How to Increase Your Progesterone Levels

How to Increase Your Progesterone Levels

How to Increase Your Progesterone Levels

High levels of estrogen and lower rates of fertility may lead to a negative set of symptoms. Because of this, it’s easy to surmise that we all wish for healthful and higher progesterone levels, but the matter remains, is there a sense which we’re able to naturally increase our progesterone levels, minus needing pills or supplements? You can take help from .

You will find four ways to increase progesterone amounts naturally, these include:

Reduce the amount of pressure in your lifetime

Eat foods that encourage your entire body’s production of hormones

Reduce your total amount of body fat

Avoid foods and external chemicals which may knock your hormones out of sync

What foods raise fertility?

It’s incredible how much we individually benefit if we improve that which we put in our own bodies. Even though no food actually contains fertility, it is possible to help the system produce a sufficient and optimal amount of fertility to get better bodily functioning by using a diet rich in certain vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamin B 6 Foods

Vitamin B6 plays a part in keeping the body’s hormones regulated. 1 research study demonstrated that increasing the sum of B6 vitamins obtained daily to approximately 200-800 mg every day can increase testosterone levels and reduce estrogen enough to improve PMS symptoms. Other research shows that the potential to grow fertility by up to 120 percent and reduce miscarriage levels by approximately 50 percent.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) suggests women from 19 to 50 take in at least 1.3 milligrams each day if they’re not pregnant. That minimum increases to 1.5 mg for women 51 and older.

Six oz of salmon supplies you with 1.6 milligrams of Vitamin B6, 94 percent of the amount recommended every day. Other fish high in concentrations of B6 include lettuce, snapper, and mahi-mahi.


It doesn’t matter if you boil them scramble them or possess them easy. It’s possible to take in 10 percent of those Vitamin B6 needed daily when you have 2 of them in any given meal.

Sweet potatoes

Substitute one of these for the white variety and give yourself 15 percent of those b 6 that you want.


Drinking milk is a simple method of keeping progesterone up, giving you 5mg of Vitamin B6 each glass. It is possible to set it in your tea, coffee, or mix it in a smoothie if you are not enthusiastic about drinking it directly out of a glass.


Try crunching on these as a snack instead of something full of sugar and calories. You receive just as much as you’d out of drinking a glass of milk no matter how you prepare.

Magnesium-Rich Foods

In developed countries, it’s reported that 25 30 percent of women are living with a magnesium deficiency. Women over age 19 should be getting at least 320mg of calcium each day, together with all those numbers increasing as you age. Magnesium helps your body absorb and metabolize calcium and vitamin D.

A poorly functioning pituitary gland will not produce enough follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing (LH), or thyroid-stimulating (TSH) hormones to ensure wholesome ovulation, without childbirth, your body will probably produce less progesterone than is ordinary.


You are able to have chocolate and enhance your calcium degrees! You can get 6 4 milligrams within a single 1oz serving. Make certain it’s real dark chocolate and not something with needlessly added sugar or other additives. Additionally, it provides you with a nice dose of antioxidants to help you fight off disease.


Almonds, brazil nuts, and cashews are particularly good sources of magnesium at around 82mg percent ounce. Eat them being a snack or add them into your salads or smoothies for a nutritious boost. Nuts are also a wonderful source of fiber.


The thought of eating tofu might not be that appealing if you’re into a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Try focusing on the 53mg of calcium you gain from absorbing in 3.5 ounces of it. In addition, you get 10 g of protein within this serving size along with 10% of the iron, calcium, selenium, and manganese needed by the human body each day.


That you don’t have to serve it on a piece of toast to gain from the 5-8 milligrams of magnesium gained out of 1 medium avocado. They’re also a fantastic way of getting a nice dose of B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and monounsaturated fats helpful to one’s heart.


This covers a variety of foods that are fermented, from lentils to your preferred legumes. Serve them or include them as a side with your dinner or lunch. It’s potential to get 120mg of calcium in serving of leafy beans.

Zinc-Rich Foods

Research completed by the World Health Organization has indicated that nearly 75% of Americans suffer from a zinc deficiency. Count zinc as yet another nutrient key in aiding your adrenal gland to regulate hormones in your body. It enables the G Land to raise the present levels of FSH hormones. That helps your own clitoris create more progesterone and estrogen needed from your reproductive system.

It’s recommended that women more than 19 reaches at least 8mg per day, with all those numbers increasing if they’re pregnant or now lactating. You want to eat foods containing zinc daily since the system does not store it for later usage.


Oysters are one of the greatest sources of zinc. Six oysters of medium size provide you 32mg, which amounts to a whopping 290% of the sum needed by the body every day. Shrimp, crab, and muscles will also be great sources, giving you approximately 14 percent of what you want per 100 g consumed.


Eating a number of your favourite pumpkin, squash, or sesame seeds is definitely an exceptional way to have a daily life boost. In addition, they offer you a fantastic dose of vitamins and healthy fats.


The existence of the anti-nutrient phytate can block you from consuming as much plaque as possible from whole grains. Nonetheless, it’s worth adding them to your diet as they feature additional vital nutrients like magnesium that also boost progesterone levels.


Try combining the B6 boost received from eggs into a morning omelet containing zinc-rich mushrooms to find the advantage of both minerals. Other vegetables you may increase your diet include peas, potatoes, and green beans.

Low-Fat Yogurt

That is just another fantastic food choice to incorporate into your diet plan. You keep yourself from consuming unhealthier possibilities while having the hydration required to help your progesterone levels. 


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