How to Keep Your Small Home Space Organized

How to Keep Your Small Home Space Organized

Keeping a small home space organized is a challenge that people, who live in small houses, face. There is always a need for more room. While extra space cannot be manufactured, you can use what is available. To maintain a clutter-free environment, arrange items in locations that are visible and easy to keep organized in the future. The following tips will help you control clutter and maintain order in your small home.

Store Some Items in the Garage

A garage is more than just a place to park a car. It can be a convenient storage space for items like sporting equipment, musical instruments, seasonal decorations, suitcases, tools, and other rarely used items. There are several ways to store items in the garage to avoid leaving them disorganized. You can install wall shelves, overhead garage storage racks, or a pegboard.

Use Furniture with Storage Space

A multi-layered coffee table or a bed with a large drawer underneath can store items and keep clutter at bay. To manage a small space, invest in furniture with storage spaces that can hold bulky items. Books or items such as extra home essentials can be stored away inside furniture until they are needed.

Stick with the Essentials

There must be a valid purpose for anything in a small home space. Don’t place things simply because there is space for them. This gives room for movement and space to accommodate more important things. Sticking to essential decoration pieces, furniture, gadgets e. t. c. can determine how comfortable or crowded your home seems.

Avoid Clutter

There is no room for clutter in a small space because they will make it look smaller. Decluttering seems overwhelming but going one step at a time is helpful. Start decluttering one room at a time. Have storage containers to sort out items. Label the containers and arrange similar things together. Keep what you need and get rid of what you do not need. You can sell or donate anything in good condition.

Adopt an Intentional Storage Plan

Giving things specific locations and utilizing baskets, boxes, hooks, and other storage options are crucial in avoiding laying a bunch of stuff around and accumulating a lot of clutter. After decluttering, intentionally maintain the space created to store every item. This is one of the reasons you put frequently used items where they are handy. You will spend less time finding things and avoid buying something you already have because you could not find it.

Sneak in Attractive Storage Where You Can

Any space, regardless of size, contains little crevices between walls, furniture, and appliances where you can sneak in storage if you need to. With some creativity, you can make it appealing so that they have a somewhat desirable look when displayed. The more storage space available, the easier it is to keep a small space organized.

Keep Furniture off the Floor and the Walls

 A space will often look less cluttered if furniture and other items stay off the walls and floor. It is easier to mop or vacuum underneath floating furniture and avoid an accumulation of dust, promoting better healthy living. For furniture pieces like chairs and tables, choose the ones with thinner legs to give an illusion of an empty floor and a more spacious room.

It is tempting to stack everything against the wall to free up more floor space. However, placing furniture in the center of a room, away from the wall, creates the impression of more space and makes a small area appear cozier.

Carefully Choose your Furniture Pieces

Your small space will work best with furniture that is slim and tailored. For instance, a sofa with thick curled arms and a back with numerous cushions may appear overstuffed. Instead, choose one with narrow arms and a close-fitting, cushioned back. Look for thin dining table legs and choose mattresses with plain headboards.

Maintain the Flat Surface Rule

The flat surface rule states that all flat surfaces, such as desks, counters, and tables, must be clutter-free. It might be challenging to follow, but you can adopt a more flexible option and work toward perfection. Strategically place centerpieces, candles, or a decorative flowerpot on a shelf if it works but keep them minimal. Piling up too many decorations on a flat surface might easily convey the idea that the area is a suitable repository for unkempt belongings.

Sometimes it is tough to keep things organized while maintaining a lovely house, especially in smaller homes. A little effort daily can make a big difference.


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