Homeworkify: Features, Benefits, and 30 Alternatives


To make it easier for kids of all ages to complete tasks, the homework homeworkify reddit assistance program Homeworkify uses artificial intelligence. Whether you’re struggling with a problematic math issue, a difficult science question, or a difficult writing topic, Homeworkify is here to help you succeed intellectually.

Homeworkify covers math, science, history, and other topics. It lets you develop a custom study plan, get step-by-step solutions and explanations, practice with real test questions, get advice on writing essays, and even connect with professional teachers for live, in-person lessons.

Characteristics Of Homeworkify

Solver for Homework: This function lets you find thorough solutions to your homework problems. When you enter your question, it will handle the rest.

Quick answers: You don’t need to wait for a teacher or tutor to respond to your questions. So you can move on to the next issue, it offers quick solutions.

Support for different requirements: Depending on your requirements, it can help you with math, science, or English. It works with many classes so that you can use it for all your homework needs.

An easy-to-use interface: It is made to be simple to use. You don’t have to be a technology expert to find the solutions you need.

Personalization options: You can change the settings to suit your needs, like choosing the information you want in your solutions.

Adding an app: It has a mobile app for iOS and Android so that you can get homework assistance on the go!

Personalization: As time passes, it learns more about you based on what you’ve searched for. As a result, as you utilize the tool, the results you get will become more accurate and useful.

Why do people pick Homeworkify?

More than just assisting with homework is what the app Homeworkify does. It is a smart study partner that adapts to your tastes and requirements. Here are some advantages of using Homeworkify:
It is run by artificial intelligence that learns knowledge from your answers and gives you feedback over time to help you get better.

Thanks to its straightforward design and ease of use, learning is fun and interesting. It’s free for as many questions and answers as you want. You can also switch to Homeworkify Premium for more features and advantages. It has both online and offline functionality and is always available. When and where you need it, you can utilize it.

The Advantages of Using Homeworkify

When you use it, you’ll get the following advantages:

  • If you have it, you won’t need to spend hours figuring out how to finish your homework. You can find solutions right away with just a few clicks!
  • Due to its simple design, even a 7-year-old could easily use it! All you have to do is type in your issue. It also has answers with step-by-step instructions.
  • You can raise your grade by giving clear, complete answers to your homework questions.
  • Don’t worry anymore about your schoolwork. It can make your life easier by giving you quick solutions to your problems.
  • You can utilize it whenever you need assistance with schoolwork because it is always open.
  • Even though getting a tutor can be expensive, it is a less expensive way to get the same results!
  • Learning doesn’t need to be a pain! Its fun and interactive features make learning fun and make you want to learn more.
  • Giving you the tools to do well in school can help you feel more sure of yourself.


What are the steps for using Homeworkify?

Homeworkify is an easy and quick setup process. Just adhere to these guidelines:

  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Register a new account or use your Facebook or Google account to log in.
  • Pick the topic you want to study or the essay style you wish to use.
  • Instantly receive a response by typing in your question or taking a picture of it.
  • Chat with the essay assistant or the AI tutor for more assistance or critique.

What Sorts of Services Does Homeworkify Provide?

This is to make things easy for you if you’re a student who has a lot of homework and assignments. This tool provides services to help you finish your task more quickly. Have you ever struggled with a math or science question? Homeworkify has a homework solution that can help. When you take a picture of your problem, this function will give you simple, step-by-step solutions.

Homeworkify’s online teaching service is perfect for you if you need extra assistance with a certain subject because you need a tutor. Several qualified teachers are available to you who can give you customized lessons and advice on raising your grades.

Keeping track of your homework and other tasks can take time, especially if you have multiple classes. Homeworkify’s Homework Planner helps you stay organized by setting up a time plan for your homework and tasks. You will always remember a task again!

To comprehend a subject, you may need additional assistance. Study tools include extra learning materials like movies and papers to help you comprehend your subjects better.
It also has a free app that you can call from the app store for Android and iOS phones and laptops. Homeworkify’s features and services may be accessed from anywhere using the app.

Can I trust Homeworkify?

Parents and kids worried about safety often ask if Homeworkify is safe. We can say with faith that Homeworkify is safe to use. The platform has strict security measures to keep all data and personal information safe and private.
All of the experts and teachers on Homeworkify are carefully filtered and go through background checks to further ensure they are qualified and trustworthy. It also has a thorough return policy to ensure the security and happiness of its customers. Homeworkify is a safe and reliable website for all of your school needs.

30 Homeworkify Alternatives

1. SolutionInn


SolutionInn makes it easy to clear up answers in Chegg without using Homeworkify. This website has a library with more than 2.5 million textbook solutions. Because the site is easy to use, people of all skill levels and academic backgrounds can fast get used to it and start using it. To unblur it in Chegg, it would help if you put the answer into the search bar for solutions.

2. Crazy for Study

Crazy for Study

Utilize Crazy for Study as a replacement for Homeworkify to unblur questions in Chegg. This one academic search engine has more than 50 million homework assignments. It is also one of the most reliable and known places to go because it always gives correct answers. You can unblur any question on Chegg by typing it into the search bar on this page and pressing the enter key.

3. Quizplus


Quizplus is a different tool than Homeworkify for unblurring Chegg answers. In this site’s library, there are more than 300,000 different tests. There are also more than 20 million questions and answers. Like the other options on this checklist, Quizplus provides study tools for various topics, including math, science, arts, technology, medicine, computer, and engineering.

4. Quizlet


One of Quizlet’s most important features is that it can systematically explain different topics. This makes it simple for students to understand basic ideas and methods so they may apply them to related problems. Because it has a large collection of knowledge and study tools, Quizlet has become one of the most popular websites for students and teachers who want to develop their knowledge.

5. Course Hero


One of the best ways to find solutions to the questions you would need help finding through Chegg is to use the tools offered on the Course Hero website. The website has a large library of solutions to common homework problems and literature questions to help people with different levels of education. Course Hero covers every subject, including math, engineering, technology, science, history, the arts, business, and social science.

6. Studylib

Studylib uses flashcards to help you learn topics quickly and remember what you’ve learned. The school helps study cognitive science, applied studies, and the mind. From its music and art, you can learn just about anything. The academic library looks for the best locally run educational library to speed up your learning.

7. Skooli.Com

Skooli.com gives on-demand coaching, drop-in homework assistance, and 24/7 comments on assignments from qualified teachers. Using a platform for online teaching, you can improve and support learning outside of the classroom. Companies also help neighborhoods and schools with studies, which lowers the chance of learning loss.

8. Algebra.com


Algebra.com is another website that can assist you with several lessons, tools, and homework. IT can assist teachers and students with a variety of math issues. Many online experts and talented teachers give their time for free on this beautiful site. Students can get help with math problems and questions that need help understanding or answering with this tool.

9. Bidforwriting

The Bidforwriting tool can put together the data and send the supporting materials. It helps you get an award for a certain project or approval to do a certain job. To bid, you must be able to handle more than one job at once. Bid writers assemble the papers needed to apply for a grant or service contract.

10. Just Answer


You may ask questions whenever and wherever you want using the JustAnswer software. By taking a few simple steps before texting or talking the answer, you may quickly match your needs and connect with an expert. Among its many achievements, it has lawyers who went to Harvard, doctors who went to UCLA or Harvard, analysts whose licenses have been checked, and IT experts who are Microsoft-certified. It saves money and lets you talk to an expert about your problem.

11. Emathhelp

To assist users in learning how to solve math questions, E Math Help is an app that provides lessons and step-by-step tools. This calculator has cutting-edge features and tools for difficult math and math problems.

12. Best Homework Assist

13. Emathhelp

14. MathPapa

15. Math.Com

16. Wolfram Mathematics

17. Chegg

18. Khan Academy

19. StudyBlue

20. TutorMe

21. Brainly

22. SparkNotes

23. Wolfram Alpha

24. PaperHelp

25. Studypool

26. Photomath

27. Socratic

28. 24houranswers

29. Bartleby

30. Desmos

31. Numerade

32. Symbolab


Homework can be simple and easy. With Homeworkify, you may receive instant assistance from an AI-powered helper who can handle any issue and give you comprehensive feedback. Additionally, you may develop a tailored study plan, connect with qualified teachers for live classes, receive essay writing advice, practice with real test questions, and more.

FAQs Why isn’t homeworkify working?

Because the website encountered some technical problems, Homeworkify wasn’t working for a time. But it is now working again.

Is it safe and legal to use Homeworkify?

Homeworkify is 100% risk-free. There is no risk in utilising this free AI tool to help with homework. People want explanation, while some websites charge students to do their assignments and test papers. Homeworkify does not engage in any unlawful activity. It is a fully free website that thinks education should be accessible and free. This is the website’s mission: to provide access to every single student who is unable to complete their education or get tutoring. The website offers free services and a chance to succeed to poor students.

How does Homeworkify function?

Homeworkify is an AI platform that use artificial intelligence to answer students’ questions. Students may obtain help with practically any topic here; it helps them solve arithmetic problems, produce fascinating essays, prepare for examinations, and respond quickly to all of their inquiries. It is a fully free website that introduces new learning strategies.

What is Homeworkify and why should you use it?

Homeworkify is an online platform that assists students of all levels with their homework. The platform offers a variety of services, such as homework help, essay writing, and test preparation. Homeworkify’s staff of expert tutors and writers strives to help students reach academic objectives and enhance their scores.

One of the primary reasons to investigate Homeworkify is the ease it offers. Students may access the platform from anywhere and at any time, making it simple for them to seek help when they need it. Homeworkify can help you succeed whether you have a last-minute assignment or a long-term project.

Students that struggle with time management may also benefit from investigating Homeworkify. It might be difficult to reconcile academic work with other obligations when you have a hectic schedule and several duties. Homeworkify may help students manage their time more efficiently by assisting them with assignments and projects, freeing them up to concentrate on other vital things.


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