Moxfield: Magic: The Gathering Deckbuilding in the Future


Moxfield is a well-known online platform for Magic: The Gathering players. It offers a full collection of deck construction, sharing, and analysis tools. The platform has earned a reputation as the go-to place for Magic players looking to improve their gameplay experience.

Moxfield’s user-friendly UI is one of its primary features. Users may easily find the information they need on the easy-to-navigate platform. Moxfield also offers a broad range of deck-building tools, such as a powerful deck search engine that lets users filter cards by color, kind, and rarity. Moxfield also offers a variety of deck analysis tools, allowing players to fine-tune their decks for optimum performance.

Another significant advantage of Moxfield is the community’s strong support. The platform is a forum for players to share their thoughts, get assistance, and connect with other players. This community-driven approach has allowed to create a friendly and helpful environment for Magic players of all skill levels. Moxfield is an excellent resource for Magic players trying to improve their game.

Overview of Moxfield

Moxfield is a well-known online platform for Magic: The Gathering players. It offers a wide spectrum of features, making it the best platform for Magic fans. The platform is well-known for its user-friendly interface, smart design, and large library of decks.

Moxfield was intended to provide players with a unified experience when constructing, sharing, and debating Magic decks. Users may create and submit their own decks and view a large collection of decks generated by other players using the platform.

The deck builder, which lets players create bespoke decks using a simple interface, is one of Moxfield’s most famous features. The deck builder contains a broad range of tools and components, including the ability to search for certain cards, apply custom tags, and track the price of each card in the deck.

Moxfield offers a variety of social features in addition to the deck builder, including the ability to follow other users, like and comment on decks, and join in conversations. This makes Moxfield a fantastic platform for players who wish to connect with other Magic fans and share their love of the game.

Moxfield is an excellent platform for Magic players of all skill levels. Its simple design, a large selection of decks, and social features make it the ideal location to build, share, and debate Magic decks.

Key Features of Moxfield

Maxfield is a powerful deck platform for Magic: The Gathering players that offer a broad range of features to help build, test, and share their decks. Here are some of Moxfield’s important features:


Deck Building

Moxfield’s deck-building tools are among the most extensive on the market. The platform offers a broad range of filtering and sorting options to help players find the cards they need and a drag-and-drop interface that makes building and customizing decks easy. Players may build decks for whatever format they choose with Moxfield’s support for several formats, including Standard, Modern, Legacy, and Commander.

Deck Testing

Moxfield offers a powerful range of deck testing tools, enabling players to assess how their decks perform against opponents. The platform enables players to simulate games against various decks and gives thorough data and game analysis to optimize decks for optimum performance.

Community Engagement

Moxfield is a thriving community of Magic: The Gathering players, as well as a deck-building and testing tool. The platform enables players to share their decks with other players and offers a range of social features to let decks connect. Moxfield offers a range of tools to assist players in finding new decks and tactics, including popular decks and trending decks.

Customization Options

To assist players in customizing their experience on the platform, Moxfield offers a range of customization choices. Players may create their avatars and backgrounds and change the style and feel of their decks. For players who wish to elevate their experience, Moxfield offers a range of premium features, such as comprehensive deck analytics and priority assistance.

Moxfield is a powerful and diverse platform for Magic: The Gathering players. Moxfield is the best platform for Magic players who want to take their game to the next level, with its extensive deck building and testing tools, dynamic community, and range of customization possibilities.

Benefits of Using Moxfield

Moxfield is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of tools and resources to Magic: The Gathering players to enhance their gameplay experience. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing Moxfield.

Ease of Use

Moxfield is meant to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for players to navigate and utilize. The platform’s design is clear and well-organized, allowing users to find the information they want easily. The site is also mobile-friendly, letting players to access their decks and resources on the road.

Comprehensive Resources

To assist players in improving their gameplay, Moxfield offers a broad range of resources. A complete database of Magic: The Gathering cards, including all recent test releases, is provided via the platform. It also offers a range of tools, including a deck builder, a card search function, and a collection tracker, to assist players in building and managing their decks.

Diverse Community

Magic: The Gathering players in Moxfield are a broad and active community. The platform offers a forum for players to connect, share decks, and debate strategy. Moxfield also offers frequent tournaments and events, giving players a opportunity to put their skills to the test and compete against others.

In conclusion, Moxfield is an invaluable resource for Magic: The Gathering players, providing a wide range of tools and resources to enhance their gameplay experience. The platform’s simplicity, extensive resources, and varied community make it a must-have for every Magic: The Gathering player.

Comparisons with Other Platforms

Moxfield vs Traditional Platforms

Over older sites like TappedOut and MTG Salvation, Moxfield offers various advantages. For starters, Moxfield features a modern and user-friendly layout that makes navigating and finding the stuff you’re looking for easier. It also has a more powerful deck-building tool that allows for easier customization and sharing of decks.

Moxfield’s expertise in the Commander format is another advantage. While standard platforms accommodate various formats, Moxfield is built solely for Commander players. This means it offers extra features and tools geared toward Commander players’ demands, such as tracking your collection and building decks around certain commanders.

Moxfield vs Digital Platforms

Over digital platforms like MTG Arena and Magic Online, Moxfield also offers several advantages. To begin with, Moxfield is completely free to use, while digital platforms need money to access specific features. Furthermore, Moxfield allows for greater customization of decks, while digital platforms place more constraints on deck-building.

Moxfield’s ability to readily share decks with other players is another advantage. While most digital platforms provide a sharing capability, Moxfield allows for more customization of the deck’s design and presentation. Moxfield’s community is also bigger and more active, which means more players to share and debate decks with.

Moxfield is a wonderful platform for Magic players, particularly Commander players. Its modern design, powerful deck-building tool, and active community make it an excellent alternative for players seeking a more streamlined and personalized experience.

User Experiences

MOXFIELD has proven to be a very beneficial platform for deck-building and sharing creations with the Magic: The Gathering community for many players. Here are a few instances of MOXFIELD user experiences:

“I’ve been using MOXFIELD for a few months now, and it’s been a game changer for me,” says User 1. I used to maintain all of my decklists in a notebook, but they are now conveniently accessible and editable on my computer or phone. It’s also been helpful to see what other players are running in their decks and get inspiration for my builds.”

“As a newcomer to Magic, MOXFIELD has been an invaluable resource for me.” I can search for decks by format, color, or archetype and find many possibilities. It’s also been helpful to read the comments and see how other players modify their decks to make them more competitive.”

“I’ve been using MOXFIELD to share my decklists with the community, and it’s been really rewarding,” says user number three. Other players’ feedback and suggestions have helped me tweak my builds and make them more successful. Furthermore, seeing other people enjoying my decks.”

MOXFIELD is a useful tool for Magic players of all ability levels. MOXFIELD offers a user-friendly platform for sharing your creations with the community, whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next deck or want to share your creations with the community.

Future Developments

Since its beginning, Moxfield has been steadily developing, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some future enhancements to which users might look forward:

Improved Deckbuilding Tools

Moxfield’s deckbuilding tools are already remarkable, but the developers continually search for ways to improve them. Users may anticipate even more sophisticated features in the future that will make constructing and sharing decks even easier.

Integration with Other Magic Apps

Moxfield is currently a powerful tool in its own right, but the developers want to combine it with other Magic: The Gathering applications in the future. This enables users to effortlessly switch between tools and get the most out of their Magic experience.

More Community Features

The community on Moxfield is already growing, but the developers want to add even more features to enable users to connect and share their love of Magic. This might include forums, chat rooms, and other similar services.

Improved Mobile Experience

While Moxfield is currently available on mobile devices, the developers are trying to improve the experience for users who want to play Magic on the move. This might be a specialized mobile app or an upgrade to the site’s mobile version.

Overall, Moxfield is an ever-evolving and developing platform. In the future, users may look forward to even more interesting advancements.


MOXfield is a complete platform for players of Magic: The Gathering. Here are some commonly requested MOXfield questions:

What is MOXfield?

MOXfield is an online platform where Magic: The Gathering players may create and share decks, browse other players’ decks, and playtest them against other players. It is a one-stop shop for Magic players wishing to improve their gameplay.

How do I use MOXfield?

To begin using MOXfield, create an account on the website and browse the available decks. Create and share your decks with the community. MOXfield is simple to use and features a simple UI that creates it easy to navigate.

Is MOXfield free to use?

MOXfield is, indeed, fully free to use. There are no additional costs or fees, and all features are open to all users. To support the platform, you can donate to the developers.

Can I play Magic: The Gathering on MOXfield?

Magic: The Gathering may be played on MOXfield. The platform has a built-in playtest capability for testing your decks against other players. MOXfield, on the other hand, is not an official Magic: The Gathering platform and does not support sanctioned events or tournaments.

Is MOXfield safe and secure?

MOXfield is safe and secure. The platform protects user data using industry-standard encryption and has rigorous privacy regulations. MOXfield also does not gather personally-identifying information from its users.

Overall, MOXfield is a fantastic resource for Magic: The Gathering players who want to improve their gameplay and connect with other players. Thanks to its user-friendly UI and many features, it is the perfect platform for Magic players.


In conclusion, MOXFIELD is a powerful and user-friendly platform for Magic: The Gathering players. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive card database make it easy to build and share decks, as well as explore the latest trends in the game.One of the key advantages of MOXFIELD is its ability to handle complex deckbuilding strategies, such as combo decks or control decks. With features like custom categories and tags, users can easily organize their cards and create custom lists that suit their playstyle.Another strength of MOXFIELD is its community-driven approach. Players can share their decks with others, get feedback and suggestions, and even collaborate on new ideas. This creates a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem that fosters creativity and innovation.Overall, MOXFIELD is a valuable resource for Magic: The Gathering players of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, this platform offers a wealth of tools and resources to help you improve your skills and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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