Important ways to Convert Traffic into Genuine leads

Important ways to Convert Traffic into Genuine leads

In this hush-hush life increasing website traffic does not mean increasing profits, sales, or revenue. One has to convert that traffic into genuine leads to earn revenue as well as profits. You have written your content, started your blog, applied SEO, and promoted your content on social media, but the final result is; did it convert into increased revenue for your company. You must have done all these things and started getting huge website traffic and people may have been visiting your website a lot but did that benefit your business in any way?

No, right, so now go on and take the next step of converting these traffic into leads. And then, you will get benefits in form of profits and sales. Visitors are good, but if these visitors don’t pay for the products or services, they are of no use. If one wants to convert these leads, the focus should be on content, landing page, etc.

User-friendly content according to their needs

Content should be user friendly. Research should be done on what customers are searching for compared to what content we are offering them. The choices of customers keep on changing on a timely basis. So, change your content according to their changing needs and wants. Even if some people are searching for something unique, then go for it and try those keywords that they are searching for.

Keywords need to be changed according to their needs. If they are searching for some particular product, then go for that keyword and use it in the middle of your content so that they reach your other products as well. Even if they are not interested in that product at the moment, they will go and surf through it and maybe they would contact you asking for the same. Then, at that particular moment, you can offer them the product or service with some offers that they feel attracted to.

Customers will always respond according to their situations. So, study the situation. Some situations may be under your control and some may not be. For example, if there is recession time, and you are in the hospitality sector offering them to visit a five-star hotel for dinner, and he is not ready but if you give him some exciting offers and deals: he may get ready even in that situation. So, work on your content to generate leads and talk to the users.

Concentrate on the landing page

The Landing page is the base for converting traffic to genuine leads. So focus on your landing page as this will only give you relevant information about the visitors and you can talk to them and convert them into your leads. Therefore, instead of having one landing page, have several landing pages to help you convert your leads. Having more landing pages will attract more visitors and that will easily convert traffic into leads.

Fewer conversion opportunities

It could be possible that you are providing fewer conversion opportunities on your website. Today Digital Marketing Company in India is working on content policy only. Chase your customers. Give them some great deals and offers. Give them notification on what they searched for: highlight the products with some blooming colors to attract them through your website again.

If a customer is visiting your website: don’t just rush into asking them for purchasing your product or joining for some consultation. Instead let them search for what they are searching for and give them time, else they might get distracted if you pinch them again and again.

Instead, give them offers and create a sense of urgency like ‘limited period offer’, ‘scratch coupon’, ‘schedule the consultation’ etc. in this way they will feel compelled on their own and visit your site and purchase the product.

Modify existing pages

See what visitors are searching for and improve your existing pages. Revise your content time-to-time. Old content will put you backward; revise it and then showcase. Meet the expectations of visitors by improving your content and on-page designing of the site. The design and look of the website are also equally important as this is where the customers are directly attracted as it is said that the first impression is the last impression. Say for example, when we visit any restaurant, we are blown up by the ambiance of the place, but if the ambiance is not good, we would either leave from there or maybe we won’t visit again even if the food is great there. If we don’t feel the good aura,anything else might not matter.

Maintain your reputation

Don’t just always rush and grab your customer as you grab the cliff when you are falling. Don’t make them suffocated, just don’t ping them or ask for their information repeatedly, else they might get scared. Emailing them or promoting your company too much may make them rebellious and they might never go to your website again. Give them time, maintain good rapport, develop trust then they might become loyal to you on their own.

Once customers start visiting, provide them offers, showcase customer testimonials, etc. and bring them into your confidence for your website and brand.

Channelizing traffic

Keep an eye on metrics of visitors and see to it that they not only visit your website but also purchase something. It’s not enough to only visit the restaurant but to eat is equally important. Similarly, it is with your web traffic, that visitors not only visits for window shopping but motivate them in a way that they purchase something and also feel like visiting the site again.

Better images and graphics

Better content is always appreciated, and up-gradation to it in form of images, graphics, and videos is great for converting traffic into genuine leads. Use high-resolution images, interactive videos, and interesting content so that your visitor will stay for long and this will drive lead directly. Make your blogs, articles, and sites eye-catching.

Make sure of Double Opt-Ins

When you are looking for genuine leads, make sure of the double opt-ins option as it could be the best solution. Sometimes subscriptions may not be confirmed. Double Opt-Ins help the emails to be free of bots. CTA (calls to action) button should be prominent; this button will lead to the user’s email and asking them for a confirmation mail. This double confirmation will drastically help in converting traffic into genuine leads.

There are several other ways of generating traffic into genuine leads. So hire the right digital marketing service provider for gaining those leads. Genuine and organic leads are valuable, therefore, it is important to not only upgrading your data for google but also converting them into genuine leads.

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