How Much Does Professional Data Recovery Cost?

How Much Does Professional Data Recovery Cost?

When your computer hard drive stops the responses and starts clicking, that ensures your hard drive is no more. You may go to your local data recovery shops to resolve the problems. But when they say no, that definitely makes you sad.

Is it all finished? Don’t be so upset if they don’t recover your valuable data. Because there are many professional data recovery labs that are found to do this job. I hope there are a few questions that already arise in your mind. Who are those data recovery professionals and the charge of their service? We try to cover all of those answers through this article. So, keep reading and get those answers.

The Cost of Recovering a Damaged Hard Drive

Do you think all data recovery has the same case? No, it’s not. The professionals are facing different recovering cases and the costs are varying in the situations. Depending on the hard drive sizes and amount of damages, the number of work impacts handled by a professional.

Let me clear you, to salvage data from a clicking hard drive, you need to replace its magnetic read or it needs to be repaired. You can also recover the data from replacing multiple parts of the drive – that’s why ssd data recovery explains all about it before you busy your mind.

Why Cost on Recovering Per-Gigabyte doesn’t Make Sense

It didn’t make any sense when someone said data recovery cost per gigabyte. But at some point, it makes full sense. It depends on different things like how much data you need to recover, backup, and store data on the cloud or your phone. After all, it takes much more effort to recover 50-gigabytes data than 5 gigabytes  – so the cost less or higher depends on data amounts.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you have two damaged hard drives, 5 gigabytes of images and documents, and 200 gigabytes of videos to restore, and both need the same time to salvage data from those two drives.

Then what’s the difference? It’s all about machine times, in these two cases, they are taking time to pull out all data. Without this, the cost can vary depending on the replacement parts. This is a common factor that lower or higher the price in different situations.

Is Flat-Rate Data Recovery Need Cost  

It’s very tough to find a cost-friendly flat-rate data recovery – Probably you are already trying. We understand you are so confused about different data recovery companies’ advertising. However, this is a rare recovering system that you need, so the price is different than the regular one.

Impossible remotely Access: It’s almost impossible to find the exact problem of a device by taking it remotely. The professional service provider needs to access your device to diagnose the problem. They use tools and other assessment technology in their lab to discover the main problem.

Solutions: Recovering data from a failed device is a very complex task and it needs a lot of experience to do this job. Basically, a data recovery person works on an hourly basis. It charges almost 100$-300$ on requirements. If the device needs to replace the parts or major failures, then it can cost more.

So, you have to know about the different types of data failure. Let’s discuss it.

Types of Data Failure That Regulate the Recovering Cost

If you identify the data failure cause, you can easily calculate the work and cost. When a hard drive causes a data failure, it makes different kinds of sound like beeping and clicking and disappears after a moment. If you understand the sound process, it will be easy for you to identify.

Mechanical Failure

When your hard drive is causing the mechanical failure, you heard some loud error sounds like big creaky and clanky and other sounds can create for physical damage. If you heard those types of sound, turn off your device and pull it out without any delay. Otherwise, you may lose all your data permanently. This type of failure recovery needs a few maintenance and cleaning. But if the drive fills your dust and debris, then it can cause a permanent failure.

Logical Failure

You may hear about this. It’s not critical like a mechanical failure. If you are facing this, that means the operating system falls down or causes file corruption. You got three issues in this situation, such as drive damage, accidental deleting, or formatting.

Attack of Malware or Ransomware

Malware or Ransomware is a common way to damage your data. It can happen for installing null and crack software or transferring virus affected files on pc. It causes different file losses.

  1. Delete the files or folders.
  2. Corrupted the file.
  3. Changed the files extension
  4. Lock the files or folder

How Quickly a Damage Drive can Recover

Professional data recovery service providers divided their work frames on a priority basis. If you are looking for quick data recovery, they will give you a top priority to recover your data. But it cost higher than the others. If it takes time, that means nothing to do about it, Because data recovery service providers cannot speed up your hard drive speed.

How Much It Cost to Professional Data Recover

Do you need basic data recovery? You don’t need to pay more than $100-$700 for a basic recovery. It doesn’t need much effort at this point. But if the hard drive needs an advance recovery, then your cost will be more. The advance recovery like:

  1. Mechanically Failed
  2. Electrical Failed
  3. Firmware Failed
  4. Combination of multiple failures
  5. Need to clean room

All data recovery companies follow three processes basic, standard, and advance. Depending on those processes they will treat your hard drive. If you got a broken hard drive, then it might take $1000-$1200 of cost.

If you are already experiencing some of those problems with your hard drive, then take your hard drive and go to a professional data recovery company to solve your problem as much as possible.


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