10 best massage guns in 2022

10 best massage guns in 2022

The best massage guns for home usage that you can buy

It’s an old time: you train hard, eat a well-balanced diet, and go to bed on time, but if it comes to foam rolling, you run a mile. You might be interested in a massage gun if you seek an alternate technique to assist your muscles in recuperating. One of those suitable gadgets that seem like a cordless drill with a tennis ball on the end that all the athletes on Instagram seem to be using?
However, the best massage guns on the market are significantly more sophisticated than that.
Through fast pulses of pressure that encourage blood flow, these portable massagers help alleviate muscle tightness and stress.

The motorized percussion of a massage gun penetrates deep muscle tissue, causing muscles to relax after 30 seconds and so of use—often without you needing to apply much pressure to the skin. Because many of these best massage guns are hand-held and come with various attachments, you may massage yourself in difficult-to-reach regions without having to attend a massage parlour or ask a partner to massage you.

We put some of the top best-selling and most top popular massage guns to the test to determine the best massage guns on the market. We considered how easy the guns were to operate, how loud they were, how long the batteries lasted, and the PPM (percussions per minute) of each – the greater the PPM score, the more intense the massage.

What are the best massage guns on the market right now?

The Theragun Elite Massage Gun is currently the best massage gun. Customers appreciate its ergonomic design, which allows them to target difficult-to-reach regions such as the low back. The current model is one of the top best massage guns since it is quieter than earlier generations. It is also the best massage gun for the average exerciser looking for muscle pain treatment massage guns black friday.

The Hyperice Hypervolt Plus has an excellent battery life and is suitable for athletes (especially runners). Its Pressure Sensor Technology combines with its app and Bluetooth to tell you how much pressure you exert on a specific location.

The Theragun Mini is also an excellent massage gun for athletes who want a compact massage gun to take to the gym or on a plane with them. It’s tiny and compact but strong enough to give you a good massage do massage guns work.

The best massage guns available now.

1. Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Professional

best massage guns

The Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro is a high-quality massage gun designed for athletes and expert users. The Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro’s sturdy yet straightforward build makes it an excellent pick for practically anybody wishing to invest in a high-end massage gun. However, a few significant aspects steer the Pro toward a more experienced user.

The Hypervolt 2 Pro has a three-hour battery life, outlasting the Theragun Elite and Theragun Mini by 60 and 30 minutes. The Theragun Pro has a six-hour run time, which is $200 longer than the Hypervolt 2 Pro. Charging the Pro once got me through a whole week of testing with plenty of battery life leftover.

The Hyperice App can guide skilled athletes through complete programming to gain a competitive advantage. A range of textured attachments and a fast 2700 PPM efficiently release the tensest trigger points and muscle groups.

The gun is a little challenging to wield, and it doesn’t come with a carry bag, which might be a concern if you intend on traveling with it. Because it’s durable, you could probably get away with cushioning it between two wide sweaters and throwing it in your suitcase. If I pay a rare hundred dollars on a massage gun, I’d like to know that it can be well safeguarded throughout travel.

2. Theragun Pro

 best massage guns

The Theragun Pro is a suggested for the better severe athlete who regularly receives professional massage treatment as part of their fitness program and wants to utilize a professional-grade recovery gun at home. According to Theragun, this is a sophisticated percussive therapeutic device in a class of its own. The Pro penetrates muscles 60% deeper than conventional massage guns, according to its website.

Four arm configurations allow you to reach every aching square inch. Five built-in speeds let you apply easy pressure to sensitive regions or powerful force to very tight muscles. “The Theragun Pro is the ultimate massage gun for athletes and professional therapists alike,.” The easy-to-use UI Pro has an ergonomic design. This gadget is one of the top best massage guns because it has Active Torque Control, which incorporates power and speed for optimal treatment therapy. Some reviewers noted that this model was still too loud and too expensive.

3. Elite Theragun

best massage guns

The Theragun Elite is not cheap, but it is an investment that can help anyone move — and feel — more useful. The Theragun Elite is a Porsche among the best massage guns, with only another Theragun type costing more (the Theragun Pro). The Elite’s ability to be held in various positions allows users to apply pressure more efficiently and comfortably. This multi-grip design proved especially useful when targeting hard-to-reach areas like the lower back and hamstrings.

The Elite, together with its five attachments and a power converter, is packaged in a hard shell carrying case with many storage sections. It’s large and would take up a lot of space in your workout bag or baggage. If we’re spending nearly $400 for a massage gun, we’d rather have a large and safe casing than a flimsy and tiny one. If you want a massage gun that is more portable, consider the Theragun Mini.

The Elite’s battery life is also rather good, with one full charge providing up to two hours of usage.
We also discovered that the Elite charges quickly, making it a good choice for anybody who uses the massage gun as part of their recovery practice.

You would believe that a high price tag indicates that the Theragun Elite is just for individuals ready to run in their fifth triathlon, but we would argue the reverse. The Elite is an excellent pick for someone who hasn’t thought about their muscles since high school anatomy class because of the Therabody App, which gives step-by-step assistance and individualized programming.

4. TimTam All New Power Massager The best massage gun for the money

best massage guns

Reviewers recommend this percussion massager for athletes, those who require quick healing and pain treatment, and deep-tissue therapy. We enjoy how light it is and how the 90-degree slanted head makes it easy to reach those hard-to-reach locations. It’s a high-quality, high-pressure massage gun that’s less expensive than some of the other percussive massagers reviewed in this book. “Worth the money,” one reviewer stated. “I use mine for knots, tight areas, or just to get the circulation circulating in a certain part of my body.”

Although the good battery life is twice as long as the original edition, which launched in 2016, it only lasts 45 minutes, making it one of the lowest. However, it features a swappable battery pack, and you may purchase more rechargeable batteries to take with you while you’re on the road. The noise level is one of the most peaceful massage guns on the market, almost as low as speaking with a buddy.

5. Theragun Mini Best Travel Massage Gun

-Lower power and shorter amplitude than other Theragun models

The Theragun Mini encapsulates all of the benefits of percussive massage in a very slim and light design. The Mini, shaped like a thick and enormous guitar pick, fits easily in your hand and allows you to apply sufficient pressure to the muscle regions you’re targeting. The Mini is available in three speeds: 1750, 2100, and 2400 PPM (percussions per minute). The device’s speed is adjusted with a single button on the side, with three LEDs displaying the current PPM.

One disadvantage of the Mini is that it only comes with one ball attachment; however, when all is said and done, the regular ball is a fantastic catch-all attachment that can be used efficiently on most body regions. The Mini is also consistent with all of Theragun’s 4th generation branches; thus, if you have another recent Theragun model, you may use any of their attachments on your Mini.
Attachments can be bought separately if you do not.

The Mini truly shines in terms of mobility – it fits comfortably in most handbags, backpacks, and gym bags, making transporting the massage gun to the gym or your next foreign marathon a breeze.

6. Best for back pain Mighty Bliss Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager

The Mighty Bliss Cordless Massager is more of a “massage wand” than a “massage gun,” with a few benefits. The long, slender handle allows you to easily target areas of your lower, mid, and upper back that are difficult to reach with standard massage guns. It’s also a terrific choice for elders or individuals with mobility issues, for whom traditional massage gun use may be problematic best massage guns.

However, the Mighty Bliss Cordless Massager falls short of a general-purpose massage gun.
The Powerful Bliss’ percussive massage isn’t that mighty because of its limited amplitude and low stall force threshold. While the sensation is pleasant, it is unlikely that the gun will provide any genuine therapeutic effects on bigger muscle tissues such as the quadriceps, glutes, or even calves.

According to the user handbook, the Mighty Bliss should provide up to four hours of continuous usage until the battery expires. We received around half of that time or about two hours during testing. It took a decent 60 minutes to recharge (and unlike most massagers, we could still use the gun during charging). That’s roughly equal to the battery life and charging timings of the significantly more expensive Theragun Elite. Overall, the Mighty Bliss battery life isn’t too shabby.

7. LifePro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massager A massage gun on a budget

The Sonic Handheld Percussion Massager has received positive feedback from various websites as a decent percussion massager for the cost. This massage gun arrives with eight massage heads and five different degrees of intensity. Sonic also provides free online video library access.

Some consumers had problems charging the device and batteries failing; however, when they contacted LifePro’s customer care, they got replacement components or units fast. “The 5 different settings and 5 different detachable heads make it incredibly adjustable for different body sections and needs,” one reviewer noted. [My husband and I] have discovered that it helps with post-recovery. It’s easy to use and put together.”

8. Legiral Le3 Massage Gun

The Legiral features 20 speeds and five replaceable heads, allowing you to address any ailment in your body. The massage gun has the same 16mm amplitude (the distance the shaft and attachment go away from the gun and into your muscle) as the considerably more expensive Theragun Pro and Theragun Elite. While this is amazing given its low price, we must acknowledge that the Le3 didn’t have the same punch as the Theragun versions during testing – we had to apply a lot more pressure to achieve a similar massage. However, we would believe that having to apply greater force is worth saving hundreds of dollars.

For a gun under $100, you’d expect the Legiral Le3 to lack many of the high-quality features seen in more costly rivals. However, with an above-average amplitude, long battery life, an extensive PPM range, and twenty various speed options, the Le3 stands up to the more well-known brands.

However, a few details explain why the Le3 is priced, especially with a less powerful motor and a meager stall force threshold. If you’re a skilled or recreational athlete, these flaws may be apparent.
Even a CrossFit enthusiast or novice powerlifter would be content with one of the Theragun or Hyperice versions best massage guns.

9. Sportneer Deep Tissue Muscle Percussion Massager

The Sportneer Deep Tissue Massage made our list because of its low pricing, amount of attachments, carrying case, quiet level, and overall value. This gadget is also as light as other “portable” models, making it easy to transport outside the home. Athletes love the Sportneer Deep Tissue Muscle Percussion Massager for relieving muscle discomfort. It features six massage heads, five-speed settings, and an 11mm stroke amplitude.

The Sportneer Elite D9 is an excellent massage gun for the money. During testing, we discovered that it has the battery life of a device nearly five times the price, a wide speed range to accommodate a variety of user preferences, and specifically developed attachments that allow you to include oils into your massage. On the surface, you might be wondering why someone would pay hundreds of dollars more for a more well-known brand.

However, the 11mm stroke amplitude implies that this gun isn’t as strong as the other massage guns on the list. That’s not to suggest the Sportneer Elite D9 isn’t valid. It may be a better solution for novices or people in acute pain who want a massage gun with less intensity.

10. LifePro Fusion FX Heated Percussion massage

Heat and massage work together to help ease tight muscles, best massage guns so it stands to reason that a massage gun meant to relieve muscle discomfort would include a heating component. The Fusion FX heads heat up in around 20 to 30 seconds, increasing blood flow. This portable massage gun features five heads and five speeds, allowing you to enjoy a range of massage pressure on various body areas massage guns amazon.

LifePro Fitness also offers a lifetime guarantee on the Fusion FX, so if you’re not satisfied, you can return it or obtain a new part. Some consumers desired the heads to stay heated for a longer time, observing that they only received 5 to 7 minutes of heat when using the gadget. A few unfavorable reviews complained about the heads not heating up effectively or at all, but customer care appeared to be helpful and gave a new component in most cases. It’s a lesser intensity massage gun on our list, with an amplitude of 10mm.

What to look for when shopping for a massage gun

The gadget’s weight is one element to consider when purchasing the best massage guns. Although most devices weigh less than five pounds, the difference between a lighter and heavier massage gun might cause your arm to tyre faster, especially if you’re holding the device in a difficult-to-reach region, such as your neck, shoulders, or back.

The best massage guns should have a battery life of at least one hour, preferably two hours.
You probably won’t be utilizing vibration treatment for an hour at a time on your body, but not having to charge the gadget every time will make life easier. Check whether backup batteries are included or accessible when purchasing a massage gun. If you’re travelling, it could be worth it to carry two charged batteries, so you don’t have to deal with one leg that’s been massaged, but the other leg hasn’t.

Customers interested in purchasing a massage gun should also consider the device’s amplitude.
This is the distance the head will travel and the depth at which the gun will strike the muscle.
A massage gun with a larger amplitude can seem more intense than a vibration-type massage gun at lower speeds. Massage guns with greater amplitude should be able to target a specific spot deep inside the muscle, reducing muscle discomfort and improving blood circulation.

A massage gun’s frequency or speed is often measured in percussions per minute (PPM) or strokes per minute and ranges from 1,200 to 3,200-PPM. A more vital message will be delivered at a higher frequency. Use a lower-power option on the gadget if you want a massage gun that merely offers a surface-level message rather than a deep, sports-style massage.

If you live in your own apartment or a house with minor children, you should think about how loud the massage gun is. Some of them are rather loud, which isn’t ideal if you utilize the massage gun as part of your recuperation regimen at night.

Having a range of attachments or heads is vital to some customers when it comes to the best massage guns. Most devices include five attachment head choices, which typically have a cushioned head, rounded, fork, flat options, and certain cone-shaped (bullet) attachments that target a specific location.

How to Make Use of a Massage Gun

The massage gun is compatible with the Therabody app, which includes a variety of suggested routines geared at trouble areas you might want to focus on, such as your lower back, or depending on your activity, such as cycling or running. It’s free to use and worth downloading to ensure you’re not too focused on one region.

If you haven’t decided on a Theragun yet, there are some general guidelines for utilizing all massage guns at home. To begin, when it comes to utilizing a massage gun, less is more best massage guns.

Experts believe that one to two minutes on a significant muscle region is more than adequate, and unless you’ve gained a lot of muscle (weightlifters, take note), you’ll probably want to utilize a lower frequency setting. Second, no matter how thrilling your new massage gun is, you should not use it daily.


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