How to Handle Bugs in Your Home

Pretty much nobody likes the thought of creepy crawlies taking over their homes. Spiders, wasps, bedbugs, you name it – they love to get into the warm and dry spaces in our houses. Certain pests are not only gross to look at, but can pose a threat to our health and safety too, which is why the prompt removal of these creatures is important. Furthermore, we believe that prevention is better than cure, so keep reading to find out some ways to remove and prevent harmful bugs in your home.

Get Them Out

If you have a bug problem or suspect you have a bug problem, your best bet is going to be to get in contact with a good pest control service. Leaving this kind of job up to the professionals is best, since they’ll know exactly the right ways to get rid of your pest problem permanently, and without causing too much harm in cases where this is necessary. The safe removal of pests from your home and garden should be your first priority in these situations.

Next, we’ll take a look at how to prevent them from coming back, or how to prevent them from ever arriving in the first place if you’ve never found yourself with a pest problem.

Seal it Up Tight

Making sure that your home is properly sealed and insulated is a pretty sure-fire way to keep crawly things outside where they belong. Any cracks, holes or open spaces by your window frames, door frames and ceilings should be closed up tight to prevent things from getting in. Remember that most bugs are tiny, so even small cracks could create an issue for you.

Keep it Clean

Most bugs are attracted to dirt, grime and you guessed it, food. This is why a garbage can is an absolute magnet for these kinds of creatures. Keeping your garbage can closed (tightly) at all times is important, and further, you should take your trash out regularly to ensure that you don’t have any rotting food in your home. This will minimise the number of insects drawn to your trash, and more importantly, to your kitchen, in order to protect your and your family’s health.

Close the Taps

Bugs get thirsty too, and often, they can be drawn to that drip, drip, drip when you leave your kitchen tap running just a little. Make sure that you keep everything closed tight to remove any potential water sources that ants and other critters might come looking for.

Pack Away Your Food

 As we said, bugs are attracted to food and that doesn’t mean just your leftovers in the garbage can. Loads of bugs can find their way into your pantry and climb into your dry, packaged goods, contaminating them. These bugs are mostly harmless, but nobody wants to eat rice à la weevil. If you open packets or bags with dry goods inside, it’s best to transfer the food to an airtight container to prevent anything from getting inside. Furthermore, remember not to leave any unsealed food out on your counters.

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