How to Improve Low TV Signal in Your Home 

How to Improve Low TV Signal in Your Home

How to Improve Low TV Signal in Your Home 

Although cable television became the most popular option, now people are frequently returning to antennas. There are several reasons why cable television is missing popularity and the high subscription price. Further, due to streaming services like Netflix, people can decide what to watch and pay for. And antennas are the best option to have the highest number of channels. What can be a difficulty is a low TV signal that is affected by various things. But, there is usually a diluted signal solution because there are many ways to improve it. We will provide you guidance on how to do it and enjoy a very much picture resolution.

How to Improve Low TV Signal in Your Home Tips

Place it as high as possible.

If you did as we said and left it outside and still didn’t get the desired results, you probably want to take it to a higher height. If there are such tall houses or buildings nearby you, your roof is not high enough. Certain natural restrictions can also be a difficulty, like a tree or a mountain. Try putting it on a chimney or installing a bracket on the chimney to further raise the aerial. Make sure that the frame is strong enough to hold the antenna in all weather conditions. Unless it will fall and damage your roof, in case you can’t rise to the top, try to at least lift to the roof or wherever you can, however, to as high a height as possible.

Place the antenna outside.

When your aerial is inside your home and sees a low TV signal, it would be best to move it outside. The location where you will carry out is also essential, and the roof is the best choice. This way, you should have full height and not have a lot of distractions. If located inside, in addition to all external interference, the signal must also move through the roof and the panels of insulation that interfere. That is the first choice suggested if you have difficulties with pictures, sound, or whole of channels. Just be careful while mounting on the roof so as not to fall and injure yourself. This can appear as you do not have the usual facilities. If it’s a higher house, you great hire professionals, similar TaylorAerials, to do it for you. Or at least question them for information on how to do it securely.

Check for interference

You did everything as we knew you, and you don’t yet have any clear obstacles around your house that prevent the signal, but still no improvement. Questioning where the problem lies? Well, many home appliances cause interference and pay attention to where they are located. Anything which is offering electromagnet radiation is a problem. Also, LED lights can be one of the causes. Make sure there is emptiness around the antenna that could weaken the signal because the signal may arrive at the antenna at maximum power when there is where the problem occurs.

Install protections

There are special devices that serve as security against power surges, and you probably have them on your computer. It would be able to have them on the aerial as great. You will not ever be at home when there is thunder, so you will not be ready to turn off the power supply to the aerial. And you might also need to watch a program, also though a thunderstorm is in progress. In the effect of a power surge caused by lightning or any other sudden change in voltage, the aerial will be disabled. It may not be destroyed, but it can be damaged so much that it negatively changes your signal. And you won’t yet know it’s the reason, and you’ll believe it’s something more.

Point it to broadcast towers

If you are questioning how to know where broadcast towers are, don’t worry, various sites on the internet will tell you the locations of all broadcast towers. It will also advise you on how to point your antenna. Why is that important? Well, inevitably, the signal will be incomparably stronger. We have another tip for you. Verify the broadcast towers’ location in your area while considering which antenna model you need to purchase. This way you will know how very away your most important broadcast towers are and which aerial model will provide you the most channels and the best picture.

Buy an amplifier

The amplifier is a different way to improve your TV signal. It is usually made when you have already tried the methods before and have not given the wanted effect. There are many types of amplifiers, and which one is right for you again depends on your requirements and the location of your antenna. There are different ideas where it should be installed, but we think it is best to be as near as possible to the antenna so that the signal is as strong as possible and not to lose its power.

Use shorter cables

Perhaps everything is fine with your antenna, but the problem is caused by too long cables, which you got so that you could put the aerial in as high a place as feasible. The signal weakens the more extended the cables, and this can be a difficulty. But it is beneficial to be located as high as possible. It would help if you balance the cables’ length and how high you will lift the antenna. Make a balance on taking advantage of the best of both.


This problem will give you headaches because it will continuously bother you when watching your favorite program. So it would help if you solved it as soon as possible, and some of these tips or a mixture of several of them will surely significantly improve the situation. As a last option, consider installing a rotator.


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