What All You Can Put on Garage Sale Before Moving

What All You Can Put on Garage Sale Before Moving

What All You Can Put on Garage Sale Before Moving

Moving can be a nerve-racking process, especially when you look at unnecessary
things that are just adding clutter without bringing much value to your life.

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But the best way to lighten your load and pocket some extra cash is by hosting a garage
sale before moving.

Here are 5 things that you can put on garage sale:

1. Furniture items

Does it make sense to move furniture items that won’t fit in your new space or
won’t match the new home decor?

A Big “NO”!

You can easily sell such items and recoup a little bit of money that you can use
to buy something new.

Make sure your furniture items are in good shape.

Pro tip: It’s recommended to measure the area of your new place and choose
furniture that would complement your home design.

2. Old appliances

Electronic items are heavy and difficult to move.

Also, moving expenses are based on the weight of the stuff, so it may be better
to put your heavy items like old appliances on a garage sale and sell these to
people who need them.

This way you can earn money that you can use to buy modern electronic

3. Things you rarely use

Go through your artwork, decorative items, toys, books, gadgets, and anything
else you simply don’t use anymore.

Save your time, stress, and expense of packing such items by displaying them in
your garage sale.

Only items that are in good shape will sell for higher prices than articles that are
badly damaged.

4. Outgrown clothes and shoes

What is the idea of carrying old clothes and shoes that don’t fit you anymore?

Sort out your closet and see what you can put on a garage sale—provided they
are in good condition.

Selling old clothes and shoes is an excellent way to lighten your packing load as

5. Duplicate items

Do you really need two coffee makers?

Identifying and selling the items that you have more than one can actually make
you some good money.

Spare bedding (linens, pillows, blankets, etc.), extra kitchen items(five sets of
dessert plates, cups, etc.), and all kinds of things you have more than one must
be put on a garage sale.

Other items for garage sale

1. Fragile items—glassware, chinaware, etc.
2. Sensitive items—art pieces, antiques, etc.
3. Family heirlooms
4. Heavy items—large and heavy furniture, household appliances, exercise
equipment, etc.
5. Cheap decorative items
6. Things you are not interested in anymore—books, sports gear, musical
instruments, etc.

Wrapping up

Moving offers an excellent opportunity to ditch some of the dead weight that is just
eating up useless space in your life.

Make sure to sell only items that are intact and undamaged.
Good luck!


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