Top Best Mikano Generator Prices in Nigeria

Top Best Mikano Generator Prices in Nigeria

If you’ve been sucked up by inconsistency in power supply and are looking for current or new discount prices of Mikano Generator in Nigeria, trust me, you’ve come to the right place.

Please continue reading to learn more mikano generators.

The mikano diesel generators in nigeria price want for an alternative source of power supply in Nigeria cannot be overstated because, while a country like Nigeria, wherever the electricity demand appears to outnumber the supply vastly, there is an imperative need for an alternative source of power supply.

20 kva generator in nigeria some generators have made personal power generation more feasible for quite some time now, even with their simple technical ability to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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Information about Mikano Nigeria

Information about Mikano Nigeria

In the year 1993, this best Mikano Generator was proudly founded in Nigeria. However, the address is 35-35 Acme Road, Obga, Ikeja, Lagos State.

This Mikano generators nigeria company specialises in the sale and maintenance of high-quality power generators to individuals and businesses.

This company also does steel fabrication, construction, and real estate.

Mikano Generators’ owners

A group of investors possibly owns Mikano.

However, the most well-known key figure in the organisation is the CEO, chairman, and Lebanese entrepreneur Mofid Karameh.

Power Supply for Mikano Generator

If you need a good generator for industrial purposes and applications, the Mikano generator should be a serious consideration.

Mikano Nigeria entered the market with a stronghold in power generation, and it is divided into three categories: gas, diesel, and rental generators.

Speaking of Mikano generators, Mikano Generator Prices it is the largest Builder of power generating sets from renowned Generator manufacturers in Stamford/Meccalte best alternator UK and Perkins Uk; they are always on the verge of providing cost of generator in nigeria quality generating sets ranging from 9KVA to 5000KVA for all industries and houses.

The fact that Mikano generator has been in business for so long, offering so many operational solutions such as compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which guarantees up to 50% running cost savings, sets of generators without any gas pipelines availability, Bi-fuel generating sets that operate on 30% diesel, 70% gas, and IPPD power generator solutions coupled with Diesel and Gas power generation.

The most intriguing aspect is that mikano generators can be easily purchased online or offline, and there are primarily two common ways of owning a Mikano generator. The first is to buy it immediately, while the second is to hire or rent it.

Diesel and gas generators with sizes ranging from 20KVAS to 2000KVA are also available for rental.

In terms of rentals, they are only made available to clients who require a power generator for a limited time. This is also subject to the capacity available when needed.

In addition, Mikano’s rental department has a collection of over 120 generators that any customer can rent.

The mikano generator website following are some advantages to purchasing your generator directly from Mikano.

Pleasant delivery services to anywhere in Nigeria country, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on all brand new generators and after-sales support, maintenance, and servicing.

Top Best Mikano Generator Prices in Nigeria

The Generator Models, open type, and sound proof prices are all included in this list.

So, here is a list of market mikano prices.

1. Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 403-11G, 9KVA]

  • Price for Open Type: 3.5m – 3.8m
  • Price of soundproofing: 4.1m – 4.4m

2. Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 403-15G] 13KVA

  • Price range for the Open Type: 3.6m – 3.9m
  • Soundproofing: 4.2m – 4.5m

3. Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 403-15G2] 15KVA

  • 3.7m – 4m open type
  • Soundproofing: 4.3m – 4.6m

4. Mikano 15KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price for Open Type: 3.2m – 3.5m
  • Price of soundproofing: 3.7m – 4m

5. Mikano soundproof generator (20KVA) [Perkins 404-22G]

  • Price for Open Type: 4.1m – 4.4m
  • Price of soundproofing: 4.7m – 5m

6. Mikano 20KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price for Open Type: 3.5m – 3.8m
  • Price of soundproofing: 4m – 4.3m

7. Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33G] 30KVA

  • Price for Open Type: 4.5m – 4.8m
  • Price of soundproofing: 5.3m – 5.6m

8. Mikano 30KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price for Open Type: 3.8m – 4.1m
  • Price of soundproofing: 4.6m – 4.9m

9. Mikano soundproof generator (40KVA) [Perkins 1103-33TG1]

  • Price for Open Type: 5.2m – 5.5m
  • Price of soundproofing: 6m – 6.3m

10. Mikano 40KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price for Open Type: 4.4m – 4.7m
  • Price of soundproofing: 5.1m – 5.4m

11. Mikano 50KVA soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33TG1]

  • Price for Open Type: 5.5m – 5.8m
  • Price of soundproofing: 6.4m – 6.7m

12 Mikano 50KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price for Open Type: 4.5m – 4.8m
  • Price of soundproofing: 5.3m – 5.6m

13. Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33TG2] 60KVA

  • 5.8m – 6.1m for open type
  • Price of soundproofing: 6.8m – 7.1m

14 Mikano 60KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price range for open type: 4.9m – 5.2m
  • Price of soundproofing: 5.7m – 6m

15. [Perkins 1104-44TG1] 65KVA Mikano soundproof generator

  • Price for Open Type: 6.7m – 7m
  • Price of soundproofing: 7.9m – 8.2m

16. Mikano soundproof generator (80KVA) [Perkins 1104-44TG2]

  • Price for Open Type: 6.9m – 7.2m
  • Price for soundproofing: 8m – 8.3m

17. Mikano 80KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price for Open Type: 5.6m – 5.8m
  • Price of soundproofing: 6.6m – 6.9m

18. Mikano 100KVA soundproof generator [Perkins 1104-TAG2]

  • Price for Open Type: 7.9m – 8.2m
  • Price of soundproofing: 9.1m – 9.4m

19. [Yorc] 100KVA Mikano soundproof generator

  • Price for Open Type: 6.5m – 6.8m
  • Price for soundproofing: 7.6m – 7.9m

20. Mikano 120KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price for Open Type: 7.8m – 8.1m
  • Price of soundproofing: 9m – 9.3m

21. Mikano 135KVA soundproof generator [Perkins 1106-TG1]

  • Price for Open Type: 10.4m – 10.7m
  • Price of soundproofing: 11.9m – 12.3m

22. Mikano 150KVA soundproof generator [Perkins 1106-TAG2]

  • Price for Open Type: 11.4m – 11.7m
  • Price of soundproofing: 13m – 13.3m

23. Mikano 150KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Open Type Price: $9 million to $9.3 million
  • Price of soundproofing: 10.3m – 10.6m
  • [Perkins 1106C-E66TAG4]

24. 180KVA Mikano soundproof generator

  • Price range for open type: 12.9m – 13.3m
  • Price of soundproofing: 14.9m – 15.3m

25. Mikano 200KVA soundproof generator [Perkins 1106-TAG4]

  • Price for Open Type: 13.6m – 14m
  • Price of soundproofing: 15.7m – 16.1m

26. Mikano 200KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price for Open Type: 11.5m – 11.9m
  • Price of soundproofing: 13.6m – 14m

27. Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1306-E87TAG6] 250KVA

  • Price for Open Type: 18.3m – 18.7m
  • Price of soundproofing: 20.9m – 21.3m

28. Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] 250KVA

  • Price for Open Type: 14.2m – 14.6m
  • Price of soundproofing: 16.5m – 16.9m

29. Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1606A-E93TAG5] 300KVA

  • Price range for open type: 23.1m – 23.5m
  • Price of soundproofing: 27m – 27.4m

30. Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2206A-E13TAG2] 350KVA

  • Price for Open Type: 25m – 25.5m
  • Price of soundproofing: 28.9m – 29.4m

31. Mikano 350KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Open Type Price: $19.4 million – $25.5 million
  • Price for soundproofing: 22.9m – 25.5m

32. Mikano soundproof generator (400KVA) [Perkins 2206A-E13TAG3]

  • Price for Open Type: 27.5m – 28m
  • Price of soundproofing: 31.7m – 32.2m

33. Mikano 500KVA soundproof generator [Perkins 2506A-E15TAG2]

  • Open Type Cost: 30.7m – 31.2m
  • Price of soundproofing: 35.1m – 35.6m

34. Mikano 500KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price for Open Type: 24.3m – 24.7m
  • Price of soundproofing: 28.1m – 28.6m

35. Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2806A-E18TAG2] 650KVA

  • Price range for open type: 41.9m – 42.4m
  • Price of soundproofing: 47.8m – 48.3m

36. Mikano 650KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price for Open Type: 33m – 33.5m.
  • Price of soundproofing: 38.1m – 38.6m

37. Mikano soundproof generator (800KVA) [Perkins 4006-23TAG3A]

  • Price for Open Type: 61.5m – 62m
  • Price of soundproofing: 73.7m – 74.2m

38. Mikano 800KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price range for open type: 49.9m – 50.4m
  • Price of soundproofing: 61.4m – 62m

39. Mikano 1000KVA soundproof generator [Perkins 4008-TAG2A]

  • Price range for open type: 85.5m – 86.4m
  • Price of soundproofing:
  • No longer available
  • N/A

40. Mikano 1000KVA soundproof generator [Yorc]

  • Price for Open Type: 68.7m – 69.7m
  • Price of soundproofing:
  • No longer available
  • N/A

Mikano generator prices in Nigeria are reasonable.

20KVA-40KVA from 1,000,000 500KVA-800KVA from: 4,500,000, 100KVA-400KVA from: 2,700,000, 50KVA-80KVA from: 1,600,000.

Please keep in fact that the prices of used Mikano and other soundproof generators are due to the number of hours used to run it; the number of hours happens to be the correct parameter because it reveals how much work the generator has done.

Any generator purchased about ten years ago and used for 500 hours is superior to any generator purchased two years ago and used for only 2,000 hours.

However, used soundproof generators are usually less expensive than brand new ones, depending on the number of running hours.

Typically, the prices of used generators range from approximately 70% to 40% of a brand new generator.

Mikano Generator Types in Nigeria

In general, Mikano is known for providing a wide range of highly sophisticated generators, from which you can choose based on your choices and demands.

Soundproof and open type

If you are not bothered or distracted by the serious noise produced by the open generator, you can need this type because it is even less expensive than the soundproof type of equal currents output.

But, if you are delicate to noise or dislike noise, I recommend that you get the soundproof type, which comes with a well-covered box-like canopy that reduces noise pollution.

Perkins engines and the Yorc Engine

Perkins is a recognised subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc, and it is a UK brand known for exceptional engine production for generators and other industrial machines.

The company has established itself as a good source of durability.

Yorc, on the other hand, Mikano Generator Prices is widely recognised as a Japanese brand that specialises in heavy-duty generator engines.

However, just because their products are less popular than Perkins’ products does not mean they are ineffective.

Any mikano generator containing Yorc engines is always considered cheaper than that of Perkins engines, which is not because Perkins is better. However, because Yorc is a new brand that is still trying to establish a market base for itself, they tend to offer a lower price to help sail easily in the market.

Some businesses may have zero tolerance for power outages. To avoid this, you should invest in a gas-powered generator that runs on natural gas rather than gasoline.

However, suppose you are like the majority of individual and corporate customers. In that case, a diesel-powered generator will suffice, and it is even more maintenance-effective and simple to maintain and serve.

A variety of factors causes Mikano generator price variations. It is a well-known fact that the prices of generators in Nigeria are subject to fluctuation based on the amount of power that can be supplied.

For example, you may discover that a 650VA power generator costs as little as 15,000 while a 250 kVA generator costs as much as 6.5 million.

As a result, Mikano Generator Prices are never specific or rigid, as they tend to vary with factors such as the rising and falling of the exchange rate of currency, in market demands, how much power can be supplied (KVA), as well as the location of every purchase and functionality of the sets of electric generators.

The price of any Mikano generator is entirely dependent on the level of customization. Usually, a soundproof generator is costly, and adding Automation to it will eventually cost more.

Have a Lot of Advantages

Mikano generators have a wide range of capacities, making them suitable for both domestic and industrial use.

The power capacity of industrial-grade diesel generators ranges from a minimum of 150KVA to a maximum of 200KVA. In contrast, residential-grade diesel generators range from a minimum of 9KVA to a maximum of 150KVA.

After-sales support: To ensure that you do not mishandle your generator after purchasing it, a quick training session for major Mikano generator operators can be arranged. You will also have no problems with servicing, as spare parts are always available.

Tropical adaptation: Mikano generators are essentially Perkins generators made in the United Kingdom, and they provide well-water-cooled engines and an adapted radiator in our tropical region.

Custom-made options: If you want to have your generator customised, Mikano can do so to meet your specific needs.

For example, you can easily add soundproofing to your generators to make them more classic. You can also choose to add automatic start/stop functions and an automatic change over system.

Nonetheless, Mikano Generator Price in Nigeria if you still want a synchronised system, Mikano can help you enable it very effectively.

What to Think About Before Buying

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a suitable generator should be the type first.

Other requirements must also be considered to make the best purchasing decision. Mikano Gen Installation is entirely free.

The location of the generator is heavily situated by the type you purchased.

As a result, Mikano Generator Price in Nigeria it is critical to inquire about the location of the generator’s installation, whether it will be at a church, a store, an office, or at home.

Capacity for Power

Please keep in thought that the installation location is what determines the generator capacity to be considered.

What is the cost of KVA that would also help to serve the installation purpose?

The KVA produced for an office or hotel differs significantly from that provided for a residential home.

Mikano Generator Prices it could be a large, medium, or even a small electric generator set, and a mikano generator has a good chance of providing all the power required.

Power Supply Generator Has Embedded Features

You must understand the characteristics of a mikano generator before purchasing one.

Otherwise known as generator rating, understanding these characteristics and how they can affect performance will purchase you the best fit for the intended use.

Mikano Generator Price in Nigeria when we talk about ratings, we’re talking about rated power, rated output, frequency, recommended engine oil, output voltage, maximum power, fuel type, excitation methods, and so on.

Usage and Feedback Reviews from Mikano’s Users

Mikano Generator Price in Nigeria before making any purchases, you should conduct extensive research.

Just keep in mind that you will undoubtedly come across other brands with likely recommendations.

Generators sold by authorised dealers

Mikano Generator Price in Nigeria to avoid fake Mikano generators, always try to buy your generator from a trusted and well-reliable source, and make sure you are given a receipt and a warranty card.

And if you decide to buy or rent a used one, make sure to test it at the seller’s location. It is also advised that you ask all necessary questions and make a list of any problems.

Monetary value for payment

Your purchasing ability is one of the most important factors needed to outperform and influence your buying decision.

How much money can you put down to buy a mikano generator?

This will make you in making an informed buying decision.

Mikano 60KVA Generator Price in Nigeria

Currently, the 60KVA Mikano Generator costs between N4.9m-5.2m (for the Perkins engine model) and N4.1m-4.4m ( yorc engine model).

27 KVA Mikano Generator

There are currently no 27KVA Mikano Generators available.

The closest alternative to a 27KVA is a 30KVA Mikano Generator, which is currently available for N3m to 3.2m (free for yorc engine) and N3.5m to 4m (Perkins engine model)

Prices on Jumia and Konga Online Stores

Mikano Generators Prices and accessories from third-party merchants can be found in Nigerian online marketplaces like Jumia and Konga.

As a result, there is a opportunity that you will not get the most out of them. It is to best to go directly to the company to get the best-discounted prices on a Mikano Generator.

Mikano Generator Replacement Parts

Still though Mikano Generator Price in Nigeria are made of durable components that do not fail quickly, the fact remains that they will not last forever. To continue being satisfied and enjoying your generator, you must replace some parts once they become faulty.

And, to obtain suitable spare parts for Mikano generators, you should contact the company directly. 

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