visual proof of someone’s activities and hard to disprove.

Still, the cost of the Hoverwatch pricing plan is not very high as compared to other apps like FlexiSPY and mSPY.

Some bugs issues also drawing back the Hoverwatch in the market and demands to address by management. Overall, Hoverwatch is ace of keylogger industry and has vast application in daily life use.

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