Getting the best deal for broadband connection

Getting the best deal for broadband connection

Though many people access the internet using their smartphone the connection may be slow at times. In some cases, the connection may also be hacked. So for a better internet connection, increasingly families and individuals are preferring to use a broadband connection which is more reliable. To get the best deal, these potential customers would like to find out if there is any broadband promotion in Singapore. Most internet users are only visiting specific websites, so it is usually easy to predict their usage pattern. While some promos are available to all users, others will depend on the usage pattern of the broadband customer or some other criteria.

Internet usage

Before searching for a suitable internet plan and promotion, the user should first calculate how much data transfer and speed he is requiring. The customer will waste money if chooses a more expensive plan and does not use it. Some customers require internet access only for checking email, social media, online shopping and other personal applications. They should choose a basic plan with speeds of 500 Mbps. Other customers are working from home, and require a fast and reliable internet connection. In these cases, they can use a faster plan of 1 GB. Many users are playing games online, and they require an excellent internet connection, so some telecom providers have dedicated high speed connections for gamers.


Compared to mobile internet where the telecom company does not have to invest additional money for a broadband connection, the telecom company is investing money for installation of the broadband connection in the customer’s house. So the telecom company will offer better rates if the customer signs up for the broadband connection for a longer period of time like 24 months. In a few cases, the customer is living in a rented house or planning to purchase a new house in future, so he may register for 12 months only, though the monthly rate will be higher.

Mobile connection discount.

Most of the telecom providers offering a broadband connection also offer mobile services. They realize that if the family has a broadband connection, they will use the mobile internet connection less often. So to encourage customers to purchase mobile and broadband service from the same company, the telecom company will offer a discount on the mobile rates. Typically if a family has a broadband connection and two mobile connections a discount of 20% is offered, which increases depending on the number of family members, with a maximum discount of 30% for five or more members.

Other promotions.

Like in other countries, current and ex-Armed forces members and their relatives are eligible for discounts. The armed forces personnel should provide their SAFRA membership card and they will be eligible for substantial discounts on almost all broadband services. Additionally, depending on the broadband service selected, the customer can also purchase or rent electronics at discounted rates as part of the promotional offer to save money. The plans will also include enhanced security services at promotional rates to prevent hackers accessing the computer to steal or modify the data, or change the settings.


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