How to Find the Right Branding Company for Your Business

How to Find the Right Branding Company for Your Business

Any fledgling or veteran business owner has probably realized that the key to customer loyalty is connection. In fact, statistics indicate 89% of consumers are loyal to brands which they feel reflect their values.

If you’re unsure how to communicate your brand’s personality to your potential customers, you might need some professional help. Here’s how to find the right branding company for your business.

How to Find the Right Branding Company for Your Business

What Does a Branding Company Do?

Branding is the creation of tools that form the identifiable personality of a company, product, or service. This can start with the very basics – brand or product name creation, tagline creation, and defining a target market.

  • Brand Design services can include logo design, typography, color schemes, and any other visual identifiers.
  • Brand Personality services may include the brand’s mission and vision, voice and tone, and brand story.
  • Brand Positioning defines what makes the brand unique from competitors, and who is it intended for.

Dedicated branding companies can create a full branding strategy, from the basic concept through to the final product.

Identify Which Services You Need

If you’re looking for full brand creation, from brand naming all the way through to business marketing, you may choose to go with an agency that has a great across-the-board reputation.

However, if you’re looking for specific branding elements, you might opt for a branding professional that specializes in those elements.

For example, if you’re looking for brand identity design, an expert designer might be the best choice. Alternatively, if you’re seeking to hone your brand’s personality, a brand messaging professional will be able to help.

Create a Branding Company Shortlist

Once you know exactly which services you’re looking for, it’s time to approach some branding companies. At this stage, you’ll want to consider some of the following factors:


In the digital age, it’s not entirely necessary to meet your branding agency in person. All stages of the process can be completed online – from planning meetings to delivering content.

However, if you’re keen to support local businesses, or if you prefer an in-person meeting, you might choose to work with a branding agency near you.


You’re unlikely to get a price for your project without a consultation, but you might be able to get an understanding of an agency’s general fee structure when making initial research.

Depending on the budget for your project, this may be a factor that helps you to narrow down a shortlist.


Small businesses and start-ups often prefer to work with other small businesses, seeking a more bespoke approach. Whereas large companies may feel more comfortable working with an established, similarly-sized branding company.

This really comes down to individual preferences. Smaller branding agencies may be taking you on as their main client and focusing solely on your project, whereas larger branding companies could assign a team to take on your work.

Specialist Experience

Another quality to consider when narrowing down agencies is niche industry experience. For example, if you’re launching a wine company or a sportswear brand, you may look for an expert who already knows the ins and outs of your specialism and can demonstrate similar brand marketing experience.

Remember, branding professionals are exactly that – professionals! A true pro will be able to bring any brand to life, even if they haven’t worked in that field before.

Make Inquiries

Once you’ve narrowed your options down to 3 excellent contenders, craft a message explaining exactly what you’re looking for and send it via their website or email.

Sending the same message to all potentials is a great way to test the water. See how their responses differ, and which one gives you the best response.

If someone seems like a trustworthy collaborator, and you’d feel confident in handing the project over to them, that’s a great sign.

Your gut instinct will be a great tool for making this decision. After all, if you share the brand company’s values, you’ve probably made the right choice.

Boost Your Brand

Follow these steps to find a branding company that can share your brand’s personality with the world, and boost your brand growth. After all, if a customer feels a personal affinity to your brand, they’re much more likely to keep coming back and share the good word with others.

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