How to Download or install Surfshark VPN for Android

How to Download or install Surfshark VPN for Android

Surfshark VPN for Android is a safe app that has been specifically created to be a full-featured privacy app. A high-speed Surfshark VPN is simple to set up and operate, allowing you to connect to a VPN with a single click. Bypass geo-restrictions, deceive censorship, and keep your data secure with total online privacy! 

How can I set Surfshark VPN on Android?

In this guide, you will know how to Download the Surfshark VPN app on your Android device. Surfshark VPN for Android is a universal and recommended solution to safeguard your digital life without any difficulty.

You will learn how to do the following:

  • Install the Surfshark app.
  • Log in to the Surfshark app.
  • Connect to a VPN service.
  • Select and manage locations
  • Control Surfshark’s features
  • Control Surfshark settings

Make to see if your connection was successful. You’ll need an Android device running OS 5.0 or later and an active Surfshark subscription to do so.

Do you have a subscription yet?

You won’t have to worry about it since you can purchase it right here.

How to Download and install the Surfshark app.

1. Begin by finding and launching the Play Store app on your device.

How to Download Surfshark VPN for Android

2. Enter Surfshark into the search field and select the first result on the list.

How to Download Surfshark VPN for Android

3. The Surfshark VPN app page will be shown. Click Download or Install, and next, the installation will take a few seconds to complete.

How to Download Surfshark VPN for Android

Log in to the app.

  1. Launch the app or return to your phone’s home screen when the installation is finished.

There you can find the Surfshark VPN app.

Open it up.

Surfshark icon appears on the screen

2. Log in as an existing user if you have already purchased your Surfshark VPN subscription.

If you do not already have a subscription, please sign up!

How to Download Surfshark VPN for Android Log in or start a free trial

3. Enter the email address you used to register and your password.

Click the Login button.

How to Download Surfshark VPN for Android Enter your email and password

Connect to a VPN service.

You will be sent to the Surfshark app’s main page as soon as you log in. It displays the status of the VPN connection. All that remains is for you to connect to Surfshark servers.

  1. When you click the blue Connect button, your app will connect to the fastest available server.

You may set your default VPN connection to connect to the fastest server or the closest country.

To do so, click the button shown in the image below.

Click this button to change your default location

2. Select the fastest server or the closest nation.

3. Next, click the connect button, and you will be prompted to provide Surfshark VPN permission to set a VPN connection.

Surfshark needs this to set up and manage the VPN tunnel.

Click the OK button.

Allow to set up a VPN connection

4. When your app successfully connects to a VPN, the connection status will be displayed on the main screen.

You may also see a Surfshark logo and a key symbol at the top of your screen.

This means you’re still connected to the Surfshark VPN.

Click the Disconnect option to disconnect from the VPN.

To get comprehensive information about your VPN connection, click the white arrow in the green status bar.

Here you can see your new IP address, the quantity of data that has been safely transmitted, and the option to turn on the Kill Switch function.

Detailed connection information

Select and manage locations

So you want to connect a connection to a specific location? No need to worry; Surfshark has over 3200 servers in 65+ countries that you may connect to.

1. Select any location from the Locations area of your Surfshark app.

2. Tap on the flag symbol of your desired nation, and the app will connect to that location right away. By touching on the speedometer icon, you may view location latency and traffic.


The current latency for each location on the list will be displayed. Lower latency indicates a more reliable connection to that location.

Surfshark VPN for Android

The bubble icon next to the star represents how busy the Surfshark servers are in a particular location or how many people are connected to the servers.

The first bubble in this picture shows that Surfshark servers in Germany are now overburdened. The second bubble indicates that fewer people are using servers in Japan.

Surfshark VPN for Android

Static IP and MultiHop tabs may have appeared at the top of your Surfshark app.

Surfshark VPN for Android

This is what they do:

Static IP – Each time you connect, you will be assigned the same IP address.

MultiHop entails connecting to two different VPN servers in other countries, adding a degree of protection.

Surfshark will remember your favorite locations if you press the star on the right side. This server will now be added to your list of Favorite servers.

Surfshark VPN for Android

Surfshark features

Navigate to the Features area of your Surfshark app.

There are four features to find there:

Search – is a surfing application that allows you to conduct web search queries in complete privacy, with no adverts, logs, history, or trackers.

CleanWeb – is a clever tool that prevents advertisements and harmful websites on the internet.

Alert – delivers real-time notifications when your emails and passwords are at risk of being compromised.

Bypasser – allows you to choose which apps or websites should be excluded from connecting over a VPN tunnel and which should be routed.

Surfshark VPN for Android

Control Surfshark settings

1. You may tailor your Surfshark app to your specific needs. You will find all the required settings to customize and troubleshoot your VPN connection.

Navigate to the Surfshark app’s Settings page.

Surfshark VPN for Android

2. In the Application tab, you may turn the version of your Surfshark app, change the app language, and toggle the Dark mode on and off.

To enable and set Auto-connect, go to the Connectivity tab. Surfhsark can be configured to connect to a VPN on specific networks automatically. You can also enable and turn the KillSwitch function from here. KillSwitch is a security feature that disconnects you from the internet if your VPN connection stops abruptly.

You may choose whether or not to supply our developers with anonymous data on the technical performance of your Surfshark app to help them improve it more efficiently in the Reporting tab.

The Advanced settings tab is where you can troubleshoot and fine-tune Surfshark VPN’s functionality.

Here you will find:

Data encryption – decide whether you want to employ stronger or weaker encryption to secure your data.

Lighter encryption – (ChaCha20Poly1305) should result in faster performance.

Protocol – Select the protocol you want to use to connect to the VPN. Learn more about what a protocol is and how they differ.

NoBorders mode enables users to circumvent internet restrictions in countries with tight censorship.

Override GPS location – a Surfshark-only function that allows you to match your GPS location to the location of your VPN connection.

More information may be found here.

Turn on Invisible to devices – if you want your device to be invisible to other devices on the same network. Turn on tiny packets, and your data will be sent in smaller bits.

This might result in a faster connection speed.

The Earn free months – tab lets you obtain free Surfshark months by promoting it to your friends or anybody you know. Open it to obtain a one-of-a-kind link to share or learn more about the incentives. Learn how to participate in the Surfshark referral program.

3. Navigate to the ACCOUNT tab.

Surfshark VPN for Android

Here you’ll find your subscription information, the option to change your password, and a TV login that will allow you to log in to the Surfshark app on your TV easily.

4. The final tab is HELP.

Surfshark VPN for Android

In this tab, you may manage your prior interactions with Surfshark support agents, review our diagnostics from your Surfshark app if anything isn’t operating correctly, and read the Surfshark VPN for Android Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Make to see whether your connection was successful.

After the first time you set up a Surfshark VPN for Android, it’s usually a good idea to check to see whether your connection was successful. This is readily accomplished by running an IP leak test and a DNS leak test, both available on our website.

Click here to find ways to make that your connection was successful. Everything you’ll find on our Android app right now and everything you’ll need to customize it to your specific requirements. In private, take advantage of everything the internet has to offer!

Our customer success team will assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by live chat or email if you have any more questions. 




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