How to Simplify Role Identification in Your Medical Facility

How to Simplify Role Identification in Your Medical Facility

How to Simplify Role Identification in Your Medical Facility

One of the top common problems in a hospital is a shortage of physicians and nurses. And As a result, a lot of them have to work in different facilities within the healthcare industry.
Therefore, nothing seems more useful than the badge buddies to make the role identification system less complex.

In fact, there is enough evidence in support of the statement. An NCBI or National Center for Biotechnology Information article confirms that a survey was conducted at a single
the institution, involving GME trainees because role clarity is often found challenging in
graduate medical education.

The survey followed a method of integrating badge buddies for GME trainees. Among the
respondents, both the nurses, and trainees reported improved caregiver awareness.
If you are associated with a medical facility or are acting as a healthcare leader, the role
identification would surely be your priority to ensure seamless operations; let these
supplementary ids help you out.

Badge Buddy—What Is It?

A badge buddy is an additional identification card, typically worn with the regular ids. They
are highly useful in identifying who is who, minimizing confusion.
How Can Badge Buddy Simplify Role Identification in Your Health Center?

Recognition from Distance

Health Centers are one of the busiest places in a town or a big city. The recent pandemic has practically extended the rush hours for its members where some of them are working for 48- 72 hours at a stretch. From attending a new patient to performing surgery, they can hardly spare time to identify each employee.
But a badge buddy can make this task easy. With the designation printed in bold letters, it is not at all difficult to recognize your colleague or the pro you are looking for, even from a

Identification with PPE

The unforeseen COVID-19 made PPE or Personal Protective Equipment mandatory for
health workers globally. Generally, a PPE kit includes:
● full bodysuits
● foot protection
● respirators
● special eye protection glasses
● gloves

● earplugs
● muffs
● hard hats

Quite naturally, it is difficult to identify even your closest colleague in PPE suits. The
standard id cards have information printed in small letters. While adhering to the 6 ft. social
distancing norms, it is next to impossible to read them. Even if you have a photo id, that’s not always clearly visible. But with the badge buddies in place, role identification becomes
effortless, and you can fully concentrate on patient care.

Implementing Color Codes

You can issue a particular badge buddy for a specific role in your health organization. For
For example, the students, doctors, nurses, LPN, RN, LVN get their buddies in distinct color codes.

For Nurses

You can choose the Licensed Vocational Nurse badge buddy in code blue to let all know that you are there. It is pretty hard to make your presence felt in a quick-paced hospital
environment. But this vertical badge holder will help the authority and the patient party to
understand your identity.
This badge buddy has information printed on both sides. So even if your badge spins, you
have nothing to bother.

For the Anesthesia Team

Rarely, surgeons will enter the operation theater without the anesthesia team by their side.
But with the masks and PPE on, they might mix up their identities. The anesthesia tech badge buddy is available with a number of online sellers, and you can choose the teal color if you want.
Rely on the badge buddy to reveal your identity in the complex and crowded hospital

For the Physicians

Physicians are always on their toes in healthcare centers. They have to visit multiple wards, perform scheduled checkups at their own chambers, and even be present at the OTs whenever needed. The bright red colored badge buddy would be the perfect choice for them.

For the Visitors and Students

When you are ordering the badge buddies from the online stores, you can choose any color for the visitors and the students. They are connected to the hospital but not the usual way, for that reason, you can choose badge holders that are slightly different in terms of appearance but never fall out of your brand line.

Things You Should Know While Purchasing Badge Buddy

● They are water-resistant and do not wither under moisture or scuffing
● They are made of Teslin and fully laminated (when buying from a reputed store)
● They can be easily attached through the same clip as your existing id
● They are available in both vertical and horizontal shapes

Some of the online stores don’t require you to place any minimum order, you can buy a
single piece as well. In case you are looking for customization, contact the site, or drop a
note. And they would deliver you aptly designed, super-efficient badge buddies.


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