The 10 Gas & Oil Apps You Need To Download

The 10 Gas & Oil Apps You Need To Download

The 10 Gas & Oil Apps You Need To Download

Of course, no smartphone is finished without a range of helpful or entertaining apps. App downloads are similarly growing at a rapid rate. In 2015 a staggering 25 billion apps were downloaded from the Apple Store. You may already have a number of favorite apps on your phone that you use to take a break. Perhaps Angry Birds, Pokemon Go, or even the work of art, Tetris? Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about professional, business-centered apps? Apps are already supporting numerous industries, for example, construction and transport. Organizations inside these industries are utilizing apps to help streamline processes just as overseeing wellbeing protocols and taking into account simple data entry.
What about the oil and gas industry? The oil and gas industry is profiting by the utilization of apps to increase productivity, improve arranging processes, and revolutionize strategy advancement.

Oil and Gas Prices Ticker

This app stays up with the latest on the day by day crude oil and natural gas prices. Presented by the Arrow Engine Company, the app is straight-forward and simple to utilize, making it a simple technique to track the progressions inside the market.

Opito Train-R

The Opito Train-R app gives workers inside the industry quick access to their training records. The app can be utilized as a safeguard to certify that oil operatives are able to work explicit posts both on and offshore. Opito Train-R permits its users to follow and format their training plan, while likewise outfitting them with the nearest training center areas.

Rig Count

This app provides an interactive examination of Baker Hughes U.S. rotary rig checks. The business instrument presents information in a natural manner – with maps, charts, and percentage counters – and permits users to get point by point knowledge on explicit areas.

TallyBook – Oil and Gas

TallyBook makes drilling data representation and examination basic by transforming dry information into connecting with visuals. The app is profoundly interactive, with features, for example, panning and zooming intended to be simple.

RigWatch Pulse – Canrig Drilling Technology

RigWatch Pulse is a mobile data portal and reporting app that permits access to live or historical good data. The app features live data streaming, directional drilling information, and alarms, just as a talk option and report generation capacity.

Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

An easier alternative to carrying a dictionary around in your back pocket is the Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary app. The app contains every key term you could consider relating to the oil and gas industry. A great device for industry veterans or newcomers, the app provides moment and simple access to sector explicit language.

Virtual Rig Catalog

This 3-dimensionally formatted app permits you to survey the aptitudes and hardware of Maersk Drilling’s rigs. The inventive app subtleties XLE’s, V-rigs, R-rigs, and even D-rigs, however, to gain admittance to the index you need a personal code, which can be provided by an organization representative.

Examine Workover Rig Vehicle

This adjustable app from Snappii permits users to direct moment workover rig vehicle examinations whenever from anywhere. With the assistance of the app, users can work on and disconnected, sync gathered data across different gadgets, and generate custom PDF and Excel reports.

Bassoe Analytics Offshore Rig Database

Bassoe Analytics is an open-source app that permits the entirety of its users to contribute to its data assortment, which incorporates commercial, specialized and resource valuation data. This app is advantageous to have at hand when you’re interested in discovering rig day rates and recent fixtures, rig status, and tally, or rig esteems and recent deals.

Advantages Of Mobile Apps

Organizations in the oil and gas industry have an immense opportunity to transform its workflow processes with mobile field service app arrangements. It’s been proven that enterprise portability can help improve correspondence and collaboration among groups. Here are a couple of advantages of actualizing mobile arrangements in the oil and gas industry:
Data Capture: In oil and gas organizations, there are derrick hands, roustabouts, field managers, and geologists working in the field and a number of environmental components that influence them. It’s not generally advantageous to carry a lot of papers or a PC around when you are trying to record information. Mobile arrangements make it easier to capture data from the field rapidly and accurately. With a mobile phone or tablet, individuals in the field can get information effectively and invest more energy doing other parts of their activity which reduces personal time. Workers can likewise organize and review information better with a mobile gadget as opposed to trying to decipher notes written from the field.
Real-Time Information: In drilling and production, real-time information is very significant. Mobile arrangements help in delivering information like siphon rate, weight on bit, RPM, and mud consistency to leaders who can take that information and turn it into significant results. The more relevant information a person gets, the more all-around informed their choices will be. Real-time information assists workers with getting the most accurate information required, which prompts higher quality results. On the off chance that production is up or down wouldn’t you like to know in real-time?
Area: Smartphones and tablets permit individuals to distinguish areas of articles and important resources. Area information is very useful in monitoring where your workers and gear are. On the off chance that your group is near a drill site, you will have the option to mark down the area by means of the mobile gadget. Also, workers can find the nearest production engineer when a problem arises just by utilizing a mobile app to rapidly alert whichever engineer is nearest. Geolocation can improve security in the field by alerting workers of dangerous areas just as utilizing geofencing. This is additionally extremely valuable for groups running title early in the exploration process with the goal that they can monitor various plots of land. The area gets information to the right individuals at the right time in the right setting. Real-time operational insight helps set aside cash and cerebral pains.
Collaboration: Oil and gas organizations are loaded up with a large number of individuals that need to work on projects together. In the field, oil and gas engineers face some troublesome circumstances. It’s important that operators, engineers, and other administrators collaborate on projects since numerous organizations operate across different countries. Having a mobile gadget helps upgrade collaboration by giving these individuals a device to send real-time information and get criticism right away.
Better Decision-Making: With a mobile app, workers can get the most relevant information on their wells. For instance, an app can organize wells with special cases by its severity and proximity so workers can prioritize their assignments better. Realizing which well or area to concentrate on first will increase worker productivity and effectiveness.

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