Things to do in New Mexico

Things to do in New Mexico

Things to do in New Mexico

New Mexico is a great tourist destination all year round. Whether you are a ski bunny looking
for the next snowfield to tackle or are seeking a summer vacation spot, consider heading to
New Mexico for an unforgettable trip.

Why visit New Mexico

New Mexico truly has something for everyone. It has impressive desert landscapes,
incredible cuisine, and adventure activities galore. Whether you are looking for rich cultural
experiences or adrenaline-pumping ski slopes, New Mexico offers a unique location where
you can do it all. Given the variety of the state, New Mexico makes a great place for a family
vacation, a couple of trips, or even a holiday with friends.

Tips for international travellers visiting New Mexico

While residents of the USA will find it relatively easy to vacation in New Mexico, international
travellers will need to invest in a little extra pre-planning. It is worth considering all of the
usual travel elements such as time zones and currency exchange in order to make your trip
as stress-free as possible.

In addition, make sure you do your research in relation to entry requirements. This is
extremely important, especially when entering the USA which has different criteria for people
of different nationalities. If you come from a country that is a member of the visa waiver
program, you will need to get an ESTA online before your trip. This a pre-travel check that
covers your eligibility to enter the USA without a visa.

The ESTA is easy to complete, with the entire process being conducted via the online portal.
All you need to do is complete your information and answer some questions regarding your
trip. We recommend that you complete your application a few weeks in advance of your
departure date. By giving yourself time, you will be able to resolve problems before they
become an issue.

You will need to confirm that your ESTA visa America is approved before
you leave for the USA. It is convenient to check the status of your application via the online
portal and download a copy of the ESTA. If you do not have an approved ESTA or the
required paperwork, you may have difficulties entering the USA or even boarding your plane, to begin with. Doing your planning is the best way to ensure you have a smooth trip to New

If you belong to a country that does not participate in the visa waiver program, you will need
to apply for a visa. Requirements vary for each nationality, so it is important that you do
your own research through reputable sources so that you know exactly what you have to do
to enter the USA.

Things to do in New Mexico

Once you arrive in New Mexico, you will be overwhelmed by all of the attractions. There are
outdoor landscapes to explore, stunning beaches to enjoy, and a whole range of exciting
activities for the whole family. We have created a list of some of our favourite New Mexico
attractions to help with your trip planning.

New Mexico Beaches

Many people associate the desert with New Mexico, and rightly so, the desert landscapes
are super impressive! However, it is also home to some beautiful beaches that are worth
checking out. It is also worth noting that these sandy beaches can be found at lakes and
recreational parks, rather than the ocean.

● Cochiti Lake

A popular spot amongst families who enjoy frolicking in the safe water, Cochiti Lake
has a stunning mountain backdrop and all of the facilities you need for a pleasant day
by the water. This land is under the tribal law as ruled by the Pueblo of Cochiti so
make sure to be respectful.

● Elephant Butte Reservoir

The beach at Elephant Butte Reservoir is the most popular in the state and with good
reason. Just remember to bring some sort of shade covering as the sun can be

● Lea Lake

With plenty of sandy stretches overlooking the water, Lea Lake is the perfect place to
have a picnic or simply soak up the sun.

New Mexico Sunsets

Looking for the ultimate sunset spots in New Mexico? Look no further!

● Atalaya Mountain

Take a hike up the mountain for impressive 270-degree views of the area. Perfect
a place to catch the sunset.

● Las Cruces

This area is known for the Organ Mountains which are transformed by a range of
beautiful colors at sunset.

● West Bluff Park

If you are in Albuquerque, head to West Bluff Park. You will get to see the sunset
over the city and surrounding mountains – it does not get much better than that!

Kayaking New Mexico

New Mexico is home to a range of idyllic kayaking spots that cater from beginners through to
experienced. Whether you are looking for a relaxing afternoon or to get the adrenaline
pumping, New Mexico certainly delivers on the kayaking front!

● Rio Chama River

Rio Chama River caters to kayakers of all abilities, offering calm waters through one
section and white water further down.

● Rio Grande River

In Albuquerque, you will find the perfect place for beginner and family-friendly
kayaking. With no rapids on this route, you will be able to relax as you float

● Elephant Butte Lake State Park

The Elephant Butte Lake is a favorite among kayakers who are looking for an
enjoyable kayaking experience in a scenic location.

New Mexico Family Resorts

If you are headed to New Mexico with the family, consider staying at a resort. It will make
your vacation super special and also take away all of the hassles of travelling. After all,
parents deserve a vacation too!

● Four Seasons Resort, Santa Fe

This resort offers five-star luxury that can be enjoyed by the whole family. With a
decadent pool, fitness facilities and a whole wealth of fun activities, every member of
the group will enjoy a stay here.

● The Lodge Resort and Spa, Cloudcroft

This picturesque resort oozes charm and will impress family members of all ages.
With comfortable family suites and an impressive onsite restaurant, The Lodge caters
to every need.


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