How to Know if You’ve Hired a Good Contractor (and if You Are One)

Hiring a professional to repair things in the home is a common practice, though many
people can tell you about bad experiences they’ve had with contractors. Too often, people
go with the first available contractor they find or the least expensive choice.

Unfortunately, they soon find that they should have done more research before hiring a
certain contractor. If you’re looking for a contractor for a specific home improvement
project, or if you’re a contractor and want to make sure that you’re being as professional as
possible, take a look at these four traits that make a good contractor.

#1: They’re Very Knowledgeable in Their Field

This is a given when it comes to hiring a professional of any kind, but it’s especially
important when hiring a contractor. A general contractor usually has general knowledge in
specialized fields, such as plumbing and electrical work, so if you have a home
improvement project that requires tinkering with plumbing or electricity, and a good
contractor will hire subcontractors (i.e., plumbers and electricians) to help him or her with
those tasks.

It is possible for a general contractor to be skilled in these areas, eliminating the need to
hire additional help. However, if you’re a contractor and you’re not confident in your
plumbing or electrical skills, then it would be most beneficial to you to hire a subcontractor
who is.

#2: They Have Adequate Experience

A good contractor will have a portfolio of their work posted somewhere, whether it’s on
their website, LinkedIn page, or even their social media pages. It’s important to actually see
the work your contractor is able to do before you hire them. This way you’ll know what to
expect when you hire them to do a certain job, and you’ll also be able to read reviews if
their work is posted publicly.

As for contractors, you want to showcase your best work, but you also want to be open and
honest too. Also, contractors of all types should be properly licensed to perform the work
they’re being paid to do.

#3: They Are Excellent Communicators

Communication is one of the most important factors when it comes to business, and also
every aspect of life. It’s safe to say that when people tell you about a bad experience they’ve
had with a contractor, it will include not being able to get in touch with them. As a
contractor, you’ll likely have a very busy schedule, but don’t put so much on your plate that
you can’t effectively communicate with all of the clients you’re working with.

A good contractor should have multiple ways for clients to get in touch with them, such as a
business phone number and a business email. At the same time, clients should also make
an effort to effectively communicate with their contractors.

#4: They Have a Professional Appearance

Contracting work is construction work, so things can get messy. However, it’s still important
for contractors to put forth an image that is as professional as possible. Professionalism
goes beyond appearance— although the appearance is very important.

A professional contractor will have all of the previous traits listed above, and they should
also have the proper tools and equipment necessary to carry out a certain task. For
example, they (and any subcontractors they hire) should be using quality tools, be
knowledgeable of the best materials to use for each individual client, and have a reliable
way to transport these materials, such as a ¾ ton pickup truck.

For those looking to hire a contractor for their homes, make sure that you do your research:
read reviews, look at pictures of their work, and ask questions. As for contractors, make sure
that you’re honest about the work you display and hire subcontractors for work that you’re not
skilled in. Both parties should also openly communicate with each other to avoid confusion and

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