7 Tips and Tricks to Garner More Likes on Instagram and Gain Fame

More Likes on Instagram

7 Tips and Tricks to Garner More Likes on Instagram and Gain Fame

You have a business and hope to sell your products through social media marketing. You can choose Instagram because it is the best visual platform with 600 million people using it. Then, many small businesses have their presence on Instagram but with only 10-12 likes with no visible improvement in likes or for that matter in their follower count. Fret not. There is nothing to worry about because we are here to give you some useful insights to increase likes on your business Instagram profile.
According to an article published on https://www.inc.com, Instagram is one of the social sites with users sharing 60 million photos as well as 1.6 billion likes every day. Therefore, you should leverage this platform for more likes and fame. Here is how:

1. Use stunning images

Although this may seem an obvious thing to say, many marketers fail to post high-resolution images and therefore, have no likes or popularity on this photo-sharing platform. You can use a DSLR camera, but not mandatory unless you are a seasoned photographer and want to sell your photography skills via Instagram. If you have a small business like a flower shop or a café, you can use your smartphone to click stunning images of your café, store, and products.
Make sure that the lighting is perfect when clicking photos and all things in focus. You can use an advanced iPhone or Galaxy phone for taking some outstanding photos. Stunning imageries are always aesthetically appealing, which means more likes for your content.

2. Use popular and local hashtags

Using popular hashtags will benefit your marketing efforts when you want to reach out to a wide audience group using Instagram. The use of these hashtags will ensure that more of your followers as well as visitors view your product photos, who eventually will become your followers. This is the best way to garner a huge number of likes on your imageries. Make sure your images are of the best quality for gaining more likes. It will also help you enhance your Instagram profile’s credibility.
Besides popular hashtags, you also need to use local ones that help you to reach out to your prospective customers near you. Look for local accounts and figure out what hashtags they usually use for looking for images. The local hashtags will help you connect with the local people having Instagram accounts, who may show interest in featuring your brand and product photos. It will help you garner more likes and fame on Instagram in less time.

3. Use consistent filters

You need to use a similar or a consistent filter scheme to improve the look of your photos on Instagram. Make sure you use similar sets of filters, at least one or two for all your visuals to maintain a uniform visual appeal on your business Instagram profile. It will help your followers and identify your brand images, thus popularizing your Instagram profile and helping you garner more likes consistently. You can use a toolkit like Instasize featuring a gamut of filters in varied styles to give your images an aesthetic look and feel.
If you want to learn how your competitors are performing on this social site, view Instagram stories without them knowing that you are looking into their profile.

4. Share behind-the-scenes shots

Instagram comes with the Stories feature that helps you share some of the intimate business moments with your followers. For instance, if you have a café, you can share behind-the-scenes shots of how you serve the best coffee and sandwiches on guest tables, how your employees work to provide the best, courteous service, and things like that. All this helps to build your brand persona and reinforce your emotional connection with your followers, patrons, and prospective customers.
You can also share behind-the-scenes shots of a new coffee that you are launching in a couple of days or giving your customers a virtual tour of your café. Such content looks unique, engrossing, and resonates well with your followers and customers, thus gaining more likes and popularity for your business.

5. Instagram Post videos 

Besides photos, you should also use Instagram videos to promote your brand and products. The other kinds of media also matter and more interesting than imageries when users are browsing through a crowded social media feed. Stunning videos grab attention fast.
You can post videos like how-to ones related to your products or any other video content idea that is more engaging than static images. Make sure your video has stunning and interesting visuals to pique audience interest and does not depend on audio. That is because many people go through Instagram feeds with the audio muted when they are at work or busy. Therefore, your videos should tell an engaging story without the use of audio.

6. Promote your Instagram content

Though promoting your Instagram content is not mandatory like on Facebook, increasing your brand reach organically alone might prove a bit challenging for your business. Therefore, reap the maximum benefits out of Instagram Ads to promote your content so that you can reach out and connect to a wider audience base besides those people who are following your brand.
The Instagram Ads platform helps you to choose people with accuracy so that only those people view your ads and take some action. These ads will not target random Instagrammers who just view images and move ahead. You need leads and sales and therefore, make the best use of Instagram Ads.
When your content is awesome and engaging, people will like your posts and that will help you to grow your follower count, interested in your brand and products.

7. Use carousel

You can use carousel ads to display many unique moments of a business event, products, or develop an interesting story to share with your followers for increased likes. It is one of the best ways to share media on the photo-sharing site Instagram.


Use these tips and ideas to garner more likes on Instagram to take your branding to the next level. Use stunning photos, videos, behind-the-scenes shots, paid ads, and carousels to make an impact.

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