IMEI check free: Is my phone unlocked? How to find it?

IMEI check free: Is my phone unlocked? How to find it?

IMEI check free: Is my phone unlocked? How to find it?

With the increase in buying & reselling mobiles rapidly, it becomes essential to IMEI check free for ensuring whether your device is safe to use.

When your phone is locked, then you can’t sell or repair it until your contract expires. This often happens with postpaid sim schemes.

What is an IMEI number? Why should it be unlocked? Do you have this question?

Here’s a clear roadmap to understanding phone unlocking, their importance to remain unlocked, and how to do phone unlocking.

Phone Unlocking is a process to allow your device to be compatible with SIM cards from other carriers. This process is unfamiliar in the United States as it is not legal to unlock their phone.

It is not something dangerous but necessary when switching to other carriers, especially while traveling to other countries.

In recent years, phone manufacturers are considering this factor and creating unlocked devices.

However, unlocking doesn’t imply that you can use any carrier on your phone. Your carrier can unlock your phone until certain criteria are met.

  • Advantages of unlocking your phone

Although unlocking the phone has a different context on iPhones and Android. Generally, there are many advantages in unlocked phone irrespective of the brand, and they are

  1. Zero restrictions, contracts, and ties with any network companies.
  2. Use any carrier of their choice (Verizon and T-Mobile).
  3. Access two networks (unless it is a dual sim unlocked phone).
  4. Get deals from carriers and save money.
  5. Access to quicker updates.
  6. Free from carrier bloatware.
  • How to find if my phone is unlocked or not?

If you want to know whether your phone is unlocked or locked,  ask this question.

Did you buy your mobile with a monthly payment plan or two-year contract?

If yes, then your phone is locked to a particular carrier.

To unlock your phone, you need to know your device’s IMEI number.

1. Use your IMEI number

When you’re traveling and want to unlock your phone to access the local network, you don’t have much time.

This is where IMEI checks free saves you. It is a four-step process.

 Step 1: Find your 15 digit IMEI code. It is present in the phone battery, sim-tray, or dial *#06#

 Step 2: If you’re unable to get the code, contact your carrier service provider to give you an unlock code.

 Step 3: Purchase the unlock code, which is around $5 -$15, within an hour.

 Step 4: Download the unlock software compatible for your device and unlock your phone.

2. Check the settings

If you’ve got an iPhone, then check the settings for any sim restrictions.

Follow the path to check for any sim restrictions.

Open settings> General> About> Carrier Lock

If you see no sim restriction in this option, your iPhone is already unlocked.

3. Try another SIM

This process is the same for both iPhone and Android.

Now, you can replace the old sim card with a new carrier sim card. Make sure it works by making a phone call or using mobile data.

If the process is smooth, you are set to use the new network.

If not, you notice a message flashing “SIM not recognized error,” which indicates your phone is unlocked.

4. Call your carrier

For some Android, you can use your IMEI number on another carrier website to understand the lock status.

However, this is an unreliable method because most phones aren’t eligible to show the status.

In this case, you can contact the current carrier to get the IMEI status. This is an important status when you’re purchasing a second-hand mobile.

 The Bottomline

Having a locked or unlocked mobile is a choice. Some people prefer to use the same network while others prefer to change for their convenience. Therefore, it is up to you to choose it.


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