How much should the website cost for anyone making it?

How much should the website cost for anyone making it?

How much should the website cost for anyone making it?

Since the dawn of the Dot-com boom, websites have been the face of a lot of businesses present. Apart from showing information, eCommerce has helped many sell their goods and services online to those who need them, and for those who want them as well.

Other than that, they have been used in showcasing portfolios, artworks, products, services, news, and the like. With the world then advancing in digital things, then came a requirement for websites to be mobile-friendly. With computers still in use with mobiles, websites then were made to be responsive to both PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones.

Every now and then, each business should consider the cost of the website which is being made. Now is the time to consider such when making one.

Factors determining how much should a website really cost?

A business should understand that their website is a crucial marketing tool they have at their disposal. It is core to their inbound marketing as it is the first point prospects go to before planning. Since businesses have understood the importance of having an authentic online presence, good looking websites should be fast regardless of whether they are sleek or full.

When starting, each business owner wonders how much the budget should be for designing the
website. First-timers try avoiding paying too much for a poorly designed and poorly functioning site.
Those who wish to stand out should set their site up with the help of reputed professionals, as stated by experts from a respectable web design company Toronto.

Here, we will now be examining factors influencing the cost of web design and how to get the most
without compromising the treasury. Once they have an idea of how the website’s design works, it will help them get the most from the budget they have at hand.

Designing the website themselves

It is an affordable option if they have in-house designers (or they have the skills themselves) because designing the website by themselves is not a bad option. It can range from some hundred Canadian dollars to a bit above 3 grand or maybe a bit more (depending on the kind of site needed).

However, if businesses decide to make the website completely by themselves then it is not entirely an affordable option, keeping into consideration the barriers to come.

If business owners lack programming skills, they will be restricted and will end up wasting time. Hence it is best for them to find a reputed agency to help them make one and help themselves focus on bigger things.

Hiring a freelance web designer to do the work

If perhaps a business owner decides to work with a freelancer (who can make money online with ease), the cost of designing a simple site can range from C$2600 to C$ 8000, and C$ 13,200 to C$ 20,000 for a site having more features.

It should be noted that these prices are nothing but speculations and that they depend on the
experience the designer has as well as what features the project has. There is a downside with this
option and that is, the freelancer will take a lot of time to finish because they work alone from either
their home or a shared workspace. Only their knowledge is helpful.

Hiring a web design agency for this purpose

Handing over the project to a web design agency will deliver a good project of epic margins. They will be able to provide value for the money and can get bonuses from the business or the business getting free services as a client.

The only downside this option has is the expenses, ranging from C$ 15k to 20k for something
straightforward. If the website is going to be a large one, then the budget can go to C$ 55k. As stated earlier, these figures change from one agency to another.

One thing that should be ensured. The business must work with a reliable agency to get the best experience. A good point is that working with an agency has no professional issues and transparency is visible.


It would be wise for businesses to explore all options they have. Going with a web design agency is a better option due to competitive pricing and transparency in work processes. During the project, they should be in touch with the agency to see how things are going.


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