Make Your Own Living: Simple Tips to Becoming a Successful Contractor

Make Your Own Living: Simple Tips to Becoming a Successful Contractor

You might be a Jack of all trades, but do you think spending your life fixing or building things is a
life that you’d love each and every day?

If you answered yes, then the life of a contractor is probably the best path for you to travel. And
the great part is, it doesn’t take years of schooling or education to become a contractor.

You’re going to need plenty of on-the-job training, and a good eye for detail as well. But if you
really want to become a successful contractor in 2022, you really need to follow a few guidelines
for getting yourself established.

Studies have shown that despite the COVID-19 pandemic slowing the world down, the
construction business is still booming. And there’s plenty of work to go around. So if you’re
looking to become a contractor today, the following guide will detail a few steps to reach your

Learn as You Grow

Most contractors get their start at a young age by working alongside family, or by helping out
friends. But no matter how you start your journey into trade life, you’ll need to soak up as much
knowledge as you can.

Maybe you’ve helped your family or friends out with a home renovation project in the past. And
this is a perfect example of learning as you grow. Because we all learn by doing, and most of us
learn best through a hands-on activity.

Even if you play the fetch-and-carry game on a summer construction job, you’re still free to
observe and ask questions relevant to your future goals. And though many seasoned
construction workers may yank your chain on the job site, this is just another learning
experience as well.

Remember, all experience is valuable, even if you learn that wearing steel-toed boots is
necessary after dropping something on your foot.

Get Educated

Many of those who head into the contracting industry take a more academic path and choose to
major in engineering, drafting, or some form of industrial application. In fact, it’s not uncommon
for a successful contractor to hold a Master’s degree from a major university.

But beginning your education can actually begin in high school, or in the form of vocational
programs. Certain classes such as woodshop, basics of machine work and the like are great
courses to prepare you for contracting life.

Additionally, many contractors also have a trade certificate or a two-year degree from an
accredited institution.

If you take an educational path into the contracting world, you’ll definitely be making an
investment in yourself. And this is because with a degree, academic credentials, and on-the-job
experience, you’ll have much more earning power than most other general laborers.

Get Licensed

Finally, if you want to be a serious contractor, you have to get licensed as a contractor in your
state. And each state has different requirements for licensing. As such, it’s in your best interest
to find out what the requirements are for licensing.

For example, in most states, you can be a contractor without a license. But this is only for jobs
that are under a certain dollar amount. However, if you want to work on jobs valued at over
5,000 dollars in most states, you’ll need to be properly licensed.

A contractor license not only enables you to work the big paying contracts, but it also helps to
establish you as an expert in your field. And this is fundamental to your success as a contractor.
When you’re established in your local community, people will trust your judgment and your
skills. And getting a contractor’s license is the main step to reaching these goals.

The road to becoming a successful contractor can be traveled in many ways. But if you stick to
the tips provided here, your likelihood of becoming an established and successful contractor will
be that much greater in the long run.


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