Top 10 MediaMath Alternatives in 2023

Top 10 MediaMath Alternatives in 2023

In this article, we will look at the MediaMath DSP ants technology that will aid marketers in 2022. Programmatic advertising is gradually making its way into linked TV and digital audio advertising, where it was previously underutilized. According to eMarketer, programmatic advertising spending will be little under $100 million in 2022. Changes in consumer behavior and infrastructure, on the other hand, placed marketers under pressure to develop long-term strategies and alliances.

Google’s planned third-party cookie restriction and Apple’s IDFA changes will both have an impact on programmatic advertising. As we approach a cookie-free future, demand-side platforms (DSPs) must develop solutions that give consistent results. MediaMath is one of the largest DSPs making significant strides toward a cookie-free advertising economy.


  • Creates a variety of campaign templates
  • Campaigns with a wider reach
  • Ownership cost is low.


  • The tagging technique might be improved.
  • Custom reporting and reporting plugin integration Improve platform UI/UX by adding new features.

10 Alternatives MediaMath

1. Millennial Media

Millennial Media is a mobile advertising network that helps businesses sell more and reach out to more people. The MediaMath Alternatives service employs audience research to assist users in connecting with and targeting more people. The platform may collect data from websites, servers, and mobile devices to determine ad patterns. To better understand ad-user actions, the service lets firms monitor all of them. It also links marketers to data insights that indicate consumer preferences.

2. AppNexus

AppNexus lets customers ad vertise and engage with their audience on premium websites. It is a premier digital advertising marketplace with high-quality content that keeps audiences engaged. This strategic selling platform helps media companies increase their value and enhance the customer experience. The platform incorporates predictive analytics and data-driven solutions for increasing inventory value and optimizing advertising. With demand partners across all channels, the SSP solution lets organizations control deal capabilities and curate premium demand.

3. Amobee

Amobee is a worldwide advertising platform that handles campaigns across digital and social channels. Users may purchase reserved inventory agreements and broadcast TV and social media advertising on the platform. It also helps users understand their customers’ identities across channels. Users may manage portfolios and campaigns utilizing the collaborative planning, buying, and analytics aspects of the platform. It describes advertising from an ecosystem to audience-level data.

4. LiveIntent

LiveIntent helps advertising companies increase their channels and grow successfully. The platform MediaMath Alternatives lets marketers send them ads as emails since people spend half of their day on email. It also offers unique ad inventory from premium publishers that are known for their brand safety. The solution gives up new ways for businesses to leverage data to reach out to and acquire high-value customers, as well as build their audiences. Users may use it to monitor the performance of their advertising campaigns in the market.

5. BrightRoll

BrightRoll is a programmatic advertising platform that links major publishers to acquire real-time video advertising. All major ad exchanges and SSPs are represented on the platform. Users have complete transparency over ad management and may choose where their advertising appear. With video and native ads, cross-channel targeting lets users reach viewers across devices. Users may utilize Yahoo audience data to better understand their target audience. Target Yahoo audience data to build your own. BrightRoll makes campaigns simpler and lets users target customers based on location, time, and device. It also has a dashboard that displays ad and campaign results to assist clients in making more informed selections.

6. StackAdapt

StackAdapt helps customers assess advertising and optimize programmatic media mix performance. The platform provides the most scalable digital advertising services available, with inventory sources available across all channels and devices. To assist companies in comprehending online reading, the solution employs intent-based targeting. It also offers machine learning to assist businesses in identifying new customers. Advertisers may reach more people by using native adverts with an image, headline, and brand logo.

7. AdGear

For businesses and consumers, AdGear lets people reimagine the TV ad experience. The platform lets businesses create better, more relevant ads for their target audiences. To target customers more accurately, you may leverage TV data and connect with multiple data providers. Through collaboration and innovation, the advertising platform encourages users to open-source their ads. Additionally, it lets users exit email and see ads on TV channels.

8. Fiksu

Fiksu lets users reach their ideal audience from their system, wherever. Through TV programmatic ad purchasing, the system lets users access customers. Lets companies target across screens thanks to machine learning. Users of the service may get access to premium publishers and top-tier ad spaces. It helps users understand their customers’ interests and habits.

9., a localized advertising platform MediaMath Alternatives, lets users promote on mobile and internet devices. The platform enhances success by scaling campaigns at any level and using precise geofencing technology. Local media organizations and multi-location businesses may use it for specialized advertising and personalized messaging. The program also lets advertisers learn about local purchasing behaviors so they can adapt their ads to that location. Data from delivering advertising to everyone on all devices helps marketers develop an audience.

10. Adform

The Adform platform as a whole lets users find, monitor, and engage with audiences across channels. Real-time data platform with MRC accreditation and free HTML5 Studio and creative tools. It combines advertising, buying, and administration. To improve the success of digital campaigns, the system incorporates an ad-serving platform with strong analytics and dynamic creative optimization features. Brands can take control of their audience data and enhance their reach and ad budget. Its audience-finding solutions assist clients in expanding their audience.



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