7 Benefits Of Using A Mobile Proxy

7 Benefits Of Using A Mobile Proxy

7 Benefits Of Using A Mobile Proxy

In today’s world, more and more people are surfing the internet through mobile networks. Mobile is huge, and smartphones and tablets are a big part of online collaborations. As the use of mobile devices grows, so does the need for mobile threat defense through proxies.

Mobile proxies mask IP addresses. They offer an extra layer of protection that shields your device from cybercriminals.

What is a Mobile Proxy?

A mobile proxy is an internet protocol that acts as a mediator. It receives requests from clients and uses its IP address to fetch the response. As an intermediary, the proxy’s primary purpose is to hide the clients’ IP addresses.

Mobile proxies are specific to mobile networks. It’s convenient for smartphones or tablets that connect through mobile internet. It includes 3G and 4G connections that are assigned to particular IP addresses by the operators.

Through mobile proxies, a client can easily hide their location. They can select specific locations from a provider, effectively masking their actual location. Proxies ensure that no one can trace your online tracks.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Proxy

1. Compare Prices from Different Vendors

Most vendors vary pricing for their products depending on the area. If you checked pricing through different devices, you might notice that a product that costs $100 in the USA can cost $120 in Dubai. The vendor may have operational reasons for such a discrepancy, but a customer will always want to pay the lowest price.

It’s for this reason that mobile proxies are preferred. When using a mobile proxy, you can check the price of similar products from different locations. This way, you can identify a seller that will deliver the items at the best market price.

2. Access Unlimited

Information from the WebOur mobile devices does so much for us. They are always with us helping with massive online research. In this process, they’ll look through numerous websites fetching and delivering requests. If you are always on the web, it means you’ll want to access this information without restrictions. You’ll want to view content and bypass every geographical restriction. Thanks to mobile proxies, you can now hide behind an IP address that masks your real location. You can access any website without leaving noticeable marks. By using mobile proxies, you can extract competitor information without raising suspicions.

 Mobile Proxy

3. Securely store your Cache and Cookies

Having all your cookies and cache on your devices is risky. This is because anyone with access to your device can easily track your online paths. If you have been dealing with sensitive information, the person can extract and use the data to steal from you. The best thing about proxies is that they will receive the cookies and save them on their servers. For the most part, the information will remain on their end unless you request to view it. By caching your data, proxies ensure the safe use of cookies without the fear of cyberattacks.

4. Keep Your Sensitive Data Safe

Cybercriminals are a real problem for most internet users. They are always on the lookout waiting for the slightest opportunity to attack. If you are not hiding behind a mobile proxy, they can easily access your IP address, get through your personal information, and use it to steal from you.

That’s why it’s essential to get proxies for your devices. For better security, you can consider including a socks proxy in your security protocols. Socks proxies are an excellent tool for offering the best security for sensitive business data.

5. Faster Load Speeds

If you want to increase your load speed, consider using mobile proxies. Proxies are well-known for caching your data, thus relieving your device of too much information. Through caching, you can quickly retrieve the next similar request from the servers’ files. Web caching also reduces your bandwidth. A reduced bandwidth will keep you away from excess data that slows your internet.

6. Avoid Endless Captchas

When accessing the internet through mobile networks, it’s common to experience endless Captchas. This is because your network provider gives you a new IP address for every new request. Once you log out of a session, the same IP address is given to another user in your mobile network. Because of the sharing of IP addresses, flagging is common. If, for instance, the previous user conducted some suspicious activities, then the next user will have to go through endless Captchas to resolve the IP issues.

Most people resolve the Captcha issue by disconnecting from the server, then reconnecting. In this way, they get a new IP address that hasn’t been flagged. However, the best solution is in getting a mobile proxy. Through a mobile proxy, you can mask your devices’ IP addresses. If you go further and pay for individual mobile proxies, then the provider will assign you a unique IP address for your device. This way, you bypass the common addresses available on mobile networks.

7. Excellent for Social Media Management

As a social media manager, you will likely be connecting from different devices. Your activities may also involve managing accounts from different parts of the world. Since social networks do not encourage logging from different locations, your activities can result in the blocking of your clients’ accounts.

To avoid the blocking of their accounts, social media managers use mobile proxies to mask their IP addresses. The proxies are also useful for indicating specific locations for the accounts you operate. For example, if your client is in Australia, you’d want to pick a proxy provider that indicates the accounts to be operating from that region. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself by indicating you are in Venezuela for one minute and Australia the next.

The Bottom Line

Quality comes at a price, and it’s advisable to get paid proxies. Free proxies are tempting but come with endless risks. From blocked IP addresses to cyberattacks, free proxies should be a last resort when selecting mobile proxies. Luckily, most paid mobile proxies are affordable. The significant benefit of paid mobile proxies is you are sure of better security, performance, and connections.


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