How Can Work-Related Anxiety Affect Our Home Life?

How can work-related anxiety affect our home life?

How Can Work-Related Anxiety Affect Our Home Life?

Whether you’ve just started a new job, have recently had a promotion, or are high-level
management, work-related anxiety can affect all of us. And, while many of us would like to
think we’d leave these stresses outside when we get home, it’s easier said than done.
No matter if you suffer from mood swings, weird dreams, or a lowered drive as a result of this stress, it should never be ignored. If your work-related anxiety is throwing you off balance and affecting your home life, there are a number of things you can do to help relieve some of the pressure.

What do people dream about?

According to the business card printing company instantprint, dreaming about work isn’t as
unusual as you think! Since March, 4 out of 5 of us have ventured to our place of work while asleep. It may or may not surprise you to know that, apparently, more than half of us are dreaming more about work since lockdown started. Are we missing the office more than we think?

They’re not all good dreams, however. From their research, instant print found that a staggering 75% of us reported that we’ve experienced workplace nightmares! Did the printer run out of ink? Or did we accidentally turn up to the office with no trousers on? It turns out that among the most distressing nightmares we’ve had about work are being unprepared for a task, that it’s just a regular day at work, and that you never arrive or get lost!

What can be done to overcome your anxiety?

It can be even more stress-inducing trying to work out what you can do to overcome these work-related stresses and worries. Thankfully, some of the instant print team provided some of their tips on how you can overcome your anxiety.

Customer Service Manager, Duncan, explains how he always writes a to-do list with all the
things he needs to complete in his working day. This is to help stop the feeling of being ill-
prepared. While Jess, Proofing Team Leader, says that if you’re anxious about being late to work, try timing yourself to see how long it takes you to get ready. This could help you to
understand just how long it takes you to do simple tasks such as drying your hair and eating your breakfast.

How else can workplace anxiety affect your home life?

There are so many other ways workplace anxiety can affect you at home, from having a
negative impact on your relationships to ignoring people or shutting them down when they try to offer help. It’s important that if you are suffering, you speak to someone and get the help you need.

Burying your problems will only make matters worse. By staying in contact with people,
especially if you’re working from home, you can help to share your worries and ultimately
relieve some of the pressures.


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