How to Search for People Online with Little Information

How to Search for People Online with Little Information

How to Search for People Online with Little Information

If you want to reconnect with someone you were close to, you may be able to find them online, as long as you know how and where to look. Most people have an online footprint these days, so a little digging should get you far. But what about when you have very little information to go on?

Obviously, gathering more information about your search target would be the optimal first step.

You can find important personal information online for free or for a small fee. Sites such as are a good source of information. There are also directories you can use to search for people online. They use niche searches to help you along.

This quick guide will help you get started to find the person you wish to connect with. Several search options are listed. Your choice will depend on result accuracy and the effort you’re willing to put in.

Use a People Finder

As long as you can identify the correct search term, people finders such as the one mentioned above can be very useful. First, you need to identify the people who would likely have some relevant information about the person you’re looking for. In addition, modern recordkeeping has made it possible to find close relatives. You can also try searching using a combination of their name, the place where they used to live, or a team they were on. If you remember where they worked or what school they went to, you can include this information in your search.

Talk to People

Your friends and relatives may be able to help to provide some accurate and current information to facilitate your search. This is especially important if you’re looking for a lost family member. In addition, your relatives or family friends can help you find valuable information about the person you are looking for.

Therefore, you can ask them questions about this person’s date of birth, nicknames, marital status, and work history. Moreover, you can request family members to provide this person’s photos. In addition, you could also ask when their children or parents were born. In fact, some information that may seem irrelevant could help you find them.

Furthermore, members of your extended family may have been close to the person you are searching for. They’re worth exploring as a source of information, especially if your closest relatives don’t give you enough to go on.

Do Your Research

Any information from outside resources such as census records, electoral rolls, and newspaper archives can also help your search. For instance, birth and marriage records are publicly available.

Moreover, you should do a social media search. After you organize and evaluate your findings, your last step should be classifying and analyzing them. Persistence is key when it comes to finding someone using little information.

Use any details you have, no matter how small – including this person’s old address, phone number, their inactive profile on social media or Skype ID. If you reach a dead end, you should keep looking for new routes. One new piece of information leads to another – that is how online searches work.

Create and Maintain Written Records

During your search, you should keep everything you learn in writing and keep it in one place, such as on your computer or device. Additionally, you should make sure to back it up with a hard copy, if possible.

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