20 Brilliant Mobile App Ideas for Start-Ups

20 Brilliant Mobile App Ideas for Start-Ups

20 Brilliant Mobile App Ideas for Start-Ups

As an entrepreneur looking for a million-dollar app idea, do you need a bit of inspiration?
Mobile apps have become an integral part of any online business marketing strategy.
It offers you a great avenue to reach out to your target audience due to which it has almost become synonymous with growth.
If you are looking for a great mobile app idea, then we have put together for you a list of 20 great mobile app concepts that have a huge potential in the market.
You can develop any one of these ideas to build a great mobile app that will help you to conquer the heart of your target audience.

Create an amazing Mobile App from any one of these 50 ideas

If you are not sure about what kind of app will succeed in the app market, then look at the list of 20 amazing app ideas we have selected for you.
Go through this list and select one that you feel (after you do thorough market research regarding its demand) will shine in the market.

A Grocery Shopping app

An easy to use grocery-shopping app that allows people to select and buy groceries from the comfort of their home is a great concept that you can pursue.

Scan and Convert PDF app

Create an app through which the app users can easily scan and convert different types of documents and images into PDF files.

Health check-up and type planner app

You can build an app that can use the inbuilt sensors of a smartphone to check the health of the app user. It could also provide the app user with a proper diet plan to keep him/her healthy.

Railway Tracking app

You can build an app that would not only tell you the present location of a train in real-time but also allow you to reserve a seat on a train.

Learning a New Language app

Developing an app that would handhold a newcomer in learning a new language and how to use it in daily life is a great idea in which you can invest.

Translation app

Developing an app that can easily translate the voice into different languages is a great idea for those travellers who like to visit new places.

Car and Bike Servicing app

Create an app that would help the owner of a car or bike to easily find the nearest garage.
The app should also mention the rates of different services that are offered in a particular garage.

Call Recording app

This would be a great app for those who want to have proof about any harassment they face, like prank calling, Phishing, and so on.

Scan to Shop app

This is a great app concept that will allow you to scan an item and then find it or its nearest substitute online and place an order for its purchase immediately.

Find a Shopping Mall Near your app

You can build an app that would map all the shopping malls, supermarkets, and other important shops near the app user and show the direction leading up to them.

Car wash app

Create an app that would allow the customers to order a car wash in their nearest Garage.

Navigation app

Create an app that would have a detailed map showing the important and interesting places in a city and easy to follow directions to reach them.

Gift Delivery app

Create an app in partnership with the local gift shops and florists. This app should allow the user to place an order and have the gift or flowers delivered to an address of their choice.

Supermarket checkout app

You do not have to stand in a line in the supermarket. Create an app that would scan the product in the market and then automatically pay for it through an inbuilt e-payment option.

A Food recommendation and review app

Create an app that would review different dishes by experts who will also recommend healthy food for you.

Parking space app

An app that would tell the user all the available parking spaces available near him/her is a great idea, especially for city dwellers.

Virtual interior designer app

Create an app with integrated machine learning and virtual reality that would allow the app user to design and visualise the interior of their home with various colors, artifacts, and other items.

A Phone Silencing app

You can create a mobile app that would put the phone in the silence mode based on the location of the user. This would be an ideal app for students, office goers, hospital staff, and others.

Security Master Key app

You can create a mobile app that will allow the user to control all the security parameters in his/her office et cetera.
This app should also allow the user to view the CCTV coverage in real-time on their smartphone.

Bill Management app

You can create an app that would manage all your bills including electricity, grocery bill, rent payment, and any other.
This will allow you to have a centralised system wherein you can look at all the expenses in an easy to read and understand format.


The amazing app ideas that we have shared with you in this article have been collected from highly reputed sources on the Internet.
You will also find that some of these ideas turned into actual mobile apps; therefore, do some research and proceed accordingly.
Now, the next question that might appear in your mind is, What should I do with an app idea? For this, you can check out this blog on I have an app idea where do I start.
Besides this, to convert an idea into a fully-functional mobile app, you can also reach out to a mobile app development company. They will understand your idea thoroughly and provide you a feasible solution.


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