How to Select the Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner

How to Select the Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner

How to Select the Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner

There are several varieties of vacuum cleaner available in the market, and a renowned brand is that of Shark Duo Clean Vacuum Cleaners. Equipped with modern technology and exclusive features, Shark vacuums have consistently fared well and earned the trust of several consumers.

However, with the growing number of Shark vacuum cleaners to choose from, it can become challenging to narrow down the best choice. Looking at first-hand accounts and expert Shark Duo Clean reviews can empower you with the right knowledge to make the best purchase decision. Here are some factors you need to consider to choose the best Shark Duo Clean vacuum cleaner:

Types of Shark Vacuums

These cleaners fall under categories of Upright, Stick, and Robotic. Upright cleaners are the most powerful variant that has a large surface to clean any areas quickly. They come in both corded and cordless options. Handheld shark vacuums are handy cleaners that are great for cleaning upholstery, furniture, and fabric.

The stick model is a smaller version and lightweight, making it best-suited for smaller homes or apartments. Lastly, the robotic ones are automatic cleaners but lack high-power.
Depending on your cleaning needs, choose the right type.

Motor Speed

Apart from checking the Shark Duo Clean reviews, it’s also vital to check the shark cleaners’ motor power to determine its suction power. While upright cleaners have high motor power up to 1300 Wattage, stick and robotic shark vacuums have low power ranging from 100W to 600W.

Air Filtration

Another important factor to consider is the filtration mechanism of the cleaner. There is a
significant difference between filters that come with filters and without allergy sealants that
trap pollen, dander, and pet hair. The excess dust that emanates while changing the bags
makes it uncomfortable, compromising the air quality. This is where opting for a vacuum
with HEPA filtration, and an allergen-fighting system can come to your rescue. Check if the
Shark duo cleaner has the capability to trap allergens and keep your air clean. Also, consider whether the filter is washable or replaceable.

Ease of Use

Consider the weight, handle, wheels, and surface area of the head to assess the ease of using the cleaner and navigating it through the cleaning process. Is the cleaner easily bendable and flexible to reach the nooks and corners of the rooms? While powerful Shark duo cleaners offer more suction power, they can be heavier. It’s best to strike the right balance between power and weight along with other features that can determine how easy it is to push and manoeuvre:

● Weight – The heavier, the more difficult it is to move around
● Handle – It should enable easy twisting and turn of the vacuum head
● Wheels – Ranging from small, single-direction, and swivel wheels, it's best to opt for omnidirectional wheels for ease of use

● Vacuum Head – Consider the width of the head that will determine how quickly you
can clean and accessible to reach tight corners

Noise Level

Generally, as the power increases, the noise goes to higher decibels unless buffering
mechanisms mitigate it. Whether you want a quieter cleaner for your noise-restricted
neighborhood/ apartment or opt for a high-power, high-noise decibel cleaner, the choice
depends on your requirements.


Shark duo cleaners come with a wide variety of accessories that can be handy for extra
cleaning utility. These include pet-hair tools, dusting brushes, upholstery tools, under-
appliance wands or crevice tools. Opt for the right accessories that you will use.

Check the Shark Duo Clean Reviews

Last but not least, check what people are talking about shark cleaners and their efficiency to know which models are worth buying. Know the top performers and choose the best shark cleaner depending on your cleaning needs including the size of the area you need to clean, surface type, and compactness of the model.


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