Harmonize Creativity With Custom Colors Through CapCut Online Image/Video Editor

Harmonize Creativity With Custom Colors Through CapCut Online Image/Video Editor

The color combination in the images possesses huge importance, as each color depicts a special feel, mood, or emotion. Selection and tracing of colors in various image/video creation tools involve different levels of difficulty. Using and choosing colors in your designs is super simple and convenient when you are working on the CapCut online image/video editor.

Apart from this, the range of color options that you can choose and use are dynamic and versatile. This feature makes CapCut a remarkable online photo editor. Using the CapCut online image/video editor, you can make your project or design pop up and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Sounds captivating? Let’s get familiar with the tool’s features and functionality in detail right in this article.

Why CapCut Refers To A Trailblazing Online Editor?

Several features collectively play a key role in this regard. Know the key ones in the following section:

Plethora of Animations

The animations in the video files make the design more engaging and attractive. There are multiple types of animations that you can choose and use. The key ones include rotation in/out, slide in/out, zoom in/out, whirl, flip, fade, etc. You have complete freedom to induce the animation to the objects, elements, frames, stickers, text, etc. Using the animations allows you to keep the viewers hooked to the video content. CapCut online image/video editor allows you to harness simple and accessible animations. This way, you can take your visual content to a completely new level. Apart from this, you can use a few animations in one file that you want the reader to pay attention to or focus on.

Convert Text To Image Instantly

This is the highly intuitive and intelligent function of the CapCut online image/video editor. For beginners and novices who want to create stunning and unimaginable designs, use this feature. To create a custom design, you can access the extreme left vertical bar on the main interface. In the end, there lies a button. Click on it, and this will reveal the four smart features. These features include the AI model, product photo, image generator, and text-to-design. This feature is also beneficial for the various e-commerce businesses. You can simply give the function instructions in text format. This will help you create the image or model design start from scratch. Just with minimal effort and time, you can do so on the go.

Light Improvement in Images

Light within images makes the unattractive and non-engaging content highly engaging and attractive. The role of the light in the images is to increase the level of notability and make fine details pop up. The popping up of fine details assists in diverting the attention of the readers and provides them with a more immersive experience. To use this option, you need to select an image or a video file.

Make sure the file you are using has lower light and unnoticeable details. After selection, assess the smart tools tab on the extreme right vertical bar. Clicking on the tab makes a window pop up. This window contains multiple advanced tools. The key toolings include style transfer, sharpen images, photo restoration, and light improvement. Click on the light improvement intelligent function. Just within the next few seconds, you will have the file with incredible light-induced in. With a few clicks, you can convert any low-light design to a high-light design.

Generate Clear/Transparent Background

The importance of the transparent background is undeniable. It serves the key purpose for many areas including CV, Resume, etc. You can also create a transparent background for the profile photos on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter handle, FB account, etc. The option exists to add ip border or add a specific color in the background as per your needs.

Lighting up The Way to Use CapCut Online Image/Video Editor

Like background removal, light tweaking, and color transformation, you can do much more by just following these steps:

  • In the first step, you need to go to the main website of the CapCut. Later, access the main menu and use it to reach out to the online photo editor or online video editor. You can see the reference in the image below. After reaching out to any editor, you need to join the toolkit. You can do so by utilizing any of the following accounts FB, Google, TikTok.

  • Next on the list is file upload or selection of the file size. To upload the file, you can do so in three ways: either use Dropbox, Google Drive, or a system device. If you don’t want to select the size, you can put in a custom size in pixels. Please note that the right size matters as it helps you represent your visual content optimally.

  • The third step of the process is to edit the design or create a new one after setting up the size of the file. You have a plethora of options that you need to create or complete a design. These options include the text, shape, colors, filters, templates, frames, effects, etc. The list does not end here and goes on. This way, using the CapCut online image/video editor, you can achieve or fulfill your desires in terms of design creation.

  • The last part of editing with the CapCut online image or video editor is to export the design that you have finished. For this go to the top right side and access the export tab to do so.



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