Michael Giannulis on Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business

Michael Giannulis on Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business

Michael Giannulis on Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business

When you have a business, you need to boost its social media presence besides enhanced rankings in Google search results. These days, brands, big and small leverage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. If you look at any social networking platform, followers come and go.

Again, whether it is Facebook or Instagram, they introduce new and exciting features while
replacing the old ones. Even if you have a social media presence for your business, as it
grows, it becomes difficult to determine how you boost your branding through these
platforms. Here are some social media marketing hacks for your business:

Michael Giannulis wants you to have a strategy for social sharing

You will require motivating your existing followers to share content that your brand has
created. Set up social media plug-ins such as Special Warfare. This tool will make it simpler for your targeted customers to identify the share buttons when they meandering via your web pages.

Social Warfare is a plug-in that is mobile-friendly and therefore, you can personalize the
photos and text files to meet the needs of various social media sites and thus, boost shares.

Create a content calendar

You need to schedule your social media posts in advance so that you do not miss any
special events or days in a year. It is part of your social media plan. Create a content
calendar to help you when it comes to content ideas, organization, and timely posting.
When you have a content calendar in place, it is easy to assign resources effectively and
enhance teamwork among the marketing groups. You can use tools such as SocialPilot, as
Michael Giannulis suggests, your job becomes much easier.

Use organic and paid posts accordingly

You can create organic posts on Facebook or Instagram to generate traffic naturally. Then,
if you would like your posts to reach a huge audience base, you need to focus on paid or
sponsored posts. It means that you need to spend some of your marketing dollars on
premium ads.

The brands investing in paid ads on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, or for that matter, LinkedIn, you have more chances of generating leads and boost conversion rates
considerably. It means paying for the clicks matters if it is a business requirement.

Make the most of Facebook video marketing

Facebook is still the world’s most-like social media site and a majority of marketers
consider video marketing on this platform is worth your time and effort. Data indicates that
FB video-based posts lead to 59 percent more rates of engagement compared to non-video content.

Create a stunning and persuasive FB video with subtitles, and make the content as short as possible. Be clear and straight to the point without beating about the bush. Pique the audience’s attention with engrossing thumbnails. Studies show that your prospects like to see video content more than text-based posts because moving images explain things simply compared to still images or text.


Although social media tactics vary from one business to another, the positive outcomes
remain the same no matter which industry you serve.


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