How can B2B companies use LinkedIn automation for quick Lead Generation

How can B2B companies use LinkedIn automation for quick Lead Generation

Lead generation the main focus of any B2B organization that wants to drive consistent and secure revenue. It’s an extremely essential topic with vital implications.

Read on to learn about all things B2B lead generation — what it is why it matters, and how to get it right with LinkedIn automation?

How can B2B companies use LinkedIn automation for quick Lead Generation

Why are Leads Significant?

They power your sales pipeline, and thus, your business. Some of the leads will turn into paying customers. When the quantity is too small, however, it can be a problem to find positive ROI with lead gen efforts.

That is why lead generation strategies need to equalize quantity and quality. More leads ideally mean more customers, but when only a small percentage is converting, the methods probably require some changes. It’s more efficient — in terms of time and price — to generate 10 leads with a high likelihood of conversion, rather than 50 with an awfully low likelihood.

This brings us to the vital subject of lead qualification.

Why LinkedIn automation for B2B?

LinkedIn and many other social media stages have become more considerable as the preferred channels for young professionals to interact and build networks traditional sales prospectings channels like outbound emails and calls are becoming non-considerable approaches.

For instance, with cold email cadences, you’ll send out 1000 emails to incur a 15% open rate with a 2% response rate, of which more than half are unsubscribing me’s. Cold emailing might have been beneficial in the past, but that’s definitely not the case at present. Cold email is outdated, and you should go beyond spam, cold sales tactics.

Cold, uninvited emails are often deleted and reported as spam.

Further, it’s likely that a great ratio of your emails never makes it to the intended receiver. Google and other email service providers are improving at detecting automated emails, sending them directly to the spam/junk folder. Email delivery capacity is not where it used to be.

Cold, unsolicited calls are even worse — seriously, what’s more, annoying than getting a random call during the day from someone trying to sell you this and that. It’s hyper disruptive and harmful. We can’t imagine people still cold call prospects. This is a strategy that should have been abandoned years and years ago.

As cold outreach becomes less productive, many sales teams are turning their attention to lead generation on LinkedIn and other social platforms as a fresh approach that offers more flexibility and features like visiting profiles and sending messages and invites to connect. Plus, you get to engage leads where their attention is, which opens more sales chances.

LinkedIn is the best social network platform to help sales teams connect with customers, other professionals, and businesses to expand your professional social network and help you connect directly with potential customers.

To automate the process of lead B2B organization generation, there are many LinkedIn automation tools to automate profile visits, messaging, connection requests, and many more. LinkedIn automation does mean automating every possible engagement. No! There are some things that need to be automated and other things that shouldn’t be automated.

A rule of thumb is to automate repeated and regular tasks that distract you from focusing on what’s crucial like having real interactions with the leads. Do not automate conversations between you and the prospect. At the core, sales are about relationship building through meaningful interactions. A Relationship is not something you can or should ever automate. B2B organization what’s the point of sales, anyway, if not for building a network or pipeline?

Here are the reasons we think LinkedIn automation is worth a look

As part of the sales process, LinkedIn automation frees you to work on initiating conversations and relationship building interactions.

Manually checking profiles, sending connection requests, and sending them messages are simple tasks when you have 2–3 leads. But when you get to 10+ leads, it starts getting tougher to manage and stay organized. You need a well-structured method for selling purpose and LinkedIn automation makes the process perfectly designed.

Automation builds your network while content develops brand awareness and loyalty. So with LinkedIn automation tools you can build relationships and expand your network in the right way — through content. On LinkedIn, that may appear in many different forms such as posts, comments, direct messages, your profile page, headlines, profile summaries, etc.

LinkedIn is networking in the digital era; it’s where business professionals hang out. Stay ahead of the times by evolving your market where they prefer to connect and work.

Many people think LinkedIn automation is spam and ineffective. The key to using LinkedIn automation is to be genuine and loyal, and not engaging in activities that you wouldn’t want to be done unto you.

How LinkedIn automation works for B2B

Just like every other social network, any action on LinkedIn drives a notification. This notification is then delivered to the user the action was performed on to hook them and bring them back to the platform. Notifications are utilized to hook users and bring them back to the platform.

Users are addicted to these notifications so when they see one, the immediate action is to open the app and reply to the activity. Notifications are to inform them of the action you’ve taken. For instance, you visited their profile, sent them a LinkedIn message, invited them to connect, etc.

LinkedIn automation is virtually operating these actions not manually to trigger notifications that get you noticed. These actions often result in a response from the leads to visit your profile, connect with you, and check out your content or posts you’ve liked, or even check out your organization.
In other words, LinkedIn automation triggers notifications that attract varied responses from potential leads.

There are many actions that can be automated. These types of actions rarely require manual input, i.e. automating profile visits and connection requests. The purpose of Leadconnect isn’t to automate just about every action. No, that would be spam! Automate repetitive tasks that tools can handle, but try spending time building relationships through actual interaction.

Use LinkedIn automation tools to connect and network with people who may potentially be clients, followers, brand evangelists, product ambassadors, etc. However, to do this successfully, you need to draw in and continue drawing in with quality substance.

Once you’re connected, it is all about human-to-human, personalized interactions. Keep in mind that sending a sales pitch rights after you have connected with a lead is not a good way to initiate a conversation. Do not use your LinkedIn account to only pitch your products and services to your target audience. Instead, build your brand name and let your brand do the selling.

In other words, take it slow and start with building potential relationships.

Here are some tips on how to build a great relationship with prospects:

⦁ Be honest, be real, know what you’re selling, and sell for the right reasons
⦁ Give value by delivering relevant content, actionable suggestion, and information or news they actually need
⦁ Understand weak points and move toward solving them
⦁ Don’t just assure to solve their problems, provide a well-detailed planning
⦁ Build reliability by connecting with them emotionally and putting their best interest first
⦁ Personalization is the key; do not use cookie-cutter sales scripts and templates

LinkedIn automation the right way

Applying spam email tactics to the selling channels is the worst way to involve potential clients and incredibly damaging not only to your reputation but to the brand as well.

so what is the right way?

Lead generation is about connecting and building relationships with other LinkedIn users through quality content. LinkedIn automation should only be used to help you connect with the leads, not to spam them with automated follow-up messages in the form of a sales pitch. Lead generation and LinkedIn automation are not about pitching, but about relationship building.

B2B lead generation through the LinkedIn network is a much warmer approach…and frankly, it’s more effective than outdated email and call patterns.

While we can see the pros outweigh the cons, the final decision is yours. We believe LinkedIn automation is the next evolution of sales marketing, and you don’t want to miss out!


LinkedIn is hands down one of the best platforms to generate potential leads.
If you know how to work it, you can end up with some quality leads primed to become your paying customers.

If you don’t use the right ways to target the right people, it is easy to spend time and see no result. Use the strategies, and you’ll see more leads to higher quality, without any massive time investment.

Implementing these strategies into your daily routine will require a time commitment, but it’s easy to initiate the conversation for a few minutes each day and check-in with various groups. Also, LinkedIn is consistently evolving, so keep a check on it. As it continues to grow, people will find new and smarter ways to use it. Like everybody else you too will want your organization to be in a place where you can generate leads.

Your LinkedIn appearance acts as a gateway to your brand. If you give people a taste of the interesting work your B2B organization is doing and how it can help them, they’ll follow up through the links and opportunities you give. You might not get the great visibility you hoped for, but the qualified leads that pipe in will be more much valuable.

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