How Can We Predict Job Change in Vedic Astrology

How Can We Predict Job Change in Vedic Astrology

How Can We Predict Job Change in Vedic Astrology

A career is an essential aspect of one’s life. It provides an avenue to be financially independent in our life and also as an outlet for our creative minds. At one point or another in our lives, most working individuals have contemplated a career change or a job change. However, we may be hesitant to take the plunge as we are unsure whether such a change would lead us to success or failure. We tend to seek an astrologer’s guidance to find out the ideal time or the chances of having a career change in our life. Career astrology helps to ascertain whether changing a job would be perfect, and if we do change, it predicts the ideal time to look for a job change. Let us understand the requisites that can better predict your Career Horoscope prospects and how astrology plays a vital role in career predictions.

Analysing the horoscope

 The horoscope consists of houses that indicate career which are the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses. The 10th house signifies our career and career growth prospects. Family, wealth, and money are represented by the 2nd house, while the 6th house signifies competition, rivals, challenges, and the ability and aptitude to work. Analysing the planetary positions in these houses provides a detailed view of our career. Seeking a skilled astrologer’s services would help us understand the impact of the planets on our profession.

Planetary influences

Planetary influences on the 2nd, 6th, 9th, 10th, or 11th house give auspicious times to change the job. You may attain a good position when the planets in operation, as per the Vimshottari Dasha, influence the 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses. The 11th house represents ‘gain’ or ‘realization of desires’. When a job change occurs, the planets in operation result from the houses mentioned above. To obtain a perfect outcome from a job change, the planets in operation should signify the above houses’ result along with the 5th and the 9th house. Astrology performs a plethora of permutations and combinations with a thorough analysis of the horoscope to check the best job change outcomes.

Dasamsa analysis

The Dasamsa analysis is an essential aspect while analysing the career prospects and job changes. It helps you understand the opportunities and challenges in your career and identify your career path. The Dasamsa chart provides a detailed analysis of your career’s success and guides you accurately to understand whether a job change would be ideal or otherwise.

Influence of Planetary Transit

 Some of the planetary transits indicate whether the time is ideal for a job change or whether you may have a change of position. When the planetary transits render a strong positive influence on the 6th and 10th houses, job change chances are high. The transits of Jupiter and Saturn exert a significant impact on one’s career. If the transits provide a favourable outcome, you may gain immensely in your job and be rewarded for your hard work; however, the result may be just the opposite if the transit does not provide a favourable outcome.


 This is just a brief overview of the process of predicting job change using Indian Vedic astrology. A detailed analysis of your natal chart will provide more accurate and precise information regarding your career and job change options and their outcomes. You may seek the advice of an astrologer to know more about how the planetary positions in your natal chart influence your career prospects. It has become easier to access various astrology services providers who provide online career astrology predictions, job astrology, career horoscope, and career prediction by date of birth using the Vedic astrology method and calculations with the support of renowned astrologers. This has proved to be a boon in these times of COVID.


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